Best WooCommerce Builder for Elementor: WooCommerce Product, Cart & Checkout Customizer | All in one WooCommerce Solution by CoDesigner


CoDesigner (Formerly Woolementor) connects the #1 page builder plugin on earth Elementor with the most popular eCommerce plugin WooCommerce.

CoDesigner, formerly known as Woolementor, is a dynamic integration that seamlessly connects Elementor, the world’s #1 page builder plugin, with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin in the market. With CoDesigner, you gain access to a set of Elementor widgets designed specifically for WooCommerce, allowing you to exercise unparalleled control over every facet of your WooCommerce website.

These highly customizable Elementor widgets empower you to craft and refine various aspects of your eCommerce experience, including your WooCommerce shop, product filters, email templates, checkout process, shopping cart design, product comparison functionality, comparison tables, single product pages, pricing tables, sales notifications, wishlists, customer account pages, and a host of other essential features. The versatility and creative potential offered by CoDesigner are bound to boost your eCommerce business! 🚀

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A nicely designed shop and checkout process leave a long-lasting good impression on the visitors’ minds and that definitely results in handsome sales volume.

You can customize EVERY part of your WooCommerce store using CoDesigner; no matter if it’s your shop page, a single product template, or even the checkout page.

💥💥 40+ Free WooCommerce Widgets:

➔ WooCommerce Shop Classic

➔ WooCommerce Shop Standard

➔ WooCommerce Shop Curvy

➔ WooCommerce Shop Slider

➔ WooCommerce Horizontal Filter

➔ WooCommerce Product Title

➔ WooCommerce Product Price

➔ WooCommerce Product Rating

➔ WooCommerce Breadcrumbs

➔ WooCommerce Product Short Description

➔ WooCommerce Product Variations

➔ WooCommerce Add to Cart

➔ WooCommerce Product SKU

➔ WooCommerce Product Stock

➔ WooCommerce Product Additional Information

➔ WooCommerce Product Data Tabs

➔ WooCommerce Product Meta

➔ WooCommerce Product Categories

➔ WooCommerce Product Tags

➔ WooCommerce Product Thumbnail

➔ WooCommerce Product Upsell

➔ WooCommerce My Account

➔ Customer Reviews Classic

➔ Tabs Basic WooCommerce widget

➔ Tabs Classic WooCommerce widget

➔ WooCommerce Tabs Fancy WooCommerce widget

➔ WooCommerce Tabs Beauty WooCommerce widget

➔ Gradient Button

➔ WooCommerce Product Image Comparison

➔ Pricing Table Basic WooCommerce widget

➔ Pricing Table Advanced WooCommerce widget

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Classic

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Standard

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Curvy

➔ WooCommerce Cart Items

➔ WooCommerce Cart Items Classic

➔ WooCommerce Cart Overview

➔ WooCommerce Coupon Form

⭐️⭐️ 50+ Premium WooCommerce Widgets:

➔ WooCommerce Shop Flip

➔ WooCommerce Shop Smart

➔ WooCommerce Shop Minimal

➔ WooCommerce Shop Shopify

➔ WooCommerce Shop Wix

➔ WooCommerce Shop Beauty

➔ WooCommerce Shop Curvy Horizontal

➔ WooCommerce Shop Accordion

➔ WooCommerce Shop Table

➔ WooCommerce Shop Trendy

➔ WooCommerce Floating Cart

➔ WooCommerce Filter Vertical

➔ WooCommerce Filter Advance

➔ WooCommerce Product Dynamic Tab

➔ WooCommerce Add to Wishlist

➔ Add to Compare

➔ Ask for Price

➔ WooCommerce Quick Checkout Button

➔ WooCommerce Product Barcode

➔ WooCommerce My Account Advanced

➔ WooCommerce Wishlist

➔ Customer Reviews Standard

➔ Customer Reviews Trendy

➔ WooCommerce FAQs Accordion

➔ WooCommerce Sales Notification

➔ WooCommerce Shop Categories

➔ Basic Menu

➔ WooCommerce Billing Address

➔ WooCommerce Shipping Address

➔ WooCommerce Order Notes

➔ WooCommerce Order Review

➔ WooCommerce Payment Methods

➔ WooCommerce Thank You Screen

➔ WooCommerce Checkout Login

➔ WooCommerce Order Pay

➔ WooCommerce Email Header

➔ WooCommerce Email Footer

➔ WooCommerce Email Items Details

➔ WooCommerce Email Billing Address

➔ WooCommerce Email Shipping Address

➔ WooCommerce Email Customer Note

➔ WooCommerce Email Order Notes

➔ WooCommerce Email Description

➔ WooCommerce Email Reminder

➔ WooCommerce Pricing Table Regular

➔ WooCommerce Pricing Table Fancy

➔ WooCommerce Pricing Table Smart

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Flip

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Trendy

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Accordion

➔ WooCommerce Related Products Table

➔ Menu Cart

➔ WooCommerce Product Comparison

➔ WooCommerce Dynamic Tab


CoDesigner is packed with an impressive collection of 11 visually captivating WooCommerce shop widgets with various eye-catching designs that are bound to leave a lasting impression on your WooCommerce store visitors. These WooCommerce Elementor widgets provide a diverse array of capabilities for crafting shop pages tailored to your WooCommerce store.

Whether you prefer the convenience of ready-made designs by CoDesigner for speedy shop creation or opt for Elementor’s customization features to fashion unique and stunning shop pages on your WooCommerce website, CoDesigner caters to your needs.

