Wooshark dropshipping for Chinabrand and woocommerce


wooshark for Chinabrand dropshipping allows to import and sell Chinabrand products on your WooCommerce-wordpress store with just 1 click.
With the wooshark app, you get better sales and increased overall productivity,
while reducing the time and effort invested to transfer your products to your online store.


  • Import products to your shop directly from Chinabrand
  • Import images gallery
  • Include images from description to media library
  • Edit the images (resize, crop, add text, add logo, add border, brightness, et..)
  • Import Title with the possibility to customize it before importing
  • Customizable and import short description
  • Edit and import description using a special editor which is very easy to use
  • Import reviews with the possibility to customize them before importing the product (modify, delete, change rating, change author name, edit review)
  • Import variations with the possibility to customize them before importing the product(modify, delete, et..)
  • set price formula which allow to automate price calculation, the user set a set of interval which are persisted and used to calculate the price.
  • Set custom price according to a formula or at the original rate.
  • Customize and import Product Reviews.
  • Customize and import product rating.
  • Customize and import product specifications.
  • Customize and import product weight.
  • Select the product categories you wish to import the products to.
  • synchronize single product stock and price



  1. install plugin
    2- Install the chrome extension to be able to use the plugin. install extension from here


I cannot install the extension, I see Price not available

your country does not allow international payments for google chrome extensions, you must install

a vpn, we recommend the following chrome extension install vpn once you install it, click on the

extension icon on top of the browser and set you country to united stated. reload the extension page.

What is the website of this plugin

website: Wooshark website
common errors: Common errors
frequently asked questions: FAQ

how many stores I can use ?

you can use up to 10 stores with the same license

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