WC Role Based Price


This plugin can make your simple WooCommerce shop in to multi currency and price level marketplace where products can be offered at different prices for different customer groups.
For example, Subscribers or Contributors get different prices than new customers. Differentiate your registered users to get your shop more attractive. New roles can be created and managed.

Latest version have been greatly improved for smoother and more speedy functioning, all user interfaces have been improved for more friendly user/webmaster experience. It is now WPML ready straight of of box.

We have added built-in plugin extension marketplace for more PRO level functions that not all might need but we think they are very useful. Please check full feature list below.

We have worked on this plugin for last 3 years and so far it have been all free but in order for us to continue with this plugin development we had to move few of its’ features/extensions in to PRO(paid) version that is available for very generous price of $59 (+$20 for extended 12 month support) here: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-role-based-pricing-pro/14120734?ref=varunsridharan

Features + Add-Ons

  • User Friendly UI
  • Simple , Variable / Variation , Grouped , External Product Type Supported
  • Supports Regular & Selling Price
  • Works With WPML
  • Developer Friendly
  • Easy To Create Addons
  • Aelia Currency Switcher Integration
  • Price & AddToCart Visiablity
  • Shortcode to get product price
  • Integración con el Importador / Exportador de productos de WC

Pro Features + Add-ons

  • Schedule Selling Price
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Role Based Payment Gateway Blocker
  • Role Based Product Blocker
  • RBP temporary custom link access
  • List Role Pricing Table
  • WPML Currency Switcher Integration
  • Bulk Price Updater Integration
  • WPAllImport Integration


Get Product’s Regular Price With Custom User Role

[wc_rbp id='99' role='administrator' price='regular_price']

Get Product’s Selling Price Based On Logged In User

[wc_rbp id='99' role='current' price='selling_price']

Get Product’s Base Regular Price

[wc_rbp id='99' price='product_regular_price']

Get Product’s Base Selling Price

[wc_rbp id='99' price='product_selling_price']

Get Product’s Regular Price With Custom User Role

[wc_rbp id='99' role='administrator' price='regular_price']

Get Product’s Selling Price Based On Logged In User

[wc_rbp id='99' role='current' price='selling_price']

Get Product’s Base Regular Price

[wc_rbp id='99' price='product_regular_price']

Get Product’s Base Selling Price

[wc_rbp id='99' price='product_selling_price']

Shortcode Variables Explained

  • id=99 you need to replace the 99 with your simple/variable product id
  • role=administrator you need replace administrator with your user role id / use current to get loggedin user role
  • price use regular_price or selling_price to get the value of each

Plugin Translators

Plugin Contributors / Testers


  • Plugin Installed
  • Plugin Settings Menu
  • Plugin Settings Page
  • Free Add-ons
  • Paid Add-ons
  • Simple Product Editor
  • Simple Product Editor
  • Variable Product Editor
  • Aelia Currency Switcher Integration Settings
  • Aelia Currency Switcher Simple Product Editor
  • Aelia Currency Switcher Variable Product Editor


Requerimientos Mínimos

  • WordPress 3.8 o superior
  • PHP version 5.2.4 o superior
  • MySQL version 5.0 o superior

Instalación automática

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of WooCommerce Role Based Price, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “WooCommerce Role Based Price” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our plugin you can view details about it such as the the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”

Instalación manual

The manual installation method involves downloading our plugin and uploading it to your Web Server via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.

  1. Installing alternatives:

    • via Admin Dashboard:
    • Go to ‘Plugins > Add New’, search for “WooCommerce Role Based Price”, click “install”
    • OR via direct ZIP upload:
    • Upload the ZIP package via ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ in your WP Admin
    • OR via FTP upload:
    • Upload woocommerce-role-based-price folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin en menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

Get Product’s Regular Price With Custom User Role

[wc_rbp id=’99’ role=’administrator’ price=’regular_price’]

Get Product’s Selling Price Based On Logged In User

[wc_rbp id=’99’ role=’current’ price=’selling_price’]

Dose This Plugin Supports Aelia Currency Switcher ?

Yes This Plugin Support Aelia Currency Switcher. by activation of Aelia Currency Switcher In Settings Menu

How I Can Get Support For This Plugin
  • http://varunsridharan.in/plugin-support/
  • https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce-role-based-price
  • https://github.com/varunsridharan/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price
  • Email : varunsridharan23@gmail.com
I have an idea for your plugin!

That’s great. We are always open to your input, and we would like to add anything we think will be useful to a lot of people. please contact us using above methods.

I found a bug!

Oops. Please Use github / WordPress to post bugs. Open an Issue

Where can I request new features

Please open an issue at GitHub and we will look into it


Useful, if you have just five products

There is no way to set global pricing rules per user roles, to be applied to all products. You can just set a rule for a single products, and if you need to apply the very same rule to, say, one hundred products, you must replicate the rule one hundred times, product by product. Insane. For a normal ecommerce, this is totally useless.

De gran ayuda!

Muchas gracias al equipo creador de este plugin. Necesitábamos una herramienta así de simple y ustedes la crearon. Saludos.

