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The WordPress AMP Plugin for WP – AMP it up! create a Google-compliant AMP version of your webpages for free and without any prior knowledge and enable AMP on your WordPress ite! – Just install the AMP plugin, activate it and you’re done!

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With the WordPress AMP Plugin for WP you will enable mobile optimization for your own WordPress website! The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) versions of your subpages are automated, dynamic and created for free via the AMPHTML-Tool by

What the AMP Plugin for WordPress supports:

1. Provide your AMP page on your own domain

Google recommends always providing AMP pages under the domain where the classic version of your page can be reached, so that your users are less irritated.
The WordPress AMP plugin «AMP it up!» since version 1.4 will ensure that the AMP version of your page will be delivered under the same domain as your classic webpage!
More about Google Policy «AMP Host»

2. Consentimiento de cookies para sitios web en Europa

Según la dirección IP del usuario, la versión AMP verifica de dónde vino el usuario. Si proviene de un estado de Europa, el usuario recibe un banner de consentimiento de cookies para aceptar el uso de cookies.

2. Encriptación HTTPS

¡El plugin de AMP usa un certificado SSL seguro a través del protocolo HTTPS para una transmisión segura cuando se crean páginas AMP!

4. Google Analytics para páginas AMP

The AMP plugin automatically takes over your existing Google Analytics tracking. The usage data of your AMP page thus also appear in your Google Analytics account.
More to amp-analytics

5. Botones de compartir en redes sociales para páginas AMP

The WordPress AMP plugin automatically adds social media buttons to your AMP pages. This allows your content to be shared simply and easily and to increase the reach of your content.

6. Tus obligaciones legales

The AMP Plugin for WordPress adds a link to your AMP page in the direction of imprint and privacy notices, so that your AMP page enables your legal obligations as a site operator and your users will be shown at which point information on privacy and imprint can be found.

7. Marca de enlace AMP

This WordPress AMP plugin detects links in your content that point to other AMP pages. These links will be tagged with an AMP flash for your users, so that your users can directly see which links can be loaded with the well-known AMP speed for a better reading experience.

8. AMP-Carrusel

If there are several pictures in your content, this AMP plugin for WordPress automatically creates an AMP carousel for your pictures. So users of your website can easily swipe through your pictures.
More about AMP Carousel

9. Integración de YouTube

The AMP plugin supports the detection of YouTube videos in your content and will embed your videos in your AMP page.
More to amp-youtube

10. Integración de Brightcove

The AMP plugin supports the recognition of Brightcove videos in your content and will embed your videos into your AMP page.
More to amp-brightcove

11. JavaScripts personalizados

Normally, custom JavaScripts can only be embedded in AMP pages under certain conditions. The AMP plugin automatically checks if the conditions for your scripts exist or can be created by this plugin. If so, your JavaScript will be automatically applied. If not, the user will see a hint.
More to AMP & JavaScripts

12. Iframes

Iframes can only be used in AMP pages if the content in the iframe is loaded over an HTTPS connection. This AMP plugin for WordPress automatically checks if your IFrames-Content can also be loaded via HTTPS. If so, your iframe will automatically be transferred to your AMP page. If not, the AMP plugin shows the user a hint including a link under which the user can separately load the IFrame content.
More to amp-iframe

12. Actualización en vivo

(!! Temporarily disabled !!)
This WP AMP plugin uses the AMP Live List feature and checks every 16 seconds to see if a newer version exists on the server of the AMP site (for example, the Google Search server). If so, the user will be shown a hint button directly when reading the AMP page, informing the user that an update of the page is currently available. In this way, the user is actively informed of innovations, WITHOUT the user having to reload the AMP page! Thus, e.g. Live tickers or live blogs.
More to amp-live-list

14. IVW Counter for the reach of your site / IVW SZM-Tag

If present, the Accelerated-Mobile-Pages (AMP) plugin recognizes the IVW offer identifier and IVW code from the IVW SZM tag of the website and adds these IVW settings to the AMP page! This will also add the IVW range of the AMP pages to their own online reach. In order for the IVW measurement to work correctly, the line «*» (without quotation marks) must be added to the own locallist in the INFOnline account.
More to IVW Zählung für Accelerated-Mobile-Pages

15. Menú de AMP

Si utilizas la etiqueta de navegación en tu sitio para procesar la barra de navegación de tu página, el plugin de AMP creará automáticamente una barra de navegación para tu página de AMP, basado en las etiqueta de navegación de la sección.

Is your website indexed at the Google-AMP-Cache?

The faster pageload of AMP is generated by saving the AMP-Site onto the Google-Servers, which Google will do at itself. How much time this will take is different by each website and is based on the Google-Algorithms. To check, if is your site actually in the Google-AMP-Cache, you can test it with the following free online-tool:
Google AMP Cache Checker


  • Muestra de AMP por «Page Speed ​​Insights» de Google
  • Ejemplo de encabezado de AMP en un teléfono inteligente
  • Cuerpo de ejemplo de AMP en teléfono inteligente
  • AMP Example Cookie-Consent
  • Ejemplo AMP para barra lateral integrada
  • Ejemplo de AMP para la barra de navegación
  • Cuerpo de ejemplo de AMP en teléfono inteligente
  • AMP Example Footer on Smartphone
  • On average this AMP plugin for WordPress by makes faster mobile sites.
  • Ejemplo de AMP para share-function/share-menu
  • Cabecera de ejemplo de AMP en teléfonos inteligentes para articel-image
  • Cabecera de ejemplo de AMP en teléfonos inteligentes para amp-carousel


  1. Simply install the free AMP plugin for WordPress «AMP it up» over your WordPress backend
    manually upload the «AMP WP Plugin – AMP it up!»-folder to the «/wp-content/plugins/» directory on your server

  2. IMPORTANT: Then activate the plugin under WordPress in the menu «Plugins»

  3. ¡Terminado!

To get a preview of your AMP page just try the AMP-Preview-Tool
add the parameter «amp=1» at the end of your URL:

(?amp=1 – Si no se utiliza ninguna cadena de consulta)

(&amp = 1 – Si se utiliza una cadena de consulta)


¿Cómo funciona Google AMP y este plugin AMP de WordPress?

Details about the AMP plugin for WordPress can be found at:
Activate AMP on your own website

¿Cómo obtengo una vista previa de AMP?

To get a preview of your AMP page just try the AMP-Preview-Tool
add the parameter «amp=1» at the end of your URL:

(?amp=1 – Si no se utiliza ninguna cadena de consulta)

(&amp = 1 – Si se utiliza una cadena de consulta)

¿Por qué mi plugin de AMP no funciona?

  1. Note that the AMP plugin currently only supports AMP for posts, that means Pages, Archives, Categories, Tags, etc. will not work correctly.
  2. La primera vez que se llama a una versión de AMP, puede llevar un poco más de tiempo cargar porque el generador de AMP tardará un poco más para la primera versión.
  3. Este plugin de AMP se orienta a las etiquetas de, más en: AMP no funciona

¿Por qué los cambios no son visibles en la versión de AMP?

Puede tardar de 5 a 15 minutos en realizar cambios en la versión de AMP.


11 de septiembre de 2020
Does this "?amp=1" have to be added manually? Not automatically inserted on mobile devices. In PageSpeed Insights, too, if not inserted, it does not detect the presence of amp.
29 de marzo de 2019
Taken a look around on some newspaper-pages and blog-pages whichs using amp-cloud. Can't use it for our projekt because only newspapers and blogs are supported, but what i've seen seems nice to have. It seems to support DSGVO in EU, got a social-share-bar and is easy to use.
27 de marzo de 2019
Haben das Plugin nun schon länger im Einsatz und sind entsprechend einer kostenlosen Lösung für den AMP-Support zufrieden.
18 de febrero de 2018
Cant imagine whats up on the review by Svend Rugaard., try it yourself for a while and see what you get. Works still fine. Just install the amp plugin for wordpress and activate it. No more Settings needed. Even the Page-Load-Speed-up comes up, when google has saved the AMP-Pages in its Index. Easy and simple to use. Best regards
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Registro de cambios

Version 2.0

* 18.03.2019 – Característica AMP: almacena en caché las versiones AMP durante 1 hora para una carga de página más rápida.

Version 1.9

* 17.12.2017 – Característica de AMP: Cambio de la URL de solicitud de AMP-Online-Generator de a

Version 1.8

* 13.08.2017 – AMP Bugfix: el plugin de AMP versión 1.7 ha tenido un error en el dominio del generador. En lugar de se usó en Este error ya se ha corregido en la versión 1.8.

Version 1.7

*13.08.2017 – AMP Feature: Domain of the AMP plugin has changed, with which the AMP HTML tag must be changed. From now on the AMP pages must be created via the domain

Version 1.6

*13.05.2017 – AMP Bugfix: Footer line changed to privacy notices with reference to your own domain, instead of

Version 1.5.1

* 24.04.2017 – Corrección de errores de AMP: alternativa para cURL

Version 1.5

* 21.04.2017 – Corrección de errores de AMP: Se corrigió un error al utilizar los enlaces permanentes.
* 21.04.2017 – Característica AMP: se ha agregado una recuperación más rápida de la versión AMP a través de cURL.

Version 1.4

*11.03.2017 – AMP Feature: Improving User Experience (UX) of AMP Pages – So far, the AMP plugin had provided the AMP pages under the AMP domain. This has the particular advantage that the AMP plugin can also automatically provide all AMP pages under an HTTPS connection, even if the plugin user himself does not have an SSL certificate for his website. According to Google’s latest AMP recommendations, from a usability point of view, AMP pages should be better served under the actual domain’s own domain so that users are not irritated by a foreign domain. With the new version «AMP it up! Version 1.4» the AMP plugin is now optimized and provides the AMP pages directly under the own domain for a better user experience. If you want to continue to provide your AMP pages automatically under HTTPS, you must now enable HTTPS for your website! The AMP plugin «AMP it up!» will continue to support it automatically!

Version 1.3

13.11.2016 – AMP Feature: Added IVW tag detection. The AMP plugin takes over the IVW online count from the SZM tag of the website. For a correct IVW count, the line «» (without quotation marks) must be added to the IVW locale list.
*05.10.2016 – AMP Feature: HTTPS protocol enabled. Each AMP page is secured by an SSL certificate.

Version 1.2

*17.09.2016 – Actualización de Readme.txt.
*27.08.2016 – AMP Bugfix: Corrección de metaetiqueta de AMP. Cambios en la dirección de nube de AMP.
*27.08.2016 – AMP Bugfix: a partir de ahora, las cadenas de consulta también se incluirán en la versión de AMP.

Version 1.1

From now on you can also create a preview of the AMP version. Just add the URL parameter «amp=1» at the opened URL.
(?amp=1 – If no query string is used)

(&amp = 1 – Si se utiliza una cadena de consulta)

Version 1.0

*25.06.2016 – Until now, only the AMPHTML-Generator existed via and had to be installed manually via tag in each subpage. With the first version of «AMP it up!» Creating AMP versions in a WordPress blog is much easier. The WordPress pages no longer need to be customized individually. – Just install the AMP plugin, activate it and you’re done!