The free WooCommerce Elementor widgets of the WooCommerce builder plugin, CoDesigner, include 4 delightful shop widgets, while CoDesigner Pro introduces an additional 7 exclusive WooCommerce shop widgets into the mix. Regardless of the WooCommerce shop widget you select, rest assured that you’ll have all the essential controls at your fingertips to meticulously design and personalize your WooCommerce shop pages.

**❤️ Free shop builder WooCommerce Elementor widgets by CoDesigner:

WooCommerce Shop Classic

WooCommerce Shop Standard

WooCommerce Shop Curvy

WooCommerce Shop Slider

⭐️🚀 Premium shop builder WooCommerce Elementor widgets by CoDesigner:

WooCommerce Shop Beauty

WooCommerce Shop Flip (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Trendy (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Curvy (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Curvy Horizontal (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Slider (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Accordion (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Table (Pro)

WooCommerce Shop Smart

WooCommerce Shop Minimal(New)

WooCommerce Shop Shopify(New)

WooCommerce Shop Wix(New)

🌟🌟 Revamp Your WooCommerce Cart Page

Ever pondered the idea of FULLY customizing your WooCommerce cart page? CoDesigner has turned that vision into reality!

With this WooCommerce page builder plugin, you gain the power to customize every facet of a WooCommerce cart page using Elementor page builder. You have the liberty to transform the layout, fields, fonts, color schemes, columns, and more of the new WooCommerce cart page. Craft an impressive WooCommerce cart page that not only captures visitors’ attention but also encourages them to swiftly complete their checkout. CoDesigner equips you with an assortment of 4 exclusive cart widgets:

Cart Items
Cart Items Classic (New)
Cart Overview
Floating Cart
Coupon Form

🌟🌟 Enhance your WooCommerce Checkout Experience

Are you looking to tailor your WooCommerce checkout page to match your unique needs and customer preferences? CoDesigner provides you with the flexibility to personalize every aspect of the WooCommerce checkout process effortlessly.

With the CoDesigner WooCommerce page builder plugin, you can go beyond the standard WooCommerce checkout page and add new fields to the billing form or the Order Note section. Perhaps you want to give users the option to include a special note or input their date of birth during the order placement process. It’s all within your reach.

CoDesigner provides you with seamless WooCommerce Checkout Customization

In the past, customizing the WooCommerce checkout page often required hiring a developer or delving into coding complexities. Fortunately, those days are over. CoDesigner WooCommerce builder empowers you to take control of your WooCommerce checkout experience with ease. Our WooCommerce Elementor widgets eliminate the need for coding expertise, enabling you to edit, add, or remove WooCommerce checkout fields effortlessly.

Unlock the potential for customization with 8 dedicated checkout field customizer widgets, all seamlessly integrated into CoDesigner’s WooCommerce page builder. Your checkout page can now align perfectly with your brand identity and customer expectations, making for a smoother and more personalized shopping journey for your audience. Here the extensively customizable WooCommerce Elementor widgets CoDesigner has to offer.

Billing Address (Pro)
Shipping Address (Pro)
Order Notes (Pro)
Order Review (Pro)
Payment Methods (Pro)
Thank You Screen (Pro)
Checkout Login (Pro)
Order Pay (Pro)

🌟🌟 Revolutionize Email Communications With WooCommerce email widgets

CoDesigner introduces a game-changing feature: the ability to customize WooCommerce notification emails using the power of Elementor. This innovation has been eagerly awaited by businesses around the world, filling a longstanding need in the eCommerce landscape.

With CoDesigner’s WooCommerce Elementor widgets, you can now effortlessly craft your own WooCommerce email templates, tailored to various events such as new orders, completed orders, customer invoices, new account registrations, password resets, and more. This functionality extends to cover all types of WooCommerce email notifications. The WooCommerce email customizer widgets provide an abundance of customization options using Elementor, granting you the creative freedom to modify WooCommerce emails in a manner that mirrors your brand identity and sets you apart from competitors.

CoDesigner’s WooCommerce page builder plugin offers a remarkable selection of 8 WooCommerce email customizer widgets, each designed to enhance your email communication strategy:

📧 Email Header (Pro)
📧 Email Footer (Pro)
📧 Email Items Details (Pro)
📧 Email Billing Address (Pro)
📧 Email Shipping Address (Pro)
📧 Email Customer Note🎉
📧 Email Order Notes (Pro)
📧 Email Description (Pro)

🌟🌟 Enhance the Shopping Experience with Product Filters

Delivering a tailored shopping experience is paramount for customer satisfaction. CoDesigner WooCommerce builder empowers you to provide your customers with the tools they need to discover the products that align with their preferences on the WooCommerce shop page.

CoDesigner facilitates seamless WooCommerce product filtering by enabling customers to refine their search based on taxonomies, prices, ratings, custom attributes, and various sorting options, including title, date, top sellers, most reviewed, and 11 additional attributes. Also, CoDesigner allows for advanced product filtering by multiple conditions, enhancing the precision of search results.

In line with your WooCommerce page layout preferences, CoDesigner’s WooCommerce Elementor filter widgets offer 2 options:

🔎 Horizontal Filter
🔎 Vertical Filter (Pro)

Both widgets deliver the same comprehensive filtering criteria; the key distinction lies in how they are visually presented alongside the product grid on WooCommerce archive pages. Elevate your customers’ shopping journey with the flexibility and efficiency of CoDesigner’s product filtering capabilities.

