WooCommerce – Store Exporter


Screen-loads of options and filters let you design advanced exports to suit your store requirements, or simply go with the default and click Export to produce concise, ready to use store exports.

Store Exporter maintains compatibility with the latest WooCommerce releases through regular feature updates; as trusted by the 20,000+ active users of this Plugin. Happy exporting!


Features include:

  • Export Products
  • Export Products by Product Category
  • Export Products by Product Status
  • Export Products by Type including Variations
  • Export Categories
  • Export Tags
  • Export Brands (*)
  • Export Orders (*)
  • Export Orders by Order Status (*)
  • Export Orders by Order Date (*)
  • Export Orders by Customers (*)
  • Export Orders by Coupon Code (*)
  • Export Customers (*)
  • Export Customers by Order Status (*)
  • Export Users
  • Export Coupons (*)
  • Export Subscriptions (*)
  • Export Commissions (*)
  • Export Product Vendors (*)
  • Export Shipping Classes (*)
  • Export Attributes (*)
  • Toggle and save export fields
  • Field label editor (*)
  • Works with WordPress Multisite
  • Export to CSV file
  • Export to TSV file (*)
  • Export to Excel 2007 (XLS) file (*)
  • Export to Excel 2013 (XLSX) file (*)
  • Export to XML file (*)
  • Export to RSS file (*)
  • Export to WordPress Media
  • Export to e-mail addresses (*)
  • Export to remote POST (*)
  • Export to remote FTP/FTPS/SFTP (*)
  • Supports external CRON commands (*)
  • Supports scheduled exports (*)

(*) Requires the Pro upgrade to enable additional store export functionality.

** Go Pro **

Unlock the business focused e-commerce features within Store Exporter such as scheduled exporting from this link.

Full documentation and usage of Store Exporter Deluxe is available from the support section for Store Exporter Deluxe.

Native export integration with 90+ WooCommerce Plugins

Just a few of the features unlocked in the Pro upgrade of Store Exporter include:

  • Export All in One SEO Pack
  • Export Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Export Product Addons
  • Export Sequential Order Number Pro
  • Export Checkout Manager
  • Export Checkout Manager Pro
  • Export Checkout Field Editor
  • Export Cost of Goods
  • Export Per-Product Shipping
  • Export Print Invoice & Delivery Note
  • Export Local Pickups Plus
  • Export WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Export Checkout Field Manager
  • Export Currency Switcher
  • Export WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • Export WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons
  • Export Product Vendors
  • Export WooCommerce Jetpack
  • Import fields for Product Importer Deluxe

… and many more free and Premium extensions for WooCommerce and WordPress.

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  1. Open WooCommerce > Store Export from the WordPress Administration
  2. Select the Export tab on the Store Exporter screen
  3. Select which export type and WooCommerce details you would like to export
  4. Click Export
  5. Download archived copies of previous exports from the Archives tab



If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please create a topic here on the Store Exporter dedicated forum.

Store Exporter on w.org


It is not responsible for any harm or wrong doing this Plugin may cause. Users are fully responsible for their own use. This Plugin is to be used WITHOUT warranty.


  • The overview screen for Store Exporter.
  • Select the data fields to be included in the export, selections are remembered for next export.
  • Each dataset (e.g. Products, Orders, etc.) include filter options to filter by date, status, type, customer and more.
  • A range of export options can be adjusted to suit different languages and file formatting requirements.
  • Export a list of WooCommerce Product Categories into a CSV file.
  • Export a list of WooCommerce Product Tags into a CSV file.
  • Download archived copies of previous exports
  • Use the Field Editor to relabel export fields to your preferred names
  • Drag-and-drop export fields to your preferred ordering, sorting is saved between screen refreshes.


  1. Upload the folder ‘woocommerce-exporter’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate ‘WooCommerce – Store Exporter’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

See Usage section before for instructions on how to generate export files.

Preguntas frecuentes

Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the folder ‘woocommerce-exporter’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate ‘WooCommerce – Store Exporter’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

See Usage section before for instructions on how to generate export files.


