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WooCommerce Product Flipper


A very simple plugin that Show’s Front and backside view of any product in woo commerce.

After install the plugin go to product list page and see the changes.

No short code need for this plugin,becuase it is a built in functionality.

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  • 1.Horizontal Flip
  • 2.Vertical Flip
  • 3.Fade In
  • 4.Slide From Down
  • 5.Slide From Up
  • 6.Slide From Right
  • 7.Slide From left

Category options unlimted

Select which categories of product want to be flip For example T-shirt,Mobiles to show front and back side view.


  • A flipped image.


  1. Upload woocommerce-flipper to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. ¡Realizado!


How do I control which image is displayed on hover?

Whichever image is first in the order of product gallery images will appear on hover.

My secondary image is taller than the main product image and overlaps content when it fades in

This is due to the secondary image being positioned absolutely. This is the cleanest way I can think to do this with CSS alone. You may want to consider hard cropping your product catalog thumbnails to ensure all images are the same dimensions in product archives.

It doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I hover over images?

First of all check that the product you’re checking has a gallery attached to it. Secondly you should be aware that this plugin uses CSS 3d transforms and will therefore only work in modern browsers.

Please feel free to contribute on github.

Note: This plugin uses CSS 3d transforms to show/hide the images and will therefore only work in modern browsers.


25 de febrero de 2017 Compare the code, it's the same plugin. He just renamed some function names. It even has the same code structure and file structure.
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