China Payments Plugin | Accept WeChat Pay and Alipay


Accept WeChat Pay and Alipay via Stripe with a checkout flow optimized for Chinese customers. WooCommerce, MemberPress, and Payment Page are supported.


Accept WeChat Pay or Alipay payments with the powerful integration. We’ve implemented the best practices for accepting WeChat Pay via dynamic QR codes and Alipay redirection for Chinese customers.


  • eCommerce stores selling to China.
  • English teachers working with Chinese students.
  • Selling Memberships to Chinese customers.
  • Anybody who wants to accept WeChat Pay or Alipay and can register for a Stripe account in a Stripe supported country.


  • WooCommerce
  • MemberPress
  • Payment Page


We’ve adapted the checkout flow for Chinese customers by including currency conversion, full Chinese translation, animated graphics, and the option to include customizable text that guides customers to complete payment seamlessly.


Offering local payment methods is vital to a successful China-focused business, so we’ve made it easy to accept Credit Cards, WeChat Pay, and Alipay with the power of the Stripe API. WeChat Official Account integration is coming soon!


WeChat Pay and Alipay support your Stripe account default currency and can display either the default or the CNY equivalent on checkout. Our currency conversion integration gives you even more flexibility.


Stripe’s Alipay integration supports recurring subscription payments – and so do we! Just set up WooCommerce subscriptions and you’ll be good to go with recurring Alipay payments.


With the Payment Page integration, you can accept one-time payments and custom payment amounts for invoices or one-off services.


Stripe integration ensures payment details are processed securely and privately no matter where you’re located. The plugin also prevents payment if you don’t have SSL enabled on your site.


Get red-carpet support from the Gaucho Plugins team. Just submit a ticket.

Supported Stripe Payment Methods

  • Alipay (Free)
  • WeChat Pay (Free)


  • Payment Page (Free)
  • WooCommerce (Free)
  • MemberPress (Free – coming back soon!)

Please read more about free and pro features below.


  • One-time Alipay payments.
  • One-time WeChat Pay payments.
  • Integrations with WooCommerce and Payment Page.
  • Stripe Connect for easily connecting your Stripe account w/o API keys.


  • Remove 2% Transaction Fee
  • Alipay Recurring payments
  • Checkout optimizations for Chinese customers – coming soon!





WooCommerce Setup Video

Are you selling to Chinese customers?

This is the perfect plugin for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to accept WeChat Pay or Alipay payments from Chinese customers. es compatible con los pagos de WeChat Pay y Alipay, lo que significa que no tienes que configurar una cuenta oficial de WeChat o registrar tu negocio en China para poder aceptar WeChat Pay. Ahora, puedes cobrar fácilmente a los consumidores chinos usando un método de pago familiar para ellos y, después, depositar los fondos en tu cuenta bancaria asociada con Stripe. ¡Simple y fácil!

WeChat Pay, Alipay & Credit Card Payments Work Seamlessly

Desktop UX:

  • WeChat Pay generates a QR code for the end-user to scan using their mobile device
  • Alipay payments redirect the user to Alipay’s website, which displays a QR code for the same mobile payment process or to login to the user’s Alipay account, then automatically redirects the end-user back to your selected thank you page upon payment completion
  • Users are redirected to the Thank You page

Mobile UX:

  • WeChat users must generate the code on another device and scan it with their WeChat app. A notification pops up on the form notifying them to do this.
  • Alipay users are redirected to the corresponding payment website on their mobile browsers to complete payment.
  • Users are redirected to the Thank You page

Please note

  • Para usar este plugin, debes tener una cuenta verificada de en un país admitido por Stripe.

  • Los pagos de Alipay y WeChat solo se pueden aceptar desde cuentas de Alipay y WeChat cuya identidad haya sido verificada. Actualmente, Stripe no puede aceptar pagos de cuentas no verificadas de Alipay y WeChat, pero esto puede estar sujeto a cambios.

  • WeChat Pay es compatible con pagos únicos de clientes chinos.

  • Alipay supports one-time payments from Chinese customers out of the box. Recurring payments can be enabled by Stripe and require customization by our team in the plugin. Contact us to get recurring Alipay payments set up.

  • China Payments Plugin requires you to Connect your Stripe account in order to function properly for TEST or LIVE payments.

  • Si tienes algún problema o necesitas soporte para la instalación, te pedimos amablemente que, por favor, contactes con nosotros para recibir soporte ANTES de dejar un comentario negativo. Haremos todo lo posible para resolver tu problema o usaremos tus comentarios para mejorar futuras versiones.


  • Payment Page Template
  • Payment Page Payment Form Closeup
  • WooCommerce Checkout
  • WooCommerce Checkout Closeup
  • Add the Author on WeChat


  1. Sube el archivo «» al directorio «/wp-content/plugins/» de tu sitio WordPress o súbelo a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress.
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress.
  3. Configure any of the supported integrations.
  4. Check out our documentation for support.


¿Necesito tener una cuenta en para poder usar este plugin?

Sí. Por favor, registra una cuenta de en tu país haciendo clic aquí.

¿Qué opciones de pago están admitidas actualmente?

Alipay and WeChat Pay are supported in the free version for one-time payments.

Does Alipay support recurring payments?

Alipay one-time payments are supported in the free version of China Payments Plugin. For recurring Alipay payments, you must request Alipay to be activated by Stripe. Contact their support to enable Alipay payments, then contact us at, and we’ll help you get Alipay recurring payments activated in the plugin too.

Are there any transaction fees for using China Payments Plugin?

The Free version of China Payments Plugin includes a small 2% transaction fee to help us continue supporting the community with ongoing development and improvements.

To remove the fee and get access to other features, like checkout optimizations for Chinese customers and recurring Alipay payments, please see our paid plