WordPress StoryMap Plugin


This is the perfect plugin to easily create your own storymaps on your WordrdPress site.
In an interactive way, you will be able to define the characteristics off all your stories (title, basemap) and it’s associated points (title, description, image, position, zoom level)
With a simple shortcode, they will automatically be displayed on the map.

More information about the plugin at WordrPress Storymap Plugin

Advanced functionalities to create new stories using Word Press Storymap Pro

For personalized developments of this plugin or others, contact with me:
josep sitjar


  • Page to create and edit stories.
  • Page with all your stories.
  • Page to create and edit points (1).
  • Page to create and edit points (2).


  1. Instructions about the plugin also at wordpress storymap
  2. Upload the plugin file to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/plugin-name’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPressPlugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  4. When installed, use the ‘StoryMap > Add new Stories’ tab to create your Stories. In order to create a new Storie, you just need to introduce a title of your election, the story number, an image, a brief description and select the basemap style.
  5. Each story number must be unique. Ohterwhise you’ll recieve and error message.
  6. You can see and manage all your stories on the ‘StoryMap > List of Stories’ tab.
  7. After a Storie is created, you can introuce it’s associated points throught the ‘StoryMap > Add New Point’ tab.
  8. In order to create a point, you just need to indicate:
    • Name: this is the title used to identify each point.
    • Point Number: points in a StoryMap follow an order. In this box you must indicate the position of each point. If a point position is repeated in the same Stroy, it will not work correctly.
    • Description: introduce the text associated to a point.
    • Latitude: introduce the latitude of the point.
    • Longitude: introduce the longitude of the point.
    • You can use the interactive map to pick the latitude and longitude. Just click on the map, and Latitude/Longitude fields will be automatically filled.
    • Zoom: introduce the zoom level at wich the point will be displayed on the map. Zoom level from 0 to 22.
    • Storynumber: select the Story at which the point belongs. If a Story is deleted, it’s associated points won’t be deleted, but it will be necessary to assign them on on another story.
    • Image: select the image associated to this point.
  9. Use the appropiate shortcode to show the storymap on a page. See an example on this tutorial wordpress storymap
  10. Enjoy creating your Stories.


There are currently no FAQs at this time.


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  • New look on the frontend side of the plugin


  • Incorporate the possibility to slect the marker color and shape.


  • Include wordpress editing functionalities on point description.


  • New look on the frontend side of the plugin.


  • Improving the frontend side of the plugin.


  • Introduction of an interactive map in the admin menú in order to automatically pick latitude/longitude fields for each point.


  • Identify stories by a number.
  • More basemaps to select for each story.


  • Add the possiblility to create more than one story.


  • Initial release

  • Working on new developments and functionalities. Please, email for suggestions.