🌟🌟 Elevate Your WooCommerce Single Product Pages with CoDesigner

Achieving an impressive and user-friendly product page is crucial in leaving a lasting impact on your customers. CoDesigner WooCommerce builder emerges as the ideal solution for this task, equipping you with the tools needed to transform every facet of your product pages effortlessly.

CoDesigner introduces a robust arsenal of 19 WooCommerce single product page widgets, purpose-built to supercharge your WooCommerce single product pages. This WooCommerce Elementor customizer empowers you to exercise complete control over the color schemes, typography, and layout of your WooCommerce single product page templates, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

CoDesigner’s WooCommerce Elementor widgets for the single product page template include:

📦 Product Title
📦 Product Price
📦 Product Rating
📦 Product Upsell
📦 Breadcrumbs
📦 Product Short Description
📦 Product Variations
📦 Add to Cart
📦 Product SKU
📦 Product Stock
📦 Additional Information
📦 Product Data Tabs
📦 Product Meta
📦 Product Categories
📦 Product Tags
📦 Produchumbnail

Embrace the power of WooCommerce customization with CoDesigner, as you craft WooCommerce single product pages that captivate and engage your audience in ways that reflect your unique brand identity.

🌟🌟 Beautify the WooCoomerce Product Pricing Presentation with CoDesigner

Presenting product prices in a visually appealing yet informative manner can be a formidable challenge. Most prospective buyers inevitably glance at the pricing table section, making it a critical element in shaping their impression. Ensuring clarity and elegance in your WooCommerce product pricing tables is of paramount importance.

CoDesigner, the WooCommerce page builder, introduces a selection of 5 WooCommerce pricing table widgets, each adorned with captivating pricing plan designs. These widgets offer you the means to showcase your product pricing in a way that captures attention and conveys information effectively.

The WooCommerce Elementor widgets for pricing tables encompass:

🏷️ Pricing Table Advanced
🏷️ Pricing Table Smart (Pro)
🏷️ Pricing Table Basic
🏷️ Pricing Table Regular (Pro)
🏷️ Pricing Table Fancy(Pro)

Have any confusion? Feel free to contact our support.

🌟🌟 Boost Sales with CoDesigner’s Related Products Widget For WooCommerce

When showcasing a product, seizing the opportunity to display related products can be a powerful strategy for encouraging customers to make additional purchases. Research consistently highlights the effectiveness of this approach.

CoDesigner offers an array of 7 related product designs, all equipped with WooCommerce Elementor widgets designed to effortlessly showcase related products. These widgets can be seamlessly integrated onto single product pages or even the homepage, providing you with versatile options to enhance cross-selling. Furthermore, these widgets are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the layout and designs to align precisely with your specific requirements.

CoDesigner’s WooCommerce Elementor widgets for related products encompass:

📦 Related Products Classic
📦 Related Products Standard
📦 Related Products Flip (Pro)
📦 Related Products Trendy (Pro)
📦 Related Products Curvy
📦 Related Products Accordion (Pro)
📦 Related Products Table (Pro)

🌟🌟 Make WooCommerce Product Page eye-catching with Stunning Galleries

A product page is incomplete without a captivating WooCommerce product gallery crafted with CoDesigner. Visitors rely on these galleries to explore WooCommerce product variations and make informed purchase decisions. CoDesigner offers an exceptional trio of product gallery widgets that elevate your WooCommerce shops, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Within CoDesigner’s repertoire of WooCommerce Elementor widgets, you’ll discover 3 Elementor widgets:

🖼️ Fancybox
🖼️ LC Lightbox
🖼️ Box Slider

These Elementor widgets are designed to transform your product galleries, making them visually impressive and seamlessly integrated into your WooCommerce shops. Explore the possibilities and enhance your product presentation with CoDesigner’s beautiful gallery widgets.

🌟🌟 Streamline Your Content Organization with Dynamic Tabs

Dynamic Tabs serve as an invaluable tool for maintaining content organization and enhancing user experience. CoDesigner offers a versatile solution that allows you to showcase static text or pre-designed templates in an elegant fashion. This WooCommerce Elementor widget goes a step further by enabling you to create nested tabs, facilitating a structured hierarchy of information, and ensuring a seamless navigation experience for your audience.

🗂️ Dynamic Tabs (Pro)

🌟🌟 Highlight Customer Feedback with Review Showcases

Showcasing customer testimonials is a fundamental aspect of building trust and credibility for your business. CoDesigner provides you with the tools to elegantly feature user reviews and amplify their voices.

Within this WooCommerce Elementor customizer plugin, you’ll find 2 distinct review widgets, with the promise of more widgets on the horizon. These widgets enable you to seamlessly incorporate user reviews into your website:

Reviews Classic
Reviews Standard (Pro)

🌟🌟 Efficiently Organize Content with Versatile Tabs

Tabs have earned universal favor as a means of presenting information in a structured and space-saving manner. They serve as a pivotal tool for showcasing extensive content while optimizing site real estate. CoDesigner’s Tabs widget empowers you to craft tailor-made WooCommerce product tabs and various other types of tabs.

