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The most intuitive and extensible gallery management tool ever created for WordPress.

A brand new algorithm

There are dozens of WordPress photo galleries out there, but the problem is that they always look the same!
WordPress Gallery Extra uses a brand new algorithm to make much more interesting image grids.

The WordPress Gallery Extra is fully responsive and it adapts to the browser using a nice and smooth animation, even on mobile devices because it can use the hardware acceleration taking advantage of CSS3 properties.

WordPress Gallery Extra Features


WordPress Plugin Uploader

You can install WordPress Gallery Extra via the WordPress plugin uploader without unzipping the file:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click Upload
  4. Click Choose File and select the wp-gallery-extra.zip file.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins
  7. Under WordPress Gallery Extra, click Activate


You can also install WordPress Gallery Extra via FTP:

  1. Extract the .zip file you downloaded.
  2. Find the wp-gallery-extra folder (this directory is created when you unzip the file).
  3. Upload the wp-gallery-extra folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  4. Navigate to your Control Panel: Plugins
  5. Under WordPress Gallery Extra, click Activate

Once you install the plugin, you’ll get new Menu Item in the Admin Panel

That’s it! WordPress Gallery Extra should now be ready for use.

Preguntas frecuentes

Support Included?

Once purchased you get support and lifetime updates for WordPress Gallery Extra.

We are very dedicated to offer the best support experience possible and our track record shows that we do something right: Our support forum is a vibrant place to get support, offer feedback and help others.

Do you have documentation or tutorials?

Yes. See WordPress Gallery Extra Documentation and Knowledge Base.

What about Refunds?

If you have any issues in 30 days from purchase date with WordPress Gallery Extra and we couldn’t fix it, we will return your money.

Will WordPress Gallery Extra work with my theme?

Part of what makes the WordPress Gallery Extra plugin so popular is its flexibility – it works with the vast majority of premium and free themes, without requiring any coding.

Are the galleries flash based?

No, WordPress Gallery Extra uses Javascript (J-Query) based displays to ensure compatibility across the widest range of displays possible.

Are the galleries mobile friendly?

Yes, since we use Javascript rather than flash, WordPress Gallery Extra is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. All galleries are responsive and retina ready.

Can I upload multiple images at once?

Yes, you can batch upload entire galleries at a time.

Can I add a watermark to the images?

No, but you can use this free plugin to add watermark to your images.

Can I customize the lightbox?

Yes, the lightbox can be configured with multiple options directly from the WordPress Gallery Extra Settings.

Can I add HTML to the captions?

Yes, caption areas are fully HTML capable and supports dynamic variables.

Can I add an external links to galleries?

Yes, every image has its fields where you can add a link, title, caption, description for each image.

Since the captions are fully HTML capable, you can add external links and any other type of mark up you wish.

Is WordPress Gallery Extra multilingual?

Yes, the WordPress Gallery Extra plugin has been translated into dozens of languages and .pot file for translations included.

Is WordPress Gallery Extra translation ready?

Yes, WordPress Gallery Extra has full translation and localization support via the wordpress-gallery-extra textdomain.

Is there some limits for adding images?

There is no any limits for gallery images amount. You can add as many images to your gallery as you want.

Is it possible to use HTML in image description?

Yes, you can use HTML tags inside images title, caption, alt, and description fields.

How to insert gallery into WordPress page or post?

You can go to the post or page editor and there using Add Media button and Create Gallery with chosen images then insert it into your WordPress post or page. The other means is, that you can insert your gallery manually using shortcode, which you can find instructions in documentation.


Many issues and no support (even pro version)

I bought the premium version because the gallery looks better then the other gallery plugins out there. BUT there is no support at all. I wrote 2 emails kindly asking for support, then one using the support form and even in the forum (which works poorly by the way). The author doesn't answer at all. All my request I did taking my time. Now it's over a month since my first request and a week after my last one. No response at all. The mentioned issues are: - It's not working with the WP blocks editor - Nether image tags nor category's are recognized - Sometime you have to add images to a gallery two times to have them added for real I tested this on two different WP 5.2 installations. Both are new ones without any other plugin and both cases aren't working. As there is no support at all please be warned that it might stay this way.

