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Why is email marketing so important for WooCommerce users?
WooCommerce includes limited confirmation email functionality, however these emails are not easily modified or monitored. Use the Sendinblue add-on to deploy effective email and SMS campaigns, improve email deliverability, and track detailed metrics including delivery, open and click rates.


Confirmation Emails – Design

Use the Sendinblue add-on to populate WooCommerce order variables directly within your Sendinblue email templates. Sendinblue’s responsive design tools make it easy to create email templates that are engaging and include the most important order details.

Confirmation Emails – Delivery

The Sendinblue add-on allows you to use professional SMTP to send your WooCommerce confirmation emails. Optimized deliverability ensures your confirmation emails reach the inbox.

Confirmation Emails – Reporting

Get up-to-the-minute analytics on your message deliverability and engagement metrics. Choose a custom time period and review statistics for each email template (order receipt, shipping confirmation, etc.) including the number of emails sent, and delivery, open and click rates. Additional detailed reporting is accessible within the Sendinblue online account dashboard.

Confirmation Text Messages

Text messages (SMS) are powerful relationship building tools. The Sendinblue add-on allows you to send confirmation SMS triggered by specific events in your customer’s order life cycle, such as order confirmation, order shipment and order delivery. Customize messages with your customer’s first name, last name, order price or order date. Full SMS reporting is available within the Sendinblue online account dashboard.


Subscription Options

You can choose whether to display an opt-in field on checkout. If enabled, opt-in customers will be added to the selected list after order creation or order completion. Customize opt-in settings, such as the opt-in field description (e.g. “Send me monthly updates and deals!”) and whether the checkbox is checked by default. You can also activate the «Double Opt-in» feature to invite customers to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in an automated email.

SMS & Email Campaigns

You can send a SMS message directly from WooCommerce settings to all of your customers or all of your subscribers. You can personalize the SMS with dynamic information and test your campaign by sending a test SMS. Please login to your Sendinblue online account dashboard to send email campaigns.


  • Send confirmation emails with optimized deliverability
  • Use WooCommerce order variables directly within your Sendinblue email templates
  • Monitor the most important email metrics: delivery, open and click rates
  • Enable and manage customer subscriptions: opt-out, opt-in or double opt-in after order creation or completion
  • Order tracking: transactional data (order ID, price, etc.) is saved in Sendinblue to enable powerful segmentation
  • Create and send confirmation text messages after key events, such as a new order or order shipment
  • Send text messages campaigns to all customers or subscribers


This plugin was created by Sendinblue.


  • Click on “Connect your account” to link WooCommerce and your Sendinblue account.
  • Once it’s done, you can click on “Go to dashboard” to directly land on your Sendinblue account.
  • Click on the relevant button to see your campaigns, your workflows, and your conversations.
  • You can access your settings by clicking on “Settings” at the top right of the screen.


= Before installing, make sure to:=
* whitelist the following Sendinblue domain: whitelist SIB domain:
* whitelist all the IPs comprised in the range from to
* clear your cache

= Once done, you can install the plugin following these steps:=
1. Install the Sendinblue for WooCommerce via the plugins page of WooCommerce or upload the plugin file (link to the plugin file) to your server.
2. Activate the Sendinblue for WooCommerce by clicking Connect your account from the Sendinblue»>WooCommerce > Sendinblue page. Allow access to your Sendinblue account and Activate the plugin to start its configuration.
3. Configure your plugin settings directly from Sendinblue. To learn more, check our dedicated article WooCommerce plugin – Installation and set up.


What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is a powerful all-in-one marketing platform. Over 300 000 companies around the world trust Sendinblue to deliver their emails and SMS messages.
Sendinblue combines competitive pricing and excellent deliverability & powerful features such as Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and marketing automation.
Sendinblue is available and supported in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Why use Sendinblue as an SMTP relay for my WooCommerce confirmation emails?

By using Sendinblue’s SMTP, you will avoid the risk of having your legitimate emails ending up in the spam folder and you will have statistics on emails sent: deliverability, opens, clicks, etc. Sendinblue’s proprietary infrastructure optimizes your deliverability, enabling you to focus on your content.

Why do I need a Sendinblue account?

The Sendinblue for WooCommerce plugin uses Sendinblue’s API to synchronize contacts, send emails and get statistics. Creating an account on Sendinblue is free and takes less than 2 minutes. Once logged into your account, you can get the API key, and you can send up to 300 emails / day on the free (forever) plan.

Do I have to pay to use the plugin and send emails?

No, the plugin is totally free and Sendinblue offers a free forever plan with 9,000 emails per month. Additionally, Sendinblue comes with unlimited contacts (including on the free plan), so there is no hidden cost.
If you need to send more than 300 emails / day, check out our pricing. Paid plans start at $25 / month to send up to 10 000 emails / month with no daily sending limit.

How do I synchronize my lists?

You have nothing to do – synchronization is automatic! It doesn’t matter whether your lists were uploaded on your WordPress interface or on your Sendinblue account: they will always remain up-to-date on both sides.
Sendinblue also integrates with most lead capture and advanced form builder plugins.

How can I receive support?

If you need some assistance, you can post an issue in the Support tab, or send us an email at


22 de noviembre de 2022 2 respuestas
Good plugin. Easy to use, to install and to custom. Excellent support.
11 de noviembre de 2022 3 respuestas
If it would already have some templates made for Woocommerce, that have all the placeholders in place, it would be great. But as it is right now, it takes FOREVER to create templates, put the placeholders in place, test them, and so on. As much as I love Sendinblue, I'd rather not use it for transactional emails for now. But it's not a bad plugin overall, and I never had a Sendinblue email in spam, so that's great. I just wish they would make it easier to create the transactional emails, as I truly want to switch from the stock Woo emails (they suck let's face it).
6 de enero de 2022 1 respuesta
Orders not snychronised error-free, no sync of products. So automated emails to customers are not possible. (Which makes Sendinblue useless to me)
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  • Fixes related to some PHP warnings and remove unused files


  • New architecture implemented
  • New interface for the user


  • An additional header is added for the technical improvement in the log tracking.
  • Enhanced the plugin to be compatible with WordPress version 6.0.2.


