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WP e-Commerce – Store Toolkit


Store Toolkit – formally Nuke – includes a growing set of commonly-used WP e-Commerce administration tools aimed at web developers and store maintainers.

Features include:

  • Nuke support for clearing WP e-Commerce store records; Products, Variations, Product Images, Product Files, Tags, Categories, Sales, Coupons, etc.
  • Support for clearing 3rd party WP e-Commerce Plugins; Custom Fields, Related Products, Add to Wishlist, Product Enquiry, Music Player, etc.
  • Nuke support for clearing WordPress records; Posts, Tags, Categories, Links, etc.
  • Re-link broken WP e-Commerce Pages
  • Re-link existing Sales from pre-registered Users
  • Repair WordPress option ‘wpsc_version’
  • Manage Permalinks for WP e-Commerce Pages (e.g. Products Page, Checkout, etc.)
  • All in One SEO Pack integration for WP e-Commerce
  • Product Post Meta on Add/Edit Products screen
  • Add a store banner for staging/testing sites
  • Right Now in Store Dashboard widget
  • File Downloads in Sales detail screen
  • File Downloads menu item for all WP e-Commerce File Downloads
  • Additional Sales detail columns (e.g. Status Indicator, Session ID, IP Address, Payment Method, etc.)
  • Change Add To Cart button label
  • Store Status screen
  • Set Custom Session ID for Sales
  • Override maximum cart quantity limit

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to start over with a fresh installation of WooCommerce then a ‘nuke’ will do the job.

For more information visit:


In WP e-Commerce 3.7

  1. Open Store > Store Toolkit

In WP e-Commerce 3.8

  1. Open Products > Store Toolkit

  1. Select which WP e-Commerce details you would like to remove and click Nuke



If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please join the members discussion on my WP e-Commerce dedicated forum.

Limitación de responsabilidad

It is not responsible for any harm or wrong doing this Plugin may cause. Users are fully responsible for their own use. This Plugin is to be used WITHOUT warranty.


  1. Upload the folder ‘wp-e-commerce-store-toolkit’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate ‘WP e-Commerce Store Toolkit’ through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

That’s it!


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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed: Conflict with Settings screen


  • Changed: Tabbed template filenames


  • Fixed: Privilege escalation vulnerability (thanks jamesgol)


  • Fixed: Privilege escalation vulnerability (thanks panVagenas)


  • Fixed: Compatibility with WP e-Commerce 3.11+


  • Fixed: Compatibility with WP e-Commerce 3.9


  • Changed: Using admin_notices hook for screen notices


  • Added: Product Post Meta widget to Add/Edit Products screen


  • Fixed: Product Importer Deluxe CRON support for AIOSEOP
  • Added: Option to override maximum cart quantity limit


  • Added: Store Management to Store Status
  • Fixed: Store Status indicator on Store Sales page


  • Added: Personalise features for Demo Store
  • Fixed: Restrict Add to Cart label to Products Page and Single Products
  • Fixed: Add To Cart Text override does not affect Buy Now buttons
  • Added: Maximum Execution Time to Store Status


  • Added: File Downloads in Sales detail screen
  • Added: Dropdown support for Permalink Pages
  • Added: Links to Overview screen
  • Added: Cost Price export integration
  • Added: Select All options to Nuke


  • Added: Delete Sale to Manage Sales table
  • Added: Resend Receipt to Manage Sales table
  • Added: Dialog prompts prior to Delete Sale and Resend Receipt


  • Changed: Options engine


  • Added: Store Status screen
  • Changed: Moved SQL queries to functions.php
  • Fixed: Demo Store stuck on


  • Added: Support for WP e-Commerce Music Player
  • Added: Payment Method column to Manage Sales
  • Fixed: Incomplete Sale does not appear under Pending on Right Now dashboard widget
  • Fixed: Missing common function causing 500 Internal Server Error on Sale detail screen
  • Changed: Plugin description on Plugins screen


  • Added: Change Add To Cart label


  • Added: View button to Manage Sales screen (for WP e-Commerce 3.8.9+)
  • Added: Session ID column to Manage Sales screen (for WP e-Commerce 3.8.9+)
  • Fixed: Nuke Varations supports WP e-Commerce 3.8.9
  • Fixed: Products counter in Right Now in Store widget
  • Fixed: File Downloads not rendering to table
  • Added: Collect IP Address at Checkout and assign to Sale (for WP e-Commerce 3.8.9+)
  • Added: IP Address column to Manage Sale (for WP e-Commerce 3.8.9+)
  • Added: IP Address Sale detail on Sale Detail screen
  • Added: uninstall.php
  • Added: Options screen under Settings > Store Toolkit (for WP e-Commerce 3.8.9+)
  • Added: Settings link to Plugins screen


