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1 de abril de 2017
I saw in my mind’s eye what I wanted visitors to my site [houstonindia.com] to see while in the background I re-built the site to make it responsive, etc. Several times in the past when I re-built sites, I would have done one of 2 different things: either have the visitor see the new site as it was being reconstructed (I did this once and learned my lesson) or build it in a folder then did a redirect when finished. This second option has a ton of pitfalls, namely links needing to be reassigned when the switchover is done. I tried 6 plugins before finding SmartCat’s WP Construction Mode, which is the first to give me the options I wanted. I did have to write to the plugin owner to get the image at the top of the page to appear a little larger than the default, but he responded just several hours later and was very helpful. Thanks, SmartCat. I wish I had this several times in the past, and will recommend it to others in my community.
3 de septiembre de 2016
This plugin is simple to use and works perfectly. I was able to complete work on my site logging in and out as an admin while subscribers/members couldn’t access or view the site while I was busy. (Which was a relief since another maintenance mode plugin I tried before locked me out of my own site altogether)! Thanks so much for creating it 🙂
3 de septiembre de 2016
A quite ease to use plugin with a great function to keep the public viewers out while you can work on the website in the meanwhile!
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