  • Enhanced the plugin to be compatible with WordPress version 6.0.1


  • Enhanced the plugin to be compatible upto WordPress version 6.0


  • Fixed the wrong image name issue in the abandoned cart events payload.


  • Fixes related to some PHP warnings and a fatal error for PHP version 8.


  • Enhanced the plugin to be compatible upto WordPress version 5.9
  • Fixed an issue where reload confirmation popup appears while validation API keys.
  • Support for custom order ids added for order_completed event, transactional attributes and SIB email templates: we now accept strings along with integers.


  • Add UTM tracking links to some hyperlinks


  • Fixed an issue related to DOI sender email and name.


  • Fixed an issue with {ORDER_PRODUCTS} tag not reflecting the correct price of product in email template.
  • Fixed few PHP warnings generated by the plugin.


  • Fixed an issue with contact not getting created on Sendinblue platform after order creation with all the mapped attributes.


  • Enhanced the plugin to be compatible upto WordPress version 5.8
  • Enhanced the plugins to be compatible upto PHP version 8


  • Fixed an issue with empty order id passed in order completed event.


  • Fixed an issue with contact not getting created on Sendinblue platform after order creation.
  • Fixed an issue with guest user not getting identified after order creation.


  • Fixed PHP warning at checkout page.
  • Removed legacy logics related to double optin subscription.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Fixed the issue with default subject sent in case of double optin email
  • The subscribed contact from a double optin flow would be created or updated on Sendinblue platform only on clicking the double optin link in the confirmation email.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin.


  • Improved technical performance of the plugin


  • Improved stability of transactional mailing


  • Technical improvement of Double Opt-In subscription management


  • Improved work of abandoned cart events by preventing creation of cart_updated and order_completed duplicates in automation logs
  • Improved the monitoring of the plugin.


  • Fixed false triggering of cart_deleted events in Automation.
  • Improved phone number validation.
  • Improved plugin stability and performance.


  • Added order synchronisation feature and creation of global calculated values for Sendinblue account.
  • Improved monitoring of plugin technical performance
  • Updated WordPress Repository content by adding FAQ section


  • Fixed critical errors for PHP Mailer triggered for WordPress version 5.5 and beyond
  • Fixed the display issue with SMTP templates. All templates existing on client accounts are now visible in the plugin. Earlier only top 50 were visible
  • Fixed PHP notices and warnings


  • Added partner name via API V3


  • Subject line from the Sendinblue template issue has been fixed
  • WooCommerce email attachment handling issue has been fixed


** Improvement **

  • Updated plugin to be compatible with Sendinblue API v3
  • Added Statistics tab
  • Updated Chat


  • Improved transactional email
  • Improved SMS campaign


  • Updated descriptions


  • Fix some warning issues
  • Updated SMS credit notification


  • Fix SMTP issue using wp_mail
  • Fix to send transactional email


  • Fix transactional email issue


  • Fix a save change button problem since version 2.5
  • Fix incorrect sender detail


  • Fix warning issue by error_log
  • Fix attachment issue in transactional email


  • Update to use all Woocommerce variables in templates
  • Fix Statistics warning issue
  • Update Double Opt-in procedure
  • Udpate transactional attributes of existing customer


  • Fix warning issue to send SMS


  • Apply nl2br on text/plain only
  • Fix set_magic_quotes_runtime() error
  • Fix some warning issue


  • Fix warning issue by WP_Error
  • Fix jquery issue in admin page


  • Add new feature to sync old your customers to the desired list
  • Add French language
  • Fix transient error
  • Fix UI issue by h2 tag
  • Change content of test sms


  • Add a variable {ORDER_DOWNLOAD_LINK} for product link
  • Add new feature to match customers attributes and sendinblue list attributes
  • Use wordpress function for CURL request


  • Fix warning to select multi-list in sync users feature


  • Add a variable {ORDER_PRODUCTS} for order products


  • Fix fatal error in preview email template


  • add more email templates
  • fix some issues appeared on wp multisite
  • fix compatibility issue with woocommerce 3.0 and above


  • fix an error on product page


  • add independence between Sendinblue plugins


  • remove unnecessary text


  • change the position of Opt-In Field at Checkout
  • fix products variation price issue
  • add new variables {USER_LOGIN} and {USER_PASSWORD} for New Account email template
  • add new variable {REFUNDED_AMOUNT} for refunded order email template


  • update for compatible with woocommerce 3.4.4
  • fix to display account info issue
  • fix order date format issue


  • Double opt-in compatibility with NTL


  • The plugin now includes an abandoned cart tracking feature.
  • Once the feature is activated in the plugin, clients only have to set up their workflow.
  • Without any technical implementation – using the detailed abandoned cart template.


  • Abandoned cart tracking feature issue fixed.


  • Save button display issue fixed.


  • added condition for check attribute value.


  • added condition for check ma script and abaondoned cart function.


  • added sms source.


  • login button disappear in woocommerce 3.8.1 issue fixed.


  • Added new feature abandoned cart and chat feature.


  • Fixed issue with Item price in order_updated event
  • Now when sendinblue templates are enabled, subject line from sendinblue will be used


  • Price in order_completed event changed to Float from Int.