The best option for my store

Researching several different export plugins for my store I chose Store Exporter as it met my long list of requirements. For example, I wanted to automatically extract the product attributes chosen by the customer in a format that I could directly import to my management system. Store Exporter did this and more. I love the CRON feature to fetch the data that can be called from another application.
Recently I had an issue, so contacted the support team at Visser. It was over a holiday weekend and to my surprise they not only resolved the issue, they also put in their own time out of normal office hours. Thank you Michael and the rest of your team.

Excellent worth every penny

Support for this plugin was simply amazing
it was quick (within 48 hours) and they provide a solution to our problem
Highly recommended and amazing support
plugin gets the job done effortlessly

A MUST HAVE for Woo / Fantastic Support – A+

Honestly, one of the best plugins for WooCommerce. Very relevant, is super useful and worth every penny. It has SO many export options, you’ll certainly find the ones you need and likely discover some data you did not know you could export and analyze 🙂 Not only does it work perfectly, you can choose to export your data into a nice spreadsheet for easy number crunching/analysis. If there is too much data, there is even a feature to allow partial exports which is great for those larger sites. It’ll export coupon codes, and other add-ons, variations, checkout add-ons and more- awesome.

If you have a problem or need help, Michael on the support team is on point. Fast to respond and actually attempts to help with accurate info. I had a small issue and really only needed some advice on how to accomplish the goal – Michael provided the best solution quickly as well as some other useful information that I just simply appreciate!

Great plugin and fantastic support

Great plugin and fantastic support! (If you should need it). Michael is quick to respond and solve any problems. The plugin itself is easy to set up and customize to your needs with a bunch of filters for exact targeting. It’s absolutely worth paying for the pro version by the way.

Excellent and flexible plugin, compatible with many extensions

We bought the premium version of this plugin, and it is truly excellent. The “quick export” function that we use the most is flexible, enabling choice of output fields to the csv file. We were already using another plugin “WooCommerce Personalized Product Option Plugin” (which allows adding various field types to a product – we use it for Event entry forms etc). The author did not support at the time, so I contacted Visser Labs, and got a great response! Michael Visser put in a lot of work to interface to the “Personalised Product” plugin, at no extra charge, and it works great, so many thanks to him!
I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone else looking to export WooCommerce data (orders/products etc) to csv files.

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Registro de cambios


  • Added: Variation Description built into Description Product export field (thanks Kelvin)


  • Fixed: Product Visibility not including Search and search results (thanks Triều and spbuckle)


  • Changed: Product Visibility field matches WooCommerce 3.1 labels (thanks spbuckle)
  • Added: Filter for legacy Product Visibility labels
  • Changed: Updated list of supported Plugin modules

  • Fixed: Visibility field empty for default value


  • Fixed: Visibility field empty for default value (thanks spbuckle)
  • Changed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Changed: Updated WordPress compatibility


  • Changed: Moved export type filters to their own files
  • Fixed: Product file downloads not working (thanks @bulfa)


  • Fixed: Missing WordPress SEO resource


  • Fixed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.9


  • Fixed: Product export failing due to incorrect token check
  • Added: Modules filter support on Tools screen
  • Fixed: Export of custom meta with an apostrophe in the meta name
  • Fixed: Field type detection giving false positive for integers
  • Changed: Button styling of Save Custom Fields
  • Fixed: Update all export Attachments to Post Status private
  • Added: Notice prompt when non-private export Attachments are detected
  • Added: Dismiss option to override detection of non-private export Attachments
  • Changed: Reduction in memory requirements for $export Global
  • Changed: Translation set to woocommerce-exporter


  • Changed: Enable Archives is disabled by default
  • Added: %random% Tag to export filename for random number generation


  • Fixed: Privilege escalation vulnerability (thanks jamesgol)