Discover the perfect fit for your needs among our selection of 4 distinct tabs widgets for Elementor, each offering unique style and functionality. These WooCommerce Elementor widgets include:

🗂️ Tabs Basic
🗂️ Tabs Classic
🗂️ Tabs Fancy
🗂️ Tabs Beauty

🌟🌟 Empower Your Customers with a Wishlist Feature

CoDesigner comes equipped with a WooCommerce Wishlist widget that enhances the shopping experience for your customers. This Elementor widget enables them to curate a personalized collection of desired products, which is elegantly presented in a tabular view.

❤️ Wishlist (Pro)

The visitors to your WooCommerce store have the convenience of adding selected products directly to their cart from the wishlist page, allowing them to seamlessly proceed with their purchase at a later date.

🌟🌟 The best Solution for Personalizing Your WooCommerce My Account Page

Last but certainly not least, CoDesigner offers powerful tools to tailor your WooCommerce My Account page according to your preferences. This customization extends to elements such as tab orientation, style, typography, and much more, ensuring that your My Account page aligns seamlessly with your brand identity and user experience goals.

CoDesigner provides you with a choice of 2 WooCommerce My Account widgets, designed to empower you in crafting a personalized My Account page:

My Account
My Account Advanced (Pro) 🎉

With these WooCommerce Elementor widgets, you have the flexibility to shape and refine your My Account page to meet your unique design and functionality requirements.

**🔗🔗 Quick Links

🔥 Live Demo

CoDesigner WooCommerce builder plugin offers a Live Demo for you to have an engaging and hands-on experience with the plugin’s features and capabilities. By signing up for the live demo, you will gain access to a temporary WordPress site that comes fully equipped with both free and premium WooCommerce Elementor widgets offered by CoDesigner. Here’s a detailed description of what you can expect from the CoDesigner Live Demo:

👉 Access to a Temporary WordPress Site: Upon signing up for the live demo, you will get access to a fully functional WordPress website. This site serves as a sandbox environment for you to explore and experiment with all WooCommerce widgets offered by CoDesigner and use them to their full extent with the help of Elementor page builder.

👉 Real-Time Testing: You will have the unique opportunity to interact with all the WooCommerce elementor widgets in real-time. You can add, customize, and configure the widgets in any way you want to suit your specific needs and preferences.

👉 Exploration of Features: You can delve into the widgets to understand their functionalities and how they enhance the WooCommerce and Elementor experience. This hands-on exploration allows you to see firsthand how these widgets can be employed to design and optimize your online stores and make them more user-friendly.

👉 Testing Across Different Store Elements: Whether it’s designing the shop page, product pages, checkout process, product comparison tools, pricing tables, or other essential WooCommerce elements, the live demo offers a platform for you to experiment and fine-tune every aspect of your WooCommerce store.

👉 Assistance and Guidance: In some cases, the live demo may provide guidance and tips on how to effectively use CoDesigner’s widgets. This can help you make the most of the plugin’s features during the exploration.

👉 No Commitment: The live demo allows you to test CoDesigner’s capabilities without any commitment or need for installation on your own website. It’s a risk-free way to evaluate whether CoDesigner is the right fit for your WooCommerce store needs.

👉 Decision-Making Support: By experiencing CoDesigner’s widgets in action, you will be able to make decisions about which WooCommerce Elementor widgets to incorporate into your actual WooCommerce-Elementor-based website.

🔥 Documentation

CoDesigner provides comprehensive documentation and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to effectively utilize this WooCommerce builder plugin’s widgets on your WooCommerce websites. Here’s a list of everything you will get from CoDesigner’s documentation and FAQs:

Getting Started Guide: The documentation for CoDesigner begins with a user-friendly getting started guide. This guide outlines the initial steps you need to take to install and activate CoDesigner on your WordPress website. It also provides information on any prerequisites or recommended configurations.

Widget Descriptions: CoDesigner’s documentation offers detailed descriptions of each widget available within the plugin. These descriptions include information about the widget’s purpose, features, and customization options. Users can quickly understand what each widget does and how it can enhance your WooCommerce website.

Installation Instructions: Step-by-step installation instructions are provided, ensuring that you can quickly integrate CoDesigner with your existing WordPress and WooCommerce setups. This section also covers how to get a license and activate the plugin’s premium features.

Configuration Guidelines: You will receive guidance on how to configure the widgets to best suit your specific eCommerce needs. This includes information on adjusting settings, layouts, and styles to achieve desired results.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions provide answers to common queries and issues that users may encounter. This section serves as a quick reference for troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Examples and Use Cases: CoDesigner’s documentation often includes real-world examples and use cases that showcase how to effectively apply the widgets to create different eCommerce elements. These examples can inspire creativity and demonstrate the plugin’s versatility.

Video Tutorials: Some documentation may include video tutorials that visually walk users through specific tasks and configurations. Videos can be particularly helpful for users who prefer visual learning.

Updates and Compatibility: Information about plugin updates and compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce versions is typically provided. You can stay informed about the latest features and ensure your website remains up to date.

Support Channels: The documentation directs users to available support channels for additional assistance. This may include links to community forums, support tickets, or contact information for the CoDesigner support team.

✫ ✫ NOTES ✫✫

This plugin uses a third-party service to import templates using the native Elementor template importer and it doesn’t include your sensitive data like email or password for example.

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At CoDesigner, we believe in fostering growth not only for our platform but also for our valued partners. That’s why we invite you to become a part of our affiliate program. This opportunity empowers you to earn while helping others discover the transformative power of the WooCommerce builder plugin CoDesigner. By joining our affiliate program, you can embark on a journey toward financial success and professional growth.

