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WP FB FanBox – A social plugin that allows users to promote their Pages and embed a page feed on the websites in their own Locale(Language).

WP FB FanBox is a social plugin that allows page owners to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into other sites.

Now users can select the Locale (Language) in which they want the Facebook Fanbox to be displayed (Default is ‘en_US’).

It is a special version of the Like Button designed only for Facebook Pages. It allows admins to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a Page into other sites.


*Easy to install.
*Very easy to configure.
*Displays recent activity from your Facebook Page and encourages new Like actions.
*Multiple instance so you can use the  widget in multiple places with different appId and facebook pages.
*Configurable Facebook color scheme(Light/Dark).
*Lightweight and loads fast.
*Feature to display Fanbox in a bunch of different languages.
*shortcode feature is also available with various parameter.

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Want More?

If You Want more functionality or some modifications, just drop us a line what you want and We will try to add or modify the plugin functions.

Available Languages

Afrikaans af_ZA

Albanian sq_AL

Arabic ar_AR

Armenian hy_AM

Aymara ay_BO

Azeri az_AZ

Basque eu_ES

Belarusian be_BY

Bengali bn_IN

Bosnian bs_BA

Bulgarian bg_BG

Catalan ca_ES

Cherokee ck_US

Croatian hr_HR

Czech cs_CZ

Danish da_DK

Dutch nl_NL

Dutch (Belgi?) nl_BE

English (Pirate) en_PI

English (UK) en_GB

English (Upside Down) en_UD

English (US) en_US

Esperanto eo_EO

Estonian et_EE

Faroese fo_FO

Filipino tl_PH

Finnish fi_FI

Finnish (test) fb_FI

French (Canada) fr_CA

French (France) fr_FR

Galician gl_ES

Georgian ka_GE

German de_DE

Greek el_GR

Guaran? gn_PY

Gujarati gu_IN

Hebrew he_IL

Hindi hi_IN

Hungarian hu_HU

Icelandic is_IS

Indonesian id_ID

Irish ga_IE

Italian it_IT

Japanese ja_JP

Javanese jv_ID

Kannada kn_IN

Kazakh kk_KZ

Khmer km_KH

Klingon tl_ST

Korean ko_KR

Kurdish ku_TR

Latin la_VA

Latvian lv_LV

Leet Speak fb_LT

Limburgish li_NL

Lithuanian lt_LT

Macedonian mk_MK

Malagasy mg_MG

Malay ms_MY

Malayalam ml_IN

Maltese mt_MT

Marathi mr_IN

Mongolian mn_MN

Nepali ne_NP

Northern S?mi se_NO

Norwegian (bokmal) nb_NO

Norwegian (nynorsk) nn_NO

Pashto ps_AF

Persian fa_IR

Polish pl_PL

Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR

Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT

Punjabi pa_IN

Quechua qu_PE

Romanian ro_RO

Romansh rm_CH

Russian ru_RU

Sanskrit sa_IN

Serbian sr_RS

Simplified Chinese zh_CN

Slovak sk_SK

Slovenian sl_SI

Somali so_SO

Spanish es_LA

Spanish (Chile) es_CL

Spanish (Colombia) es_CO

Spanish (Mexico) es_MX

Spanish (Spain) es_ES

Spanish (Venezuela) es_VE

Swahili sw_KE

Swedish sv_SE

Syriac sy_SY

Tajik tg_TJ

Tamil ta_IN

Tatar tt_RU

Telugu te_IN

Thai th_TH

Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) zh_HK

Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW

Turkish tr_TR

Ukrainian uk_UA

Urdu ur_PK

Uzbek uz_UZ

Vietnamese vi_VN

Welsh cy_GB

Xhosa xh_ZA

Yiddish yi_DE

Zulu zu_ZA


  • Thanks {http://stevenbenner.github.com/jquery-powertip/} for the tooltip js file.
  • Thanks {facebook.com} for the fanbox api.


  • WP FanBox plugin installed and appears in the widgets area.
  • WP FanBox widget under Appearence->Widgets.
  • Plugin Settings page to configure various settings.
  • Widget displayed in the front end.


Installation consists of following steps:

  1. Upload «WP Fan Box» to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place the «WP Fan Box» Widget on your sidebar and add facebook appID with other details of FaceBook.


How to Create a Facebook App
  1. Visit the Facebook Developers Site: The first thing you need to do is head on down to https://developers.facebook.com. In order to create an account, all you need to do is click on the “Sign In” link.

  2. Sign in with your Facebook Account: Next, sign in with the Facebook account you want to associate with your app. You do have a Facebook account don’t you?!

  3. To create a Facebook app, click on Apps on the top of the page and select ‘Create a New App’.
    This will create a popup box will prompt you to enter two things:

    • An display name.This is the app name used when stories are published to Facebook and in a number of other places.
    • Use Open Graph Getting Started or something similar.
    • A namespace. Not required for this guide so just leave it blank
    • A category.This will determine the kind of app that you’re building. For now, just select Communication.
  4. Once you’ve created your app you’ll be provided with a dashboard that shows User and API Stats. From this screen, click on Settings on the left.

  5. If you have any troubles creating the app or for more in depth information please visit https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/getting-started/

Can I use the regular Like Button with my Facebook Page

Yes. This can be useful if you need a more compact layout than the Like Box can provide.

How can I allow people to like my webpages?

This Like Box is designed only for use with Facebook Pages. For any other purposes you should use the Like Button

How do I know when someone clicked on a Like button on my site?

The XFBML and HTML5 versions of the button allow you to subscribe to the ‘edge.create’ event in the Facebook SDK for JavaScript through FB.Event.subscribe. This JavaScript event will fire any time a button is clicked.


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  • Tested with wordpress security measures.
  • Tested with the latest version for wordpress.


  • Tested with wordpress security measures.


  • Tested with the latest version for wordpress.


  • Added the shortcode feature with various parameter which you can use it at any post/page.
  • Added Widget with appId and page url. You can use multiple widget for different appid and facebook pages.


  • Added the feature to select from a bunch of different languages


  • Initial release