Need the option to show all user role prices for all user roles

First of all, this is a great plugin, I haven't found any similar ones with better user experience than this. However, at the same time I couldn't say it's the perfect plugin fitting my needs. I am running an e-commerce store and basically there are two levels of user role: customer and VIP customer. In order to encourage the non-vip customers to purchase the memberships to become VIP customers, it's best to show them what the price difference really is for each single product they are buying. This plugin can only show the price for the specific user role being assigned to the current user, which means the current user wont see other user roles' price, therefore they don't know how much they could save by purchasing the membership. I need the VIP customers to know how much they are saving, and also want the non-vip customers to know how much they could have saved if they were VIP customers. So the user will buy the product at his current user role price, but generally as they know they could save money by becoming a VIP they probably tend to purchase the membership. Just like what the Costco does. I really hope the author can take this idea into consideration, as this may not be my own concern, it can help some e-commerce stores run better. Thank you very much!

Great plugin, great support

This plugin works really well. I used it for about 10 months, and really love it. The 3.2 patch has been quite problematic for variable products, but the developer has been reactive, and the 3.2.4 now works really well. And prices are cached server-side, which means that categories containing variable products with hundreds of variations each now display reaaaaally fast ! It's about 20 times faster !

Read before investing your time

I started using this plugin for a client. It worked great in regards to creating different prices for different roles. The only issue I had was this plugin actually disables the original woocommerce ability to schedule sales. Unfortunately my client is too invested at this point to not purchase his paid plugin, and that isn't even why he is getting a 1 star review, the reasons he is getting the 1 star is this: 1. It would have been nice to have the disclaimer that his plugin conflicts with and disables the Woocommerce scheduling sales ability. I would have just skipped the free version and bought the pro. 2. He was a complete and utterly rude individual who obviously doesn't socialize much.
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Registro de cambios

3.3.3 [27-09-2018]

  • Tweaks : Code Cleanup Done.
  • Tested : With Latest WooCommerce & WordPress

3.3.2 [12-04-2018]

  • Tested : With Latest WooCommerce & WordPress
  • Fixed : Issue With WC Importer
  • Tweaks : Minor Bug Fixed
  • Tweaks : CodeCleanUP Done.

3.3.1 [12-03-2018]

  • Tweaks : Code CleanUP done.
  • Tested : Checked With latest WC Version
  • Tested : Checked With Latest WP Version

3.3 [01-03-2018]

  • Added : Option To Clear Cache Of Variation in product edit view.
  • Fixed : Pricing Issue
  • Tweaks : Formated Source Code
  • Tweaks : Improved Variable Caching Methods.

3.2.4 [14-12-2017]

  • Fixed : Variation Product Showing Base price if product role price set to 0
  • Tweaks : Minor Bug Fixes

3.2.3 [14-12-2017]

  • Fixed : Variation Product Showing Base price if product role price set to 0
  • Tweaks : Minor Bug Fixes

3.2.2 [29-11-2017]

  • Fixed : Variation Product Showing 0 (Updated–);

3.2.1 [29-11-2017]

  • Fixed : Variation Product showing 0 (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/v3-2-problem-variable-products)
  • Tweaks : Minor Code Changes

3.2 [28-11-2017]

  • Tweaks : Removed Unwanted Codes & Codeclean Up Done
  • Tweaks : Improved Speed & Stability For Variation Products
  • Tweaks : Overall Plugin Speed Improved
  • Tweaks : Minor Bug Fixed

  • Added : Added Cache For Variation Pricing

  • Added : Tested With Latest WP & WC

3.1 [07-07-2017]

  • Agregado: Integración con el exportador por defecto de WC
  • Agregado: Integración con el Importador por defecto de WC
  • Solucionado: Ajustes menores realizados

3.0.9 [31-05-2017]

  • Solucionado: Error fatal con versión de WC menor a 3.0

3.0.8 [19-05-2017]

  • Tweaks : Removed Old & Unwated Codes
  • Mejoras: Compatibilidad con WC 3.0 mejorada
  • Mejoras: Consultas a la base de datos reducidas por producto
  • Mejoras: Extension: Integración con Aelia selector de moneda mejorada

3.0.7 [15-05-2017]

  • Fixed : Improved Stability With WC 3.0
  • Fixed : Changes Settings Framework A Bit
  • Solucionado: cambios menores realizados

3.0.6 [18-04-2017]

  • Fixed : Tax Issue in variable product with WC 3.0
  • Fixed : Sale Price display issue with WC 3.0

3.0.5 [13-04-2017]

  • Fixed : Issues With WooCommerce 3.0.1
  • Tweaks : Improved Plugin With WC 3.0.1
  • Fixed : Minor Bug Fixed.

3.0.4 [23-03-2017]

  • Fixed : Currency Price issue with Aelia Currency Switcher.

3.0.3 [10-03-2017]

  • Fixed : Variation Selectbox auto removed after selecting variations.
  • Tweaks : Changed Some Core Codes.

