Wooshark dropshipping for Chinabrand and woocommerce


wooshark for Chinabrand dropshipping allows to import and sell Chinabrand products on your WooCommerce-wordpress store with just 1 click.
With the wooshark app, you get better sales and increased overall productivity,
while reducing the time and effort invested to transfer your products to your online store.


  • Import products to your shop directly from Chinabrand
  • Import images gallery
  • Include images from description to media library
  • Edit the images (resize, crop, add text, add logo, add border, brightness, et..)
  • Import Title with the possibility to customize it before importing
  • Customizable and import short description
  • Edit and import description using a special editor which is very easy to use
  • Import reviews with the possibility to customize them before importing the product (modify, delete, change rating, change author name, edit review)
  • Import variations with the possibility to customize them before importing the product(modify, delete, et..)
  • set price formula which allow to automate price calculation, the user set a set of interval which are persisted and used to calculate the price.
  • Set custom price according to a formula or at the original rate.
  • Customize and import Product Reviews.
  • Customize and import product rating.
  • Customize and import product specifications.
  • Customize and import product weight.
  • Select the product categories you wish to import the products to.
  • synchronize single product stock and price

Chinabrands is an established leading global drop shipping platform. By offering direct access to hundreds of thousands of the most popular products lines,
with new and exciting arrivals added daily at the very lowest prices, Chinabrands bring a world of online opportunity direct to you, tailored to meet the exacting needs of your
customers and key markets.

Chinabrands is an advanced dropshipping platform, one of the best wholesale sellers and now also an integrated drop shipping friendly supplier in the DSM Tool platform. Want to know how to dropship from Chinabrands? Keep reading!

To start with Chinabrands is based in China, under the Chinese top Cross-border Commerce Group Company, Globalegrow. Meanwhile, Gearbest and Zaful are also under the group, making it interesting to learn more about the more drop shipping oriented company inside the group.

  1. 500 thousand SKUs online, 2 million in stock, all the products are processed by 3-layer quality inspection.
  2. By far registered users exceeded 100,000, the number of authorized stores on the platform exceeded 50,000, and the number of daily orders exceeded 10,000.
  3. 24-hour order delivery rate up to 95%.
  4. 46 overseas warehouses worldwide.

Why Should You Dropship from Chinabrands
Chinabrands offers a re-sell agreement making it a legit supplier for marketplaces
First of all, while Shopify sellers do not need any agreement to sell Chinabrands products on their stores (find more information about creating your own Shopify store here), for marketplaces this is a great news. Chinabrands provides a reseller agreement which is an authorization certificate to sell their products on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. You can claim your seller agreement when reaching $500 in sales from ChinaBrands.

However, you might ask do I really need that before I can start dropshipping from them? The answer is NO, as long as you have a dropshipping account from them, you can already start selling their products. The purpose of this reseller agreement is that Chinabrands wholesale is acknowledging that you are an official partner of their company.

If you are selling on an online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, etc. would recommend using getting the resell agreement prior to posting your products for sale. You will find a step by step guide how to get it in this article.

The packages deliver to your customers are dropshipping friendly
What is more, according to the customer service of Chinabrands, they do not include an invoice on every delivery and the boxes where they put the item is blank and no logos whatsoever. This is great news for dropshippers since it increases the good buyer experience you provide and eliminates disputes that open when the products came from another store and not from you.

More than half a million products to dropship
Chinabrands have 500K+ SKUs on their site. It shows how immense the number of their products on each warehouse where they hold it. Just like other Chinese drop shipping supplier that we have covered, they are also known for electronic products most especially those who are being used by consumers at home.

Also, Chinabrands works in partnership with over 200+ global localized logistics partners and dozens of specified airlines around the world. So, this means that prices for the products on their website might be lower even compared to other Chinese suppliers. Already interested in the Chinabrands wholesale?

Warehouses in China, Europe, and North America
By the way, Chinabrands has more than one delivery warehouse, even the same product may be stored in more than one warehouse. The product in each warehouse may have different price, stock number, and product status.

CN – Chinese, HK – Hong Kong, US – United States, UK – United Kingdom, ES – Spanish, RU – Russia, FR – French, AU – Australia



  1. install plugin
    2- Install the chrome extension to be able to use the plugin. install extension from here


I cannot install the extension, I see Price not available

your country does not allow international payments for google chrome extensions, you must install

a vpn, we recommend the following chrome extension install vpn once you install it, click on the

extension icon on top of the browser and set you country to united stated. reload the extension page.

What is the website of this plugin

website: Wooshark website
common errors: Common errors
frequently asked questions: FAQ

how many stores I can use ?

you can use up to 10 stores with the same license


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Good plugin for Chinabrands, easy to use No much solutions for Chinabrands yet Pros: quick importing Highly customisable Cons: the connection to store need to be reviewed or please provide a video I recommend the plugin for people starting dropshipping with Chinabrands
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