  • Added: Notice when fatal error is encountered from memory/timeout
  • Fixed: Default to Attribute Name if Label is empty
  • Fixed: Export Product Attributes in Product export
  • Added: Support for custom Attributes in Product export
  • Added: Default Attributes to Product export
  • Fixed: Attribute taxonomy missing from Order Items: Product Variation in WC 2.2+
  • Added: Support for Ship to Multiple Address for Order export
  • Fixed: Variables not being included in Product export when filtering by Categories/Tags/Brands/Vendors
  • Added: Delete All archives button to Archives screen


  • Added: Order support for Extra Product Options
  • Fixed: Detect corrupted Date Format
  • Added: Detection of corrupted WordPress options at export time
  • Added: Total Sales to Products export
  • Fixed: Advanced Google Product Feed not being included in Products export
  • Added: Custom User meta to Customers export
  • Added: Support for exporting Shipping Classes
  • Changed: Product URL is now External URL
  • Added: Product URL is the absolute URL to the Product
  • Added: Support for custom User fields
  • Fixed: Admin notice not showing for saving custom fields


  • Adeded: Export modules to the Export screen


  • Fixed: Up-sells formatting not saving between screen refreshes
  • Fixed: Cross-sells formatting not saving between screen refreshes
  • Fixed: PHP 5.2 compatibility for anonymous functions
  • Added: Admin notice for PHP 5.2 users to update to supported releases of PHP


  • Changed: Moved Up-sells formatting option to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Cross-sells formatting option to products.php


  • Added: Gravity Form ID to Orders export
  • Added: Gravity Form Name to Orders export
  • Added: Support for changing the export format of scheduled exports
  • Fixed: Display of multiple queued Admin notices
  • Fixed: PHP warning on Subscriptions export
  • Fixed: Attributes showing Term Slug in Products export
  • Fixed: Attributes not including Taxonomy based Terms in Products export
  • Fixed: Empty export rows under certain environments in Products export
  • Added: Support for filtering Orders by Order Dates for scheduled exports
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.2+
  • Changed: Moved Brands sorting to brands.php


  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons in Orders export
  • Fixed: Saving Export filename option over-sanitized


  • Fixed: Limit volume for Users export
  • Fixed: Offset for Users export
  • Fixed: Sanitize form fields
  • Fixed: Data validation on outputs
  • Fixed: Saving of Order in Users export
  • Fixed: Saving of Order By in Users export
  • Fixed: Count of Customers for large store catalogues


  • Fixed: Custom Product meta not working
  • Changed: Moved Product Gallery support to Pro
  • Changed: Moved Default e-mail recipient to General Settings
  • Changed: Moved Default remote URL POST to General Settings
  • Added: Export Users type in basic Store Exporter
  • Fixed: Add missing WordPress options for Plugin if not present on activation


  • Added: Subscriptions export type
  • Added: Support for Subscription Key in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Subscription Status in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Subscription Name in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for User in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for User ID in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Order ID in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Order Status in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Post Status in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Start Date in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Expiration in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for End Date in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Trial End Date in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Last Payment in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Next Payment in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Renewals in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Product ID in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Product SKU in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Variation ID in Subscriptions export
  • Added: Support for Coupon Code in Subscription export
  • Added: Support for Limit Volume in Subscription export


  • Added: Export type is remembered between screen refreshes
  • Changed: Moved Product Sorting widget to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Category widget to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Tag widget to products.php
  • Changed: Moved Filter Products by Product Status widget to products.php


  • Fixed: Check for wc_format_localized_price() in older releases of WooCommerce
  • Added: Brands export type
  • Added: Support for Brand Name in Brands export
  • Added: Support for Brand Description in Brands export
  • Added: Support for Brand Slug in Brands export
  • Added: Support for Parent ID in Brands export
  • Added: Support for Brand Image in Brands export
  • Added: Support for sorting options in Brands export
  • Fixed: Added checks for 3rd party classes and legacy WooCommerce functions for 2.0.20
  • Added: Support for Category Description in Categories export
  • Added: Support for Category Image in Categories export
  • Added: Support for Display Type in Categories export