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We value the contributions of our affiliates, and to show our appreciation, we offer a generous commission structure. As a CoDesigner affiliate, you have the potential to earn commissions of Flat 25% on the sales you generate. This means that for every customer you refer to CoDesigner who makes a purchase, you’ll receive a substantial commission as a token of our gratitude.

🔥 Why Choose CoDesigner’s Affiliate Program?

CoDesigner’s affiliate program isn’t just about financial rewards; it’s about collaboration and mutual success within the WordPress community. When you partner with us, you gain access to a range of benefits, including marketing resources, support, and the chance to promote a product that has the potential to transform the way individuals and businesses use WooCommerce Elementor widgets. Plus, our intuitive affiliate dashboard makes it easy for you to track your referrals and earnings.

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  • Shop widget
  • Email designer
  • Checkout editor
  • Thank you screen
  • Product Filter
  • Cart items
  • Menu cart
  • Customer reviews
  • Wishlist
  • My Account page
  • Sales notification
  • Pricing table
  • Product variations


  1. Install CoDesigner using the native Plugin installer, or download the zip and extract it in the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’
  3. Go to CoDesigner from the left navigation menu.
  4. Enable widgets you want to use.
  5. You can now find the widgets in the Elementor editor.

Please reach out to us if you need any help.


1. What is CoDesigner?

CoDesigner, formerly known as Woolementor, is a powerful integration that seamlessly connects Elementor, the leading page builder plugin, with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin. It offers a range of Elementor widgets specifically designed for WooCommerce to enhance your eCommerce website.

2. What can I customize with CoDesigner?

You can customize every part of your WooCommerce store with CoDesigner, including your shop page, single product templates, and checkout page. It offers extensive customization options for various eCommerce features.

3. How many free WooCommerce widgets are available in CoDesigner?

CoDesigner provides over 40 free WooCommerce widgets, including Elementor widgets for shop layouts, product details, filters, and more.

4. What premium WooCommerce widgets are available in CoDesigner?

CoDesigner offers more than 50 premium WooCommerce Elementor widgets, including advanced WooCommerce shop layouts, WooCommerce cart page customization, WooCommerce checkout page enhancement, and WooCommerce email template customization.

5. Can I see a live demo of CoDesigner?

Yes, you can explore a live demo of the CoDesigner WooCommerce builder plugin to experience its features and capabilities hands-on. It provides access to a temporary WordPress site with both free and premium WooCommerce Elementor widgets for testing.

6. Is there documentation available for CoDesigner?

Yes, CoDesigner offers comprehensive documentation that includes a getting-started guide, widget descriptions, installation instructions, configuration guidelines, FAQs, examples, and more.

7. Can I customize WooCommerce email notifications with CoDesigner?

Yes, CoDesigner allows you to customize WooCommerce email templates using Elementor, offering extensive options for modifying email notifications to align with your brand identity.

8. What are the options for customizing WooCommerce product pricing tables with CoDesigner?

CoDesigner offers different Elementor pricing table widgets, including Pricing Table Advanced, Pricing Table Smart, Pricing Table Basic, Pricing Table Regular, and Pricing Table Fancy, to help you present product prices elegantly and effectively.

9. How does CoDesigner help streamline content organization with Dynamic Tabs?

CoDesigner’s Dynamic Tabs widget enables you to present content in a structured and space-saving manner, with the ability to create nested tabs, enhancing navigation and the user experience.

10. What types of WooCommerce related product designs does CoDesigner offer, and where can they be displayed?

CoDesigner provides various related product designs, including Classic, Standard, Flip, Trendy, Curvy, Accordion, and Table. These widgets can be displayed on single product pages or the homepage, offering flexibility for cross-selling.

11. How can CoDesigner help improve the shopping experience with product filters?

CoDesigner offers product filtering widgets, including Horizontal Filter and Vertical Filter (Pro), to enable customers to refine WooCommerce product searches based on various criteria, enhancing the shopping experience.

12. What are the benefits of using CoDesigner’s Wishlist feature for WooCommerce?

CoDesigner’s WooCommerce Wishlist widget allows customers to create personalized collections of desired products, enhancing their shopping experience. They can also add selected products directly to their cart from the wishlist page.

13. How can CoDesigner help me personalize my WooCommerce My Account page?

CoDesigner provides My Account widgets, including My Account and My Account Advanced (Pro), to help you tailor your My Account page’s orientation, style, typography, and more to align with your brand identity and user experience goals.

14. Do the CoDesigner filter widgets work with the regular Elementor Pro shop widget?

The filter widgets in CoDesigner have been among the most used and popular widgets of CoDesigner. In the latest version of CoDesigner, you can use the filter widgets with the Elementor Pro shop widget.

15. Is there a video tutorial available for CoDesigner’s features and widgets?

Some of CoDesigner’s documentation includes video tutorials that visually guide you through specific tasks and configurations, making it easier for you to understand this WooCommerce builder plugin’s capabilities.

16. Can CoDesigner widgets be used with both free and premium versions of Elementor?

CoDesigner’s Elementor widgets can be used with both the free and premium versions of Elementor, providing flexibility for users with different Elementor subscriptions.

17. How can CoDesigner help improve the checkout process on my WooCommerce store?

CoDesigner offers a range of WooCommerce checkout field customizer widgets, such as Billing Address, Shipping Address, Order Notes, Payment Methods, and more, to enhance the WooCommerce checkout process and align it with your brand and customer preferences.