3.0.2 [08-02-2017]

  • Fixed : Tax Price issue in variable product. tax getting add 2 times in base price.
  • Tweaks : WC RBP Metabox Code Tweaked
  • Tweaks : Improved WPML Integration
  • Fixed : Minor Issues
  • Tweaks : Minor Core Updates

3.0.1 [26-01-2017]

  • Fixed : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in ../includes/helpers/class-admin-notice.php on line 6 [https://wordpress.org/support/topic/output-error-after-update/]

3.0 [26-01-2017]

  • Total Plugin Redeveloped
  • Tested With latest WordPress & WooCommerce
  • Made It Developer Friendly
  • Easy To Create Addons
  • 5+ Plugins Integrated

2.8.8 [28-01-2016]

  • Tweak : Recoded for the frontend price
  • Fixed : Price issue with the version 2.8.7 which aelia currency switcher active. is now fixed and minor fix

2.8.7 [06-01-2016]

  • Fixed : Price issue with the version 2.8.6 or below. which aelia currency switcher active. is now fixed and minor fix

2.8.6 [04-01-2016]

  • Fixed : Price not showing after the update

2.8.5 [04-01-2016]

  • Fixed : Set 0 Price for a product [https://wordpress.org/support/topic/zero-price-3?replies=12]

2.8.4 [01-12-2015]

  • Fixed : Products in currencies come up with wrong prices [https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/20]
  • Fixed : Aelia Currency Switcher options not available in wp-all-import template [https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/19]

2.8.3 [12-11-2015]

  • Fixed : Variation pricing not showing properly {https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/17}
  • Minor Bug Fixes

2.8.2 [09-11-2015]

  • Fixed : Selling Price Not Showing As Per Role Based Price Settings {https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/16}
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.8.1 [08-11-2015]

  • Fixed : Selling / Regular shown from base product price if any one is empty [https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/14]
  • Updated : Persian Language

2.8 [08-11-2015]

  • Fixed : Selling / Regular shown from base product price if any one is empty [https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/14]
  • Fixed [https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/12]
  • Bulk Variable Price Edit In Product Edit View
  • Added Persian translation [https://github.com/technofreaky/WooCommerce-Role-Based-Price/issues/15]
  • Updated POT File
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.7.4 [04-11-2015]

  • Fixed https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-676?replies=2#post-7625400
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.7.3 [04-11-2015]

  • Fixed WooCommerce Product Addons Integration Activation
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.7.2 [04-11-2015]

  • Added User Configurable Option For Price & Product Hide
  • User Configurable Option to hide variations or with add-to-cart button for variable
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.7.1 [03-11-2015]

  • Fixed Variable Add To Cart Form Hidden.
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.7 [21-10-2015]

  • Added Support Addon For WooCommerce Product Addons
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.6 [10-10-2015]

  • Fixed Price output when using custom separator.
  • Minor bug fix

2.5 [30-09-2015]

  • Code Clean Up
  • Changed Addons Activation & Deactivation Stucture
  • Fixed Price Seperator Issue [https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce-role-based-price]
  • Redeveloped Aelia CurrencySwitcher Integration
  • Minor House Keeping
  • Updated To Latest Version WordPress
  • Updated To Latest Version WooCommerce

2.4 [16-09-2015]

  • Fixed POPUP Loading Issue With Variable Products.
  • Minor Bug Fix With Aelia Currency Switcher Integration
  • Code Cleanup
  • Added Option Get Product’s Base Regular & Selling Price Using Shortcode

2.3 [14-09-2015]

  • Fixed POPUP Loading Issue.

2.2 [13-09-2015]

  • Changed POPUP View In Product Edit Page
  • Product Price Not Showing Correctly When Saved As Empty Field Fixed
  • Added Shortcode to get product price.
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.1 [05-09-2015]

  • Fixed Hide Price Issue When No User LogedIn
  • Fixed Hide Add-to-cart issue when no user logedIn
  • Made Plugin Compatible With WP Multisite
  • Minor Bug Fix

2.0 [03-09-2015]

  • Total Plugin ReDeveloped
  • Added Integrations To WP All Import Plugin
  • Added Integration To Aelia Currency Switcher Plugin
  • Updated Code Standards
  • Update Plugin For Latest WP & WooCommerce (WP : 4.3 | WC : 2.4.6)
  • Minor Bug Fix

1.3 [25-06-2015]

  • Major Update [Had Some File Conflict.. please update your plugin too]

1.2 [23-06-2015]

  • Fixed Error Message at product price when viewing as visitor

1.1 [23-06-2015]

  • Fixed Simple & Variation Product Price At Checkout & Cart Page
  • Code CleanUP
  • Fixed Minor Issue
  • Fixed Variation Role Based Box in Product Edit Page
  • Added Plugin Translation Files [wc-rbp]

1.0 [22-06-2015]

  • Added Role Based Pricing For Variable / Variation Product [ For variation products ]
  • Fix Major Bugs
  • Update Plugin For Latest WP & WooCommerce (WP : 4.2.2 | WC : 2.3.11)
  • Option To Rename User Role (Affected Only For This Plugin) [ Rename titles ]

0.2 [26-02-2015]

  • Fixed Selling Price Display for role based Issue At [#6620252]

0.1 [25-02-2015]

  • Base Version