  • Added: Brands support to Orders export
  • Added: Brands support for Order Items in Orders export
  • Fixed: PHP warning notice in Orders export
  • Added: Option to filter different Order Items types from Orders export


  • Added: Rename of export files across Plugin
  • Added: Coupon Code to Orders export
  • Added: Export Users
  • Added: Support for User ID in Users export
  • Added: Support for Username in Users export
  • Added: Support for User Role in Users export
  • Added: Support for First Name in Users export
  • Added: Support for Last Name in Users export
  • Added: Support for Full Name in Users export
  • Added: Support for Nickname in Users export
  • Added: Support for E-mail in Users export
  • Added: Support for Website in Users export
  • Added: Support for Date Registered in Users export
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce User Profile fields in Users export
  • Added: Product Gallery formatting support includes Media URL
  • Added: Sorting support for Users export
  • Added: Sorting options for Coupons
  • Added: Filter Orders by Coupon Codes


  • Added: MSRP Pricing support for Products
  • Added: WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note Invoice Number support for Orders
  • Added: WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers (free) support for Orders
  • Changed: Get 3rd Party Plugin support from woo_ce_product_fields filter
  • Changed: Preparations for sortable export column
  • Fixed: URL to Add New export button after empty export
  • Added: jQuery checks for functions before running
  • Fixed: Conflicts with other WooCommerce Plugins due to shared ‘save’ form action
  • Fixed: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Manager (Free!)
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce Checkout Manager Pro
  • Added: Support for Currency Switcher in Orders export
  • Added: Support for Checkout Field Editor


  • Fixed: Empty exports
  • Changed: Better detection of empty exports
  • Changed: Better detection of empty data types
  • Added: Customer Filter to Export screen
  • Added: Filter Customers by Order Status option
  • Added: Using is_wp_error() throughout CPT and Term requests


  • Fixed: Coupon export as XML
  • Fixed: Order export as XML
  • Fixed: Customer export as XML
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 3.9.1
  • Added: Product export support for Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Added: Product export support for All in One SEO Pack
  • Added: Product export support for WordPress SEO
  • Added: Product export support for Ultimate SEO
  • Fixed: Fatal error affecting CRON export for XML export
  • Fixed: Remember column options after exporting Orders


  • Fixed: Clearing the Limit Volume or Offset values would not be saved
  • Fixed: Force file extension if removed from the Filename option on Settings screen
  • Changed: Reduced memory load by storing $args in $export global


  • Fixed: Fatal error if Store Exporter is not activated


  • Changed: Replaced woo_ce_save_csv_file_attachment() with generic woo_ce_save_file_attachment()
  • Changed: Replaced woo_ce_save_csv_file_guid() with generic woo_ce_save_file_guid()
  • Changed: Replaced woo_ce_save_csv_file_details() with generic woo_ce_save_file_details()
  • Changed: Replaced woo_ce_update_csv_file_detail() with generic woo_ce_update_file_detail()
  • Changed: Moved woo_ce_save_file_details() into common Plugin space
  • Changed: Added third allow_empty property to custom get_option()


  • Added: Disabled support for XML Export Format under Export Option
  • Changed: Created new functions-csv.php file
  • Changed: Moved woo_ce_generate_csv_filename() to functions-csv.php
  • Changed: Moved woo_ce_generate_csv_header() to functions-csv.php


  • Fixed: Export error prompt displaying due to WordPress transient


  • Changed: Removed WooCommere Plugins dashboard widget
  • Added: CSS class to Custom Product Fields
  • Fixed: Broken export checks that may affect export options


  • Added: Support for exporting Local Pickup Plus fields in Orders
  • Fixed: Memory leak in woo_ce_expand_state_name
  • Fixed: Memory leak in woo_ce_expand_country_name
  • Changed: Removed duplicate Order Items: Type field
  • Added: Disabled Custom Order Fields widget to Export screen
  • Changed: Using WP_Query instead of get_posts for bulk export
  • Changed: Cross-Sells and Up-Sells get their own formatting functions
  • Changed: Moved export function into common space for CRON and scheduled exports
  • Added: Toggle visibility of each export types fields within Export Options


