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wp hreflang is to manage hreflang tags on posts and pages on multisite wordpress installation.

To all that are using wordpress multisite as a multi language option for their website, and you want to have proper hreflang SEO implementation than it would be hard, since none of the current solutions are offering this to be done.

wp-hreflang is created solely for this purpose, the plugin will serve no purpose on a single wordpress installation, this plugin only works on multisite setup.

The plugin offers a nice interface and a clever search method that allows you to map a post or page from one multisite to another post or page on another multisite, it does filter by category and date to make sure that the post or page to be mapped can easily be located.

Another big advantage is that if you map one post in one language, the plugin will automatically apply it in a recursive manner as well, this will make sure that the mapping only needs to be done once, and the mapped to post or page will be mapped back to the orginal mapping.


24 de marzo de 2017
Tried to activate this plug in and it ran into a fatal error that prevented activation let along configuration. This was with WP 4.7.3 and only handful of common plug ins installed and in use.
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