  • Added: Manage link to Plugins screen
  • Added: Menu items for Nuke screen


  • Fixed: File Downloads where Products have been deleted
  • Fixed: Right now in Store hidden if WP e-Commerce is not active
  • Added: Tabbed viewing on the Store Toolkit screen
  • Added: Per-Category Product nuking


  • Right Now in Store Dashboard widget
  • Fixed: Integration with Offline Credit Card Processing
  • Added: Cost Price to Add/Edit Products
  • Added: Display prompt if All in One SEO Pack is not activated
  • Added: Automatic purge of WP e-Commerce Theme transients when switching Themes
  • Added: File Downloads view


  • Added: Remove Post support
  • Added: Remove Post Tags support
  • Added: Remove Post Categories support
  • Added: Remove Comments support


  • Changed: Using new ‘offline-payment’ Post type for OCCP
  • Added: Captions to Tools
  • Changed: Improved relink Sales for pre-registered Users
  • Added: Demo Store banner


  • Fixed: Nuke images only removes Image filetypes attached to Products
  • Fixed: Database error re-linking Pages


  • Changed: Removed Tools page mention
  • Fixed: Better term taxonomy count detection
  • Fixed: Remove images under WP e-Commerce 3.7
  • Fixed: Re-link Pages not working


  • Changed: Moved menu item to Products


  • Changed: Moved Product Importer Deluxe integration for All in One SEO Pack into Plugin
  • Changed: Renamed Custom Fields references to Attributes
  • Added: Remove Coupons
  • Added: wpsc_the_product_weight()


  • Fixed: Not deleting Custom Post Types other than Published


  • Fixed: WP e-Commerce Plugins widget markup
  • Fixed: Error removing Tags under WP e-Commerce 3.7


  • Fixed: Count of Custom Fields
  • Added: All in One SEO Pack widget for Add/Edit Products


  • Added: Support for custom fields
  • Fixed: Count Product images under WP e-Commerce 3.8


  • Fixed: Styling issue within Plugins Dashboard widget


  • Added: Alt. switch to wpsc_get_action()


  • Fixed: Removing Product Enquiries under WP e-Commerce 3.7
  • Fixed: progress.gif not showing


  • Fixed: Issue introduced with wpsc_get_action()


  • Changed: Performance improvements to WP e-Commerce Plugins widget
  • Added: Automatic Plugin updates
  • Added: Added template for Permalinks


  • Added: Integrated Version Monitor into Plugin


  • Added: Support for Store Menu, will relocate menu to Store if Plugin is detected
  • Added: Support for changing the Pending Message appearing in Purchase Receipts and Transaction Results
  • Added: Support for changing the Pending Message subject sent to customers in Purchase Receipts


  • Added: Support for clearing out the contents of wp_wpsc_claimed_stock


  • Fixed: Issue where all Product images were being erased
  • Added: Physical file removal support for Product images in WP e-Commerce 3.8


  • Changed: Moved …_check_plugin_version() to functions.php
  • Changed: Migrated Plugin prefix from ‘vl_wpscn’ to ‘wpsc_st’


  • Added: Merged Manage Permalinks functionality into Store Toolkit
  • Changed: Renamed Plugin from Nuke to Store Toolkit
  • Added: Support for repairing corrupt ‘wpsc_version’ WordPress option after unsuccessful upgrades


  • Changed: wp_delete_post() for removal of Products in WP e-Commerce 3.8
  • Fixed: Tools menu not showing Nuke option
  • Changed: Renamed menu item from ‘Nuke WP e-Commerce’ to ‘Nuke’


  • Changed: Removal of Add to Wishlist records from WordPress database in WP e-Commerce 3.8


  • Added: Support for re-linking existing Sales from pre-registered Users


  • Fixed: Issue removing Products within WP e-Commerce 3.8.3


  • Added: Missing wpsc_get_major_version()


  • Added: Urgent support for WP e-Commerce 3.8+


  • Added: Support for ‘Re-link WP e-Commerce Pages’ in WP e-Commerce 3.8 after corrupt database upgrade


  • Added: Support for WP e-Commerce 3.8 official
  • Added: Support for removal of Credit Card entries


  • Added: Support for WP e-Commerce 3.8 RC2


  • Added: Support for Windows systems
  • Fixed: Issue removing files from /downloadables/


  • Added: Support for WP e-Commerce 3.8


  • Added: Tag support
  • Changed: Displayed disabled checkbox’s instead of no checkbox for empty records


  • Added: Support for nuking Add to Wishlist contents
  • Added: Automatic Plugin update notification


  • Added: Administration page


  • Changed: Migrated custom Page Template solution to a WordPress Plugin


  • Added: First working release of the Plugin