  • Added: Option for Up-Sells to export Product SKU instead of Product ID
  • Added: Option for Cross-Sells to export Product SKU instead of Product ID
  • Changed: Toggle visibility of dataset relevant export options
  • Changed: Moved Field delimiter option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Category separator option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Add BOM character option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Character encoding option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Field escape formatting option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Order Item Formatting option to Export Options widget
  • Changed: Combined Volume offset and Limit volume
  • Added: Skip Overview screen option to Overview screen


  • Fixed: CSV File not being displayed on Media screen
  • Added: Download Type support to Products export
  • Fixed: File Download support for WooCommerce 2.0+
  • Changed: Legacy support for File Download export support in pre-WooCommerce 2.0
  • Changed: An empty weight/height/width/length will make the dimension unit empty
  • Added: Setttings tab for managing global export settings
  • Added: Custom export filename support with variables: %store_name%, %dataset%, %date%, %time%
  • Changed: Moved Date Format option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Max unique Order items option to Settings tab
  • Changed: Moved Enable Archives options to Settings tab
  • Changed: Removed Manage Custom Product Fields link from Export Options
  • Changed: Moved Script Timeout option to Settings tab


  • Added: Menu Order to Products export
  • Changed: Comment Status to Enable Reviews in Products export


  • Added: Order Items: Category and Order Items: Tag to Orders export
  • Added: Clicking an export type from the opening screen will open that export tab


  • Changed: Dropped $woo_ce global
  • Added: Using Plugin constants
  • Changed: Moved debug log to WordPress transient
  • Added: Disabled Custom Product Fields dialog
  • Changed: Removed duplicate Sale Price from Product export
  • Fixed: Empty Parent SKU and Product SKU for Product Variations
  • Fixed: Fill default Stock Status for Products
  • Fixed: Set Product Type to Simple Product by default
  • Added: Error notice after blank screen on export
  • Fixed: Product Categories empty for Variations in Product export


  • Fixed: Multi-site support resolved
  • Changed: Permanently delete failed exports


  • Fixed: Blank screen on export in some instances
  • Changed: Removed legacy progress bar
  • Changed: Removed legacy Javascript in export screen
  • Added: Admin notice confirming deleted archive file
  • Changed: Removed bold headings from admin notices
  • Added: Error notice to explain blank CSV
  • Changed: Renamed “Delete temporary CSV after download” to “Enable Archives”
  • Changed: Removed woo_ce_unload_export_global()
  • Fixed: Delete WordPress Media on failed export
  • Added: Link to Usage document when an error is encountered “Need help?”
  • Changed: Using ‘export’ capability check for Store Export menu
  • Changed: Using ‘update_plugins’ capability check for Jigoshop Plugins Dashboard widget (thanks Marcus!)


  • Added: Custom Product fields
  • Added: Memory optimisations for get_posts()
  • Changed: Standard admin notices


  • Changed: Default Date Format to d/m/Y


  • Fixed: Export Orders by User Role
  • Added: Formatting of User Role


  • Added: Product Published and Product Modified dates to Products export
  • Added: Date formatting independant of WordPress > Settings > General


  • Fixed: Default file encoding can trigger PHP warning
  • Added: File encoding support for Categories and Tags
  • Added: Product Tags sorting export support
  • Added: Category sorting export support
  • Added: Separate files for each dataset


  • Added: File encoding for datasets
  • Changed: Default file encoding to UTF-8
  • Added: Product sorting and ordering
  • Changed: Ordering of Export Options


  • Added: Payment Gateway ID to Orders export
  • Added: Shipping Method ID to Orders export
  • Added: Shipping Cost to Orders export
  • Added: Checkout IP Address to Orders export
  • Added: User Role to Orders export
  • Changed: Removed encoding changes to Description and Excerpt