18. What is CoDesigner’s affiliate program?

CoDesigner WooCommerce builder offers an affiliate program that allows individuals to earn a 25% commission on sales generated by referring customers to CoDesigner. It’s an opportunity for financial success and professional growth.

19. How can I contact support for CoDesigner?

CoDesigner provides support over the community forum for free version users, and if you are a premium plugin user, please submit a support ticket.

20. Are there any restrictions on the number of websites where I can use CoDesigner?

The free version of CoDesigner does not impose restrictions on the number of websites where you can use this WooCommerce builder plugin, allowing you to implement it on multiple WordPress sites as needed.

21. Does CoDesigner offer any discounts or promotions for the Pro plugin?

CoDesigner occasionally offers discounts and promotions for the premium plugin. You can stay updated on these offers by connecting with our official Facebook page and checking our website.

22. Is CoDesigner suitable for beginners with limited coding experience?

Yes, CoDesigner is designed to be user-friendly and eliminate the need for coding expertise. It provides intuitive Elementor widgets for customizing WooCommerce, making it accessible to beginners.

23. Can CoDesigner WooCommerce widgets be used to create responsive designs for mobile devices?

CoDesigner WooCommerce Elementor widgets are compatible with responsive design principles, allowing you to create mobile-friendly and responsive designs for your WooCommerce store.

24. What types of WooCommerce product galleries can be created with CoDesigner?

CoDesigner offers three types of product gallery widgets: Fancybox, LC Lightbox, and Box Slider, each designed to enhance the presentation of product variations and improve the user experience.

25. Can CoDesigner Elementor widgets be used exclusively on WooCommerce single product pages?

CoDesigner Elementor widgets can be used on various pages of your WooCommerce website, including WooCommerce single product pages, with versatility in customization.

26. Can I integrate CoDesigner with other WordPress plugins and themes?

CoDesigner is designed to work seamlessly with other WordPress plugins and themes, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in customizing your WooCommerce website.

27. How can I access the CoDesigner Live Demo?

You can access the CoDesigner Live Demo by signing up on our website, which will provide you with access to a temporary WordPress site for hands-on exploration of the plugin\’s features.

28. Can I use CoDesigner without installing WooCommerce?

CoDesigner is optimized for WooCommerce, and its features and widgets are available when you have both WooCommerce and Elementor installed on your WordPress websites.

29. Is CoDesigner compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor?

CoDesigner strives to maintain compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor.

30. Does CoDesigner get regular updates?

CoDesigner gets regular updates to ensure compatibility, security, and the addition of new features.

My question is not answered here.

Please reach out to us at


18 de septiembre de 2023 1 respuesta
Found this plugin really helpful when customising various pages in my store. It's very simple if you have have no coding knowledge. I decided to buy the Pro version so I could edit email templates too, this feature alone was worth the cost! It will be a key plugin to my store!
31 de julio de 2023 1 respuesta
today I had the pleasure of experiencing nazifa support from the codexpert team. She was very kind and resolved my problem quickly. The plugin itself has a lot of functions and is user-friendly
21 de julio de 2023 1 respuesta
You cant customize the emails without a pro membership. Literally useless app if you install it for emails. Dont fall for this scam
21 de junio de 2023 1 respuesta
Very helpful, responsive and attentive technical team. They didn't want to leave me without the issue that I had being resolved and they took a lot of time and care to sort it out.
16 de junio de 2023 2 respuestas
I was tasked to take over a web shop installed and maintained by someone else - then migrate it. I had some apparent difficulties with CoDesigner and contacted helpdesk - "Mustakim" who helped me was very determined to help me out and did his very best and helped me understand what the problem could have been and it was solved. Thank you Mustakim!
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Registro de cambios

v3.17 – 2023-09-26

  • [add] Theme compatibility added-

    • Astra
    • Hello Elementor
    • Kadence
    • Neve
    • OceanWP
    • Shopeo
    • StoreFront
    • Twenty Twelve
    • Twenty Twenty Three
  • [fix] The Quick View & Quick Checkout widgets/features are made compatible with-

    • Shop Classic
    • Shop Standard
    • Shop Flip
    • Shop Curvy
    • Shop Curvy Horizontal
    • Shop Slider
    • Shop Trendy
    • Shop Accordion
    • Shop Table
    • Shop Beauty
  • [fix] Some widgets are tested and made compatible with the themes above-

    • Cart Items
    • Cart Overview
    • Cart Items Classic
    • Coupon Form
    • My Account
    • Add to Cart
    • Product Price
    • Product Gallery
    • Related Products Classic
    • Related Products Standard
    • Gradient Button
    • Product Variations
    • Product Rating
    • Billing Address
    • Product Additional Info
    • Related Products Curvy

v3.16.1 – 2023-09-17

  • [imp] Widget loader performace improved
  • [upd] The picqer/php-barcode-generator package updated
  • [imp] Settings screen UI improved

v3.16 – 2023-09-13

  • [fix] Widgets disappearing issue in the Elementor Editor and post content fixed
  • [fix] Compatibility with Elementor < 3.5.0 tested
  • [fix] Notices shown in the setup wizard fixed
  • [rem] Unnecessary AJAX callabck removed
  • [rem] Unnecessary update_cache hook removed
  • [rem] Unnecessary head hook removed

