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Uma mão na roda para inserir as mídias sociais nos posts e páginas, sem muito trabalho.

“Share this” text pops everywhere

This plugins makes the “Share this” title pop everywhere: on the category pages, the search results, the archive, etc.
And they try to make you buy a “pro” version?!

Very nice but it’s not for me.

Very nice. Slick interface.
Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose which pages the buttons are displayed on. Yes, there’s shortcode provided, but the plugin dumps the buttons on every single page, regardless. I have lots of pages embedded in other ones, which means a lot of mess.
Reluctantly uninstalled.

Very easy to start using!

I had been searching and testing several other social sharing buttons but not until I found this. It worked smoothly without anything more to do than just install and do some minor settings. This is what I like with a program and a basic rule for all developers to follow. Most are creating too much for covering all or too little which makes it impossible to test and rate immediately. I especially like that everything is found on one page with a header so I could rate it too. For me is the rating and what others are saying very important and if the developer mention “simple” or “easy” it must be too. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Great! VERY easy to use I wish all plugins were made like this.

With very professional friendly people to do business with and would highly recommend them and their extensions.

Thnak you ;0)

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