WP Photo Album Plus


Este plugin es más que un plugin de álbum de fotos, es un completo sistema de visualización y gestión de contenido multimedia altamente personalizable.


  • Any number of albums that contain any type of multimedia file as well as sub albums
  • Full control over the display sizes, responsive as well as static
  • Full control over links from any type of image
  • Full control over metadata: exif, iptc can be used by keywords in item descriptions
  • Up to 10 custom defined meta data fields, for albums and for media items
  • Front-end uploads
  • Bulk imports
  • Built-in lightbox overlay system
  • Built-in Google Maps to display maps based on the photo gpx exif data
  • Built-in search functions on a.o. keywords and tags
  • Sistema de calificaciones personalizable
  • Sistema de comentarios
  • Moderate user uploads and comments
  • Configurable email notification system
  • 20 widgets a.o. upload, slideshow, photo of the day, top rated and commented items and many more
  • Supports Cloudinary cloud storage service
  • Supports Fotomoto print service
  • Required maintenace is fully executed by background processes (cron jobs)
  • Sistema de registro de errores/eventos extendido
  • Extended documentation site: https://wppa.nl/

Plugin Admin Features:

You can find the plugin admin section under Menu Photo Albums on the admin screen.

  • Álbumes: Crea y gestiona álbumes.
  • Upload: To upload photos to an album you created.
  • Import: To bulk import items to an album that are previously been ftp’d.
  • Moderate: Change status of pending
  • Export: To export albums
  • Settings: To control the various settings to customize your needs.
  • photo of the day widget settings
  • Help & Info: Credits and link to the documentation site


Política de privacidad.

  • Al dejar un comentario en una foto u otro archivo multimedia en este sitio, enviamos su nombre, dirección de correo, dirección IP y comentario al servidor.
  • Cuando introduces una valoración en una foto u otro archivo de medios en este sitio, enviamos tu nombre de usuario o tu dirección IPy tu valoración, al servidor.
  • Cuando subes una foto u otro archivo de medios a este sitio, enviamos tu nombre al servidor.
  • Si la foto contiene datos EXIF o IPTC, estos datos podrían (dependiendo de la configuración) ser guardados en el servidor.
  • Si la foto contiene datos de ubicación, esta información será guardada en el servidor.
  • Si visitas el sitio, las páginas que visitas, las fotos que veas y tu dirección IP serán guardadas en el servidor con propósitos estadísticos en la información de tu sesión. Esta información será anónima después de una hora y borrada después de 24 horas.

About and Credits

  • WP Photo Album Plus is extended with many new features and is maintained by J.N. Breetvelt, ( http://www.opajaap.nl/ ) a.k.a. OpaJaap
  • Thanx to R.J. Kaplan for WP Photo Album 1.5.1, the basis of this plugin.


WP Photo Album is released under the GNU GPL licence. ( http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html )


  • Visualización típica de las portadas de los álbumes
  • Visualización típica de miniaturas como la ven el propietario de las fotos y el administrador
  • Parte superior de una presentación de diapositivas
  • Parte inferior de una presentación de diapositivas, que incluye tiras de película, secciones de comentarios, puntuación y datos exif. Todas las características opcionales están incluidas
  • Administración del álbum: la tabla de álbumes
  • Administración del álbum: la pantalla de edición de las especificaciones del álbum
  • Administración del álbum: pantalla de edición de información de la foto
  • Bulk edit photo information screen
  • Pantalla del editor de secuencia de fotos.
  • Pantalla de administración y moderación de comentarios
  • Pantalla de configuración de la foto del día.
  • Ejemplo de caja de luz incrustada
  • Pantalla de configuración rápida.