v3.15.4 – 2023-09-11

  • [fix] CSS fix in the Product add to cart widget
  • [fix] CSS fix in the Cart items widget
  • [fix] Anchor tag fixed in the Related Products Accordion widget
  • [fix] Compatibility issues fixed with the Shopeo theme
  • [fix] CSS fix in the Billing Address widget

v3.15.3 – 2023-09-07

  • [imp] Settings screen UI improved
  • [imp] Setup Wizard UI improved
  • [fix] CSS fix in the Cart Items widget

v3.15.2 – 2023-09-06

  • [fix] CSS and JS in admin screen loaded conditionally
  • [imp] Admin screen improved

v3.15.1 – 2023-09-05

  • [imp] CSS and JS minified

v3.15 – 2023-09-04

  • [fix] Deprecated code replaced with updated ones
  • [fix] Free widgets’ dependency fixed
  • [fix] Controls of the Shop Smart widget adjusted
  • [add] Widgets usage report implemented

v3.14 – 2023-08-15

  • [add] New widget (Floating Cart) introduced
  • [fix] Password reset link generator in the Email Designer fixed
  • [fix] Made compatible with WordPress 6.3
  • [fix] Made compatible with PHP 8

v3.13 – 2023-07-20

  • [fix] Header already sent.. error fixed
  • [add] New hooks added for email widgets introduced
  • [fix] Deactivator basename problem resolved
  • [fix] Other errors fixed

v3.12 – 2023-07-13

  • [fix] Taking customers from the checkout page to the thankyou page issue fixed
  • [fix] Email billing address widget fixed
  • [fix] CSS optimized

V3.11 – 2023-06-08

  • [fix] Stable tag fixed

v3.10 – 2023-06-08

  • [fix] Error in license lib fixed
  • [imp] Codebase improved

v3.9 – 2023-01-22

  • [add] Reset Password link generator added
  • [fix] Template library sync restored

v3.8 – 2022-11-23

  • [fix] Place Order button text fixed
  • [imp] Color option added for price filter
  • [imp] Auto filter mode added
  • [imp] Customer Review fixed
  • [fix] Advanced Search fixed
  • [imp] New control added in Filter Vertical
  • [imp] New control added in Filter Horizontal
  • [fix] Bugs in the Product Variation widget
  • [fix] Menu Cart fixed

v3.7 – 2022-08-29

  • [add] Shop Minimal added
  • [add] Shop Shopify added
  • [add] Shop Wix added
  • [fix] Wishlist cookie issue resolved
  • [fix] Invalid query fixed for Upsell
  • [add] Sortable select control added
  • [add] Sortable taxonomy control added
  • [fix] Quick view issues fixed
  • [imp] Code better sanitized

v3.6.1 – 2022-06-28

  • [fix] Order Note data missing issue fixed

v3.6 – 2022-06-20

  • [add] Brand new setup wizard
  • [imp] Settings pages redesigned
  • [imp] Option to enable/disable cross-domain copy & paste
  • [fix] RTL issue for Shop Slider fixed
  • [imp] CSS and JS optimized

v3.5 – 2022-05-26

  • [fix] Code sanitized
  • [fix] WooCommerce and Elementor dependency error fixed
  • [add] New widget added – Image comparison
  • [add] Skip checkout feature added
  • [add] Option to change Add to cart text added
  • [fix] Some small bugs fixed

v3.4.6 – 2022-05-10

  • [fix] Checkout order section error fixed
  • [add] New widget added – Product Barcode

v3.4.5 – 2022-04-09

  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [fix] Sanitized and escaped

v3.4.4.2 – 2022-03-31

  • [fix] Error saving settings fixed

v3.4.4.1 – 2022-03-27

  • [fix] Deprecated function error fixed

v3.4.4 – 2022-03-23

  • [fix] Code better sanitized and secured

v3.4.3 – 2022-03-21

  • [imp] Condition modified in Pricing Table Regular
  • [fix] Error fixed in table button
  • [fix] No redundant API call for docs
  • [fix] Fixed parse error in product title

v3.4.2 – 2022-02-17

  • [imp] Content alignment in the Shop Classic widget added
  • [fix] Storing checkout page ID in cookie fixed

v3.4.1 – 2022-02-13

  • [add] Error fixed

v3.4.0 – 2022-02-08

  • [add] New widget, Shop Smart added
  • [add] Quick view added 🤩
  • [imp] Separate thankyou page can now be added
  • [fix] JS conflict fixed
  • [imp] CSS and JS files minified

v3.3.1 – 2022-01-16

  • [add] Multiple action hooks initialized in templates
  • [fix] Code better sanitized and escaped

v3.3.0 – 2022-01-04

  • [add] AJAX filter added 🤩
  • [fix] Code better sanitized and escaped

v3.2.2 – 2021-12-19

  • [fix] Bug fixed in the Related Products section
  • [fix] Bug fixed view cart
  • [fix] Duplicate control removed

v3.2.1 – 2021-12-18

  • [fix] Product Source control fixed in Shop Standard

v3.2.0 – 2021-12-13

  • [add] Product quick view added
  • [imp] Sliding feature added to the Cart widget
  • [imp] Comparison items stores in cookie
  • [fix] Error in email widgets fixed
  • [add] New hooks added in all shop widgets
  • [add] New widget, Email Order Note added
  • [imp] xdLocalStorage hosted locally
  • [imp] CSS and JS optimized