  • Fixed: PHP 4 notices for File Encoding dropdown
  • Fixed: Translation string on Export screen
  • Added: WordPress get_posts() optimisation
  • Fixed: Ignore Variant Products without Base Products (ala ‘phantom Posts’)


  • Added: Additional Category column support
  • Added: Additional Tag column support
  • Fixed: HTML entities now print in plain-text


  • Fixed: PHP error for missing function within Store Exporter Deluxe


  • Fixed: Admin icon on Store Exporter screen
  • Fixed: PHP error on Store Exporter screen without Products
  • Changed: Moved CSV File dialog on Media screen to template file


  • Added: Total incl. GST
  • Added: Total excl. GST
  • Added: Purchase Time
  • Changed: Moved woo_ce_count_object() to formatting.php
  • Added: Commenting to each function
  • Fixed: PHP 4 support for missing mb_list_encodings()


  • Added: New Product filter ‘woo_ce_product_item’


  • Fixed: Order Notes on Orders export


  • Added: Link to submit additional fields


  • Changed: Using manage_woocommerce instead of manage_options for permission check
  • Changed: Removed woo_is_admin_valid_icon
  • Changed: Using default WooCommerce icons


  • Fixed: Urgent fix for duplicate formatting function


  • Added: Product ID support
  • Added: Post Parent ID support
  • Added: Export Product variation support
  • Added: Product Attribute support
  • Added: Filter Products export by Type
  • Added: Sale Price Dates From/To support
  • Added: Virtual and Downloadable Product support
  • Added: Remove archived export
  • Added: Count and filter of archived exports
  • Fixed: Hide User ID 0 (guest) from Orders


  • Added: jQuery Chosen support to Orders Customer dropdown
  • Fixed: Incorrect counts on some Export types


  • Added: Product Type support
  • Added: Native jQuery UI support
  • Fixed: Various small bugs


  • Added: Featured Image support


  • Fixed: Tags export
  • Added: Export Products by Product Tag filter
  • Added: Notice for empty export files
  • Changed: UI changes to Filter dialogs


  • Changed: Free version can see Order, Coupon and Customer export options
  • Added: Plugin screenshots


  • Added: Support for BOM
  • Added: Escape field formatting option
  • Added: New line support
  • Added: Payment Status (number) option


  • Fixed: Surplus cell separator at end of lines
  • Added: Remember field selections


  • Added: Expiry Date support to Coupons
  • Added: Individual Use to Coupons
  • Added: Apply before tax to Coupons
  • Added: Exclude sale items to Coupons
  • Added: Expiry Date to Coupons
  • Added: Minimum Amount to Coupons
  • Added: Exclude Product ID’s to Coupons
  • Added: Product Categories to Coupons
  • Added: Exclude Product Categories to Coupons
  • Added: Usage Limit to Coupons
  • Fixed: Customers count causing memory error
  • Added: Formatting of ‘on’ and ‘off’ values
  • Changed: Memory overrides


  • Added: Save option for delimiter
  • Added: Save option for category separator
  • Added: Save options for limit volume
  • Added: Save options for offset
  • Added: Save options for timeout


  • Fixed: Export buttons not adjusting Export Dataset
  • Added: Select All options to Export
  • Added: Partial export support
  • Changed: Integration with Exporter Deluxe


  • Added: Integration with Exporter Deluxe


  • Fixed: Excerpt/Product Short description


  • Changed: Options engine
  • Changed: Moved styles to admin_enqueue_scripts
  • Added: Coupons support


  • Fixed: Template header bug
  • Added: Tabbed viewing on the Exporter screen
  • Added: Export Orders
  • Added: Product columns
  • Added: Order columns
  • Added: Category heirachy support (up to 3 levels deep)
  • Fixed: Foreign character support
  • Changed: More efficient Tag generation
  • Fixed: Link error on Export within Plugin screen


  • Added: Duplicate e-mail address filtering
  • Changed: Updated readme.txt


  • Added: Support for Customers


  • Changed: Migrated to WordPress Extend


  • Fixed: Dashboard widget not loading


  • Added: First working release of the Plugin