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

WPPA Gallery


  • Standard from the plugins page


  • The theme should have a call to wp_head() in its header.php file and wp_footer() in its footer.php file.
  • The theme should load enqueued scripts in the header if the scripts are enqueued without the $in_footer switch (like wppa.js and jQuery).
  • The theme should not prevent this plugin from loading the jQuery library in its default wp manner, i.e. the library jQuery in safe mode (uses jQuery() and not $()).
  • The theme should not use remove_action() or remove_all_actions() when it affects actions added by wppa+.
    Most themes comply with these requirements.
    However, check these requirements in case of problems with new installations with themes you never had used before with wppa+ or when you modified your theme.
  • The server should have at least 64MB of memory.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué tengo que hacer al convertir a multisitio?
Which other plugins do you recommend to use with WPPA+, and which not?
  • Recommended plugins: qTranslate, Comet Cache, Cube Points, Simple Cart & Buy Now.
  • Plugins that break up WPPA+: My Live Signature.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress will break the slideshow in most cases when Track outbound clicks & downloads: has been checked in its configuration.
¿Qué temas tienen problemas con wppa+?
  • Photocrati has a problem with the wppa+ embedded lightbox when using page templates with sidebar.
Are there special requirements for responsive (mobile) themes?
  • No, WPPA+ is responsive by default
Después de la actualización, muchas cosas parecen ir mal
  • After an update, always clear your browser cache (CTRL+F5) and clear your temp internetfiles, this will ensure the new versions of js files will be loaded.
  • And – most important – if you use a server side caching program (like W3 Total Cache) clear its cache.
  • Make sure any minifying plugin (like W3 Total Cache) is also reset to make sure the new version files are used.
  • Visit the Photo Albums -> Settings page -> Table VIII-A1 and press Do it!
  • When upload fails after an upgrade, one or more columns may be added to one of the db tables. In rare cases this may have been failed.
    Unfortunately this is hard to determine.
    If this happens, make sure (ask your hosting provider) that you have all the rights to modify db tables and run action Table VII-A1 again.
¿Como funciona el widget de búsqueda?
  • See the documentation on the WPPA+ Docs & Demos site: https://wppa.nl/docs-by-subject/search/regular-search/
¿Cómo puedo traducir el plugin a mi idioma?
  • Consulta el manual para traductores: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/
  • Aquí está la página políglota de este plugin: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wp-photo-album-plus
¿Cómo instalo un parche?
  • See the documentation on the WPPA+ Docs & Demos site: https://wppa.nl/docs-by-subject/development-version/


junio 28, 2019
200.000+ photos, 2 years, over 5000 albums - that's what I have maded with this plugin. Works fine, even on hi-load sites. No alternative. WPPA are the best.
abril 11, 2019
This plugin and its author are both amazing. Our site uses it for a store catalogue and it is hands down the best! (far better than anything I tested that were designed specifically as store catalogue plugins). It is highly customizable and adaptable. The support forum is also a great place to check out issues/problems and Jacob is always quick with a response/solution.
enero 10, 2019
Not only is this a great plugin, which I have been using for several years now, but I also get exceptional support from the developer. Three cheers!
enero 5, 2019
This gallery is the only WordPress gallery that can handle and organise large numbers of albums and photos. Combined with many features and being hugely customisable, this gallery should suit any heavy duty gallery requirements!
diciembre 16, 2018
I downloaded this program for a simple slide show on my front page. Damn if I can figure out how to add new photos to it. There is no simple solution. This program does to much. So stinking confusing that if you do not use it every day then plan on spending HOURS of your time trying to figure out how to do the simplest of tasks. Uploading a new photo should not be this tough. Shit just ad a photo please. I have now spent nearly an hour trying to figure out the simply (should be) task of adding a few photos to my slideshow and have them show up on my page. I can not. Even when I search for Upload a photo I get nothing that will help. If you want your mind completely blown go to settings and try to figure out what all that crap means. YIKES, Seems that DELETE is the simplest solution. Easier to learn a whole new program than to try to use this one.
noviembre 23, 2018
Very good plugin, when starting first time easy standard setup by questionary done. Afterwards a lots of switches and changes possible. And if you cannot find the correct way, short question to Jacob - you will get soonest an answer directly from him in the support-forum. Also changes and updates are done extremly fast by Jacob.
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