v3.1.0 – 2021-11-30

  • [add] Product Dynamic Tabs
  • [add] My Account Advanced
  • [add] Content Restriction
  • [fix] HTML rendering issues in Product Short Description widget
  • [fix] Price based filtering bug in Filter widgets

v3.0.2 – 2021-11-18

  • [imp] Bottom section alignment added to Shop Classic widget
  • [imp] Product removal option added to Product Comparison widget
  • [fix] Better validation implemented

v3.0.1 – 2021-11-10

  • [fix] A PHP error fixed

🔥 v3.0.0 – 2021-11-10

  • [add] Email Designer (Pro) 🤩
    • Email Header
    • Email Footer
    • Email Item Details
    • Email Billing Addresses
    • Email Shipping Addresses
    • Email Customer Note
    • Email Description
  • [add] 5 new widgets added
    • Ask for Price
    • Product Comparison
    • Menu Cart
    • Cart Items Classic
    • Product Gallery
  • [add] Template Library added in the settings screen. You see the preview and copy to your site.
  • [fix] Template importer fixed and re-added. Hundreds of ready-made templates are being added.
  • [add] Live copier added. You can copy from our demo site and paste on your site!
  • [add] Roadmap, changelog and feedback form included in the settings screen.
  • [imp] Product source option added to all the shop widgets. Shop widgets now can be used as related products, cross-sell or upsell.
  • [imp] Code optimized.
  • [imp] Peformace improved.

v2.8.0 – 2021-10-30

  • [fix] A PHP object onjection vulnerability fixed

v2.7.0 – 2021-10-27

  • [imp] Empty cart placeholder added
  • [imp] Code optimized

v2.6.0 – 2021-09-14

  • [chg] Name changed due to a copyright claim
  • [new] New 6 widgets added.
  • [imp] Code optimized
  • [rmv] wp-admin dashboard removed

v2.5.0 – 2021-08-05

  • [fix] Duplicate cart icons fixed
  • [fix] Conflict with a built-in function fixed
  • [imp] Code optimized

v2.4.1 – 2021-06-14

  • [fix] JS minification fixed

v2.4.0 – 2021-04-29

  • [fix] Typography Class name conflict with Latest Elementor fixed
  • [fix] Color Class name conflict with Latest Elementor fixed
  • [fix] On Sale products don’t show up properly fixed

v2.3.0 – 2021-03-30

  • [fix] Cart icon position fixed

v2.2.0 – 2021-02-18

  • [fix] Products’ pagination issue fixed
  • [fix] Redirection to an invalid URL from the CLEAR button fixed

v2.1.1 – 2021-02-06

  • [fix] Update notice issue fixed

v2.1.0 – 2021-02-02

  • [add] Debug toggle from the settings page
  • [add] Cart table border radius
  • [fix] Pagination on the homepage
  • [imp] Function optimized

v2.0.4 – 2021-01-04

  • [add] New widget added- Order Pay
  • [fix] Bugs fixed

v2.0.3 – 2020-12-17

  • [fix] Bugs fixed

v2.0.2 – 2020-12-17

  • [fix] Bugs fixed
  • [imp] Code optimized

v2.0.1 – 2020-12-08

  • [fix] Header fixed for Astra theme.

v2.0.0 – 2020-12-07

  • [imp] Plugin codebase is completely rewritten
  • [add] New widgets added
  • [add] Templates for Shop, Header, Footer etc added
  • [add] Cross domain copy-paste feature added
  • [imp] Performace improved
  • [fix] Multiple error fixed

v1.6.3 – 2020-11-27

  • [add] Notice added

v1.5.4 – 2020-11-12

  • [fix] Panel not laoding issue fixed
  • [imp] Code optimized

v1.5.3 – 2020-11-04

  • [add] Back to Shop button added for Cart Items widget
  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [imp] Code optimized

v1.5.2 – 2020-10-20

  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [imp] Code optimized

v1.5.1 – 2020-08-24

  • [add] New controls added to different widgets
  • [fix] Conflict with the latest version of WP fixed
  • [imp] Code base improved

v1.5.0 – 2020-07-29

  • [fix] Various errors fixed
  • [fix] Error in the Add to Cart widget fixed
  • [fix] Elementor editor keeps loading issue fixed
  • [fix] Shop Accordion toggle issue fixed
  • [fix] Shop Accordion toggle issue fixed
  • [imp] Performance improved

v1.4.2 – 2020-06-27

  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [fix] Responsiveness issues fixed
  • [mod] License server changed

v1.4.1 – 2020-06-16

  • [fix] Related products URL fixed

v1.4.0 – 2020-06-14

  • [imp] Performance improved
  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [add] New widget, Shop Beauty added

v1.3.1 – 2020-05-20

  • [fix] Shortcode [woocommerce_checkout] conflict fixed

v1.3.0 – 2020-05-17

  • [add] New widgets added
  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [imp] Performance improved

v1.2.0 – 2020-04-19

  • [fix] Errors fixed
  • [add] New widget added
  • [imp] Performance improved
  • [imp] Auto pull product data

v1.1.1 – 2020-03-26

  • [fix] Assets 404 error fixed

v1.1.0 – 2020-03-22

  • [imp] Performance improved. CSS and JS minified.
  • [fix] Error fixed
  • [fix] Checkout message at the top fixed
  • [add] New widget added

v1.0.0 – 2020-02-24

  • Initial release