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How to connecto to woocommerce store


How to Ìmport reviews

woocommerce reviews importer allow to import reviews to the product pages of your woocommerce store.

woocommerce reviews importer allow to give a social proof to potential customer and encourage them to buy the product.

You can create and import your own woocommerce reviews to your WordPress WooCommerce store to increase trust and conversation rates so easy.

wooshark Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you get more sales with social proof.

You can create and import hundreds, even thousands, of Product Reviews

Reviews do help improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts. While there are a lot of factors involved in search rankings,

online customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines that communicates trustworthiness and authority.


  • Create and import reviews to woocommerce shop including
  • reviews content
  • reviews Buyer name
  • reviews creation date
  • reviews rating
  • Create random reviews on the Fly

You’ve probably never thought of your customers as content creators, but after reading this, you just might.

Instead of seeing woocommerce reviews as feedback alone, see them as content – that’s how Google sees them, after all. Every time a customer leaves you a review, Google is provided with fresh content to crawl.

Be it good or bad, it’s likely to contain keywords relevant to your business, product, services or even location. This helps Google gain a clearer picture of what your business does, enabling it to better position you in the SERPS.

Whilst your competitors focus their SEO attention on website navigation, coding and search terms, tap into woocommerce reviews and there’s a huge opportunity for you to get ahead.

Responding to woocommerce reviews serves benefits SEO in multiple ways:

Even more keywords for Google to crawl.
You’re seen to be regularly interacting with your customers which could signal a fresh, frequently-updated website.
Responding to woocommerce reviews successfully can encourage customers to change a bad review, or even delete it, which will help your overall review positioning and could improve CTR – one of Google’s ranking signals.

As a local business, woocommerce reviews are your lifeblood – research shows that positive online woocommerce reviews are the most important factor for consumers who are considering a purchase

In fact, woocommerce reviews that contain keywords are the second biggest SEO factor for determining where a local business shows up in the “local pack.” The “local pack” is the box at the top of the search results, under the map, which shows nearby local businesses that match the searched term, and it’s the first thing consumers see after they perform a search.

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WordPress 4.7+
WooCommerce 3.0.0+
PHP version 5.6+

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To install the plugin wooshark reviews for woocommerce, please follow this instruction.
1. install the plugin wooshark reviews for woocommerce from wordpress directory
2. Activate the plugin wooshark reviews for woocommerce through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Is this a free app

Yes the plugin is free to use.

Does this plugin allow to create and import reviews to woocommerce existing products


can I change the date of reviews and the publisher name

yes, this is possible


15 de febrero de 2020
I appreciate the effort put by the authors of this plugins. I was waiting for a plugin like this. It will generate more traffic and sale. Once again thank you for an amazing product. Had some errors initially, however support was great. Author responded quickly and solved the issues. applauds
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