This is a premium plugin directly

I understand that this is a premium plugin directly. The platform wordpress.org gives the opportunity to launch a software product, so that users can try it out while developers fix errors thanks to the users, to improve the plugin, so do you have to pay to try this plugin?

Great and stylish gallery

Gallery have really nice hover effects. Really like animation of the image titles. Everything works fine without any problems. I didn’t have any problems with installation or configurations of this gallery. Thank you!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Optimized: getting posts for generating grids.
  • Fixed: ‘wgextra’ shortcode rendering.


  • Introduced: Slider gallery type with powerful options, take a look at here.
  • Added: Group Support for galleries.
  • Added: Responsive options to achieve best layout experience on every devices.
  • Added: Focus-Point feature that allows you to tag the subject in an image and ensures it is not lost during cropping.
  • Added: Thumbnail Ratio option in Templates page.
  • Added: Default Image option in Templates page.
  • Added: Thumbnail Size option in Templates page.
  • Added: Visibility option for items elements with 30+ new entrances & exits effects.
  • Added: Vertical Align option in Templates page for Columns galleries.
  • Added: Use low-res preview image option in Templates page for Lazy Load image placeholder.
  • Added: Media Taxonomies option in Settings page.
  • Added: Capture Placeholder Color option in Settings page.
  • Added: Capture IPTC Metadata option in Settings page.
  • Added: Audio Player Type option in Settings page.
  • Added: Focus Point option in Settings page.
  • Added: Items per page option in Settings page.
  • Added: 10+ new thumbnail effects.
  • Added: Pagination for templates and sources.
  • Optimized: Template Styling User Interface & structure for better experience and more customization.
  • Optimized: Audio Player User Interface for better experience.
  • Optimized: Image Sizes Manager to control registered image sizes better.
  • Optimized: Lazy load to be smarter to load thumbnail size.
  • Changed: Horizontal gallery type to Slider.
  • Fixed: Custom CSS file recreate after update the plugin.
  • Fixed: Lightbox Caption show bug in simple template.
  • Fixed: Writing Custom CSS file issue on many servers.
  • Fixed: PhotoSwipe Issue with WooCommerce.
  • Fixed: some bugs and stability improvements.


  • Optimized: Audio Player for mobile devices.
  • Fixed: Audio Player visualizer on retina ready displays.
  • Fixed: activation bug in php versions lower that 7.
  • Fixed: some bugs and stability improvements.


  • Upgraded: js-phpize to version 1.10.0 from 1.5.1
  • Upgraded: pug-php to version 2.6.4 from 2.6.0
  • Added: fancyBox3 lightbox plugin to open images in lightbox mode.
  • Added: PhotoSwipe lightbox plugin to open images in lightbox mode.
  • Added: Magnific Popup lightbox plugin to open images in lightbox mode.
  • Added: Load Library option in Settings page.
  • Added: Debounce Resize option in Settings page.
  • Added: Custom CSS class option in Template Settings page.
  • Added: Grid Loading Animation option in Template Settings page.
  • Added: Lazy Load feature to preload images in viewport only.
  • Added: More Icons to the icons list.
  • Added: Video Support for galleries.
  • Added: Icon custom field in the WordPress Media Library where you set up photos.
  • Changed: Show Loading Indicator option to Loading Type Template Settings page.
  • Fixed: A bug in Tilt effect on start the grid.
  • Fixed: Showing Loading indicator for galleries.
  • Fixed: some bugs and stability improvements.


  • Upgraded: js-phpize to version 1.5.1 from 1.3.0
  • Upgraded: pug-php to version 2.6.0 from 2.5.9
  • Added: Tilt effect to tilting items with many options in Templates › Settings.
  • Added: Gallery Link option to gallery holder class list.
  • Optimized: Attachment Custom Link option in gallery view.
  • Fixed: HTML structure for outer Caption Holder.
  • Fixed: Border Color bug in generating styles.
  • Fixed: Overlay Gradient Colors LESS variable bug in generating styles.
  • Fixed: Masonry refresh on window resize.


  • First commit of the plugin