WordPress Books Gallery


This WordPress Books Gallery plugin will build a beautiful mobile-friendly Book Store/Gallery in a few minutes.

When you click on a book, it will open with a details page, where you will find Book Cover, Author, Published On, Publisher, ISBN, Total Pages, Country, Language, Book Dimensions, File Size, Description etc.
Use the shortcode: [wp_books_gallery] to display your books in your web page.

WordPress Books Gallery is a simple, effective and powerful plugin to showcase your desired Books.

🌟 Plugin Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Fully integrated in WordPress
  • Display books in catalog/showcase style
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of customization options
  • Add Unlimited Books
  • Fully Responsive Plugin
  • Search By Various Options
  • Active/Inactive A Bbook
  • Number Of Books To Be Shown ( Using Shortcode )
  • Display Books By Category ( Using Shortcode )
  • Pagination ( Using Shortcode )

**✅ Options In Gallery Settings **

  • Number of showing Gallery columns 2,3 and 4
  • Number of showing Gallery columns in Mobile 1 or 2
  • Sorting By Name, Author, Date etc.
  • Open Book Details On Same Tab Or A New Tab
  • Book Title Word Legth
  • Show/Hide Category
  • Category Label Text
  • Show/Hide Author
  • Author Label Text
  • Show/Hide Description
  • Description Word Length
  • Show/Hide BuyNow / Download Button
  • BuyNow / Download Button Text

**✅ Options In Search Panel **

  • Show/Hide Search Panel
  • Show/Hide Search By Book Name
  • Show/Hide Search By Category
  • Show/Hide Search By Author
  • Show/Hide Search By Publisher

**✅ Options In Books Details Settings **

  • Display Author and Author Label Text
  • Display Category and Category Label Text
  • Display Publisher and Publisher Label Text
  • Display Publish Date and Publish Date Label Text
  • Display ISBN and ISBN Label Text
  • Display Pages and Pages Label Text
  • Display Country and Country Label Text
  • Display Language and Language Label Text
  • Display Dimension and Dimension Label Text
  • Display File Size and File Size Label Text
  • Display BuyNow / Download Button
  • Display Description and Description Label Text
  • Published Date Format: Full / Year

➡️ Usage of Shortcode:⬅️
Show Books Gallery


Showing 20 Books with Pagination

 [wp_books_gallery display=20 pagination=true] 

Showing Books from a category

 [wp_books_gallery category="Noble"] 

👨‍💻 Demo/ Support/ Live Chat:
WordPress Books Gallery: Demo

👍 Feedback/Rating:
If you find this plugin helpful, feel free to give us your valuable review. Rate us and share this plugin with your friends and others. This will motivate us and help us to grow.

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  • Showing Books Gallery with different columns
  • Find the WBG Books menu
  • Add New Book
  • Gellary Settings Page
  • Book Details Page Settings
  • WordPress Books Gallery Web View
  • WordPress Books Gallery Mobile View
  • WordPress Books Gallery Details Page View


Install WordPress Books Gallery as a regular WordPress plugin. Here are different ways to install plugin:

Install by search plugin:

  1. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  2. Search WordPress Books Gallery
  3. Click to install
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Setup the proper settings in WGB Books menu

Install by upload plugin:

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress Books Gallery (.zip file)
  2. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  3. Select «Upload Plugin»
  4. Click on «Choose File»
  5. Select downloaded wp-books-gallery.zip and click on «Install Now» button
  6. Activate the plugin


I have installed the plugin. What next?

Please go to WGB Books menu, and add your desired books.

Only 10 books are displayed, although there are much more books. Am I missed some kind of setup?

Two options you can apply:

1: Increase the default post display settings from
Settings => Reading -> Blog pages show at most


2: Use the shortcode
[wp_books_gallery display=20 pagination=true]

Book details page is not showing anything.

Please go to Settings -> Permalinks. Just Save Changes and refresh the page.


26 de julio de 2020
Wow! I'm over the moon that finally I've found the perfect bookshop plugin! I'd been searching for something like this for so long and thought I'd never find it. Marvellous gallery view which looks very clean and fits perfectly into any theme. Thank you for solving my dilemma!
5 de julio de 2020
Thank you so much for creating this great plugin. It is very handy. I am a literary translator and I use it to display the books I have translated for authors. A couple of suggestions for future updates: - create an option to add a star rating to the books and display a review. - add an option to further customise the buttons (pick different colours etc.) Otherwise, keep up the great work!
5 de julio de 2020
Great plugin for giving students book catalogue. Great support from the Owners.
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  • Option For Gallary Columns In Mobile Added
  • Author not showing in details page solved
  • Multiple category showing issue solved
  • Bug fixed


  • Search Panel Settings Included In Admin Menu
  • Show/Hide Search Panel Option Added
  • Show/Hide Search By Book Name Option Added
  • Show/Hide Search By Category Option Added
  • Show/Hide Search By Author Option Added
  • Show/Hide Search By Publisher Option Added
  • Display Author By Category In Search Selection
  • Hide The Download Button If No External Link Available
  • Translate Enable Search Panel Text
  • Support For Post Tags
  • Description Word Length Option Added
  • Published Date Format (Full/Year) Option Added
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Various search option added
  • Sorting by Name, Author, Date etc.
  • No image preview added if image not found


  • Flush Rewrite applied upon plugin activation
  • Gallery and Book Detail Settings menu included in admin area
  • Grid layout implemented in Gallery page
  • Display Gallery columns option added
  • Book title word legth option added
  • Open book details page when click on image added
  • Open book details on same tab or a new tab option added
  • Category Label Text option added
  • Author Label Text option added
  • Option to display category in Gallery page
  • Option to display author in Gallery page
  • Option to display description in Gallery page
  • Option to display Buy now / Download button in Gallery page
  • Buy now / Download button text option added
  • Option to display Author and Author Label text in details page
  • Option to display Category and Category Label text in details page
  • Option to display Publisher and Publisher Label text in details page
  • Option to display Publish Date and Publish Date Label text in details page
  • Option to display ISBN and ISBN Label text in details page
  • Option to display Pages and Pages Label text in details page
  • Option to display Country and Country Label text in details page
  • Option to display Language and Language Label text in details page
  • Option to display Dimension and Dimension Label text in details page
  • Option to display File Size and File Size Label text in details page
  • Option to display BuyNow / Download button in details page
  • Option to display Description and Description Label text in details page


  • Bug fixes
  • Layout improved


  • Shortcode included: Display Option, Pagination Option, Category Option
  • Active/Inactive option added


  • Book detail page layout modified
  • Description section comes to bottom


  • Details page added


  • Initial release