Favizone – Your virtual seller multichannel


Increase your sales by giving your customers a more interactive and personalized experience. You can attract new customers and better convert your visitors with the power of automated conversational trading.

By automatically learning your product catalog and the preferences of each visitor according to their browsing history, Favizone helps you to sell better on all channels: Facebook, commercial site and emails:


  1. Shopping assistant: create in a few clicks your chatbot on Facebook messenger. The chatbot is able to interact with your customers to help them choose and buy the right products. Also, the chatbot offer you the possibility to coordinate with your customer services to take action when necessary. The chatbot allows you to:

    • Take advantage of Facebook’s click-to –Messenger advertising opportunities and attract new customers at a lower acquisition cost (up to 50 %)
    • Offer a new conversational experience to the visitors of your website and keep in touch with them through the Messenger Customer Plugin.
    • Capture each contact on your Facebook page to turn it into a sales opportunity with your chatbot.
  2. Products recommendations: recommend the most relevant products to each customer on all pages of your website, while promoting upselling and cross-selling:

    • Highlight your key products according to the profile of each visitor.
    • Propose similar products to the one consulted to inspire your customers and guide them in their choices.
    • Suggest complementary products to those purchased or added to the basket to promote cross-selling.
    • Simplify your customers’ research by recommending the products most likely to interest them directly at the top of the categories and search pages.
  3. Email Marketing: Easily activate automated and personalized email marketing campaigns:

    • Relaunch the abandoned cart by recommending other alternative or complementary products.
    • Recommend complementary products to those recently purchased by your customers.
    • Suggest your flagship products in renewal of old purchases according to the reorder cycle.
    • Reengage your inactive customers by highlighting your new offers and promotions that may interest them.

What this product does for you:

By activating the Favizone extension, your customers:
– Benefit from a new conversational shopping experience to intuitively search for products using human language.
– Make their purchase in real time on their favorite mobile application: Facebook Messenger with the possibility of seeking the help of a human agent.
– Enjoy a personalized experience on your website to make their browsing and shopping much smoother, more intuitive and enjoyable.
– Receive personalized and relevant offers by email.


  • The real-time Favizone admin dashboard for a clear overview
  • “Top list” on-site recommendation as displayed by Favizone
  • Control panel of products recommendations on your site
  • Personalized Triggered Emails
  • Facebook Chatbot: Engage Facebook user
  • Facebook Chatbot: Engage Facebook user
  • Facebook Chatbot: Recommend to users the right products
  • Facebook Chatbot: Help customers narrow their search
  • Facebook Chatbot: Client Service answer FAQ in real-time


  1. Upload the Favizone plugin to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Fill in the form with your email to create your account on Favizone.
  • Favizone is determined to make Artificial Intelligence tools accessible to all e-merchants of all sizes to benefit from the same advantages as the big players.
  • Favizone offers you a free trial period of 30 days with the assistance of an expert consultant to assist you in optimizing the solution and setting up best practices.
  • Billing is according to the performance without any commitment or fixed fee. You will only pay a 3% commission on additional sales generated by Favizone. You can also choose usage-based billing which is depending on the number of visitors to your website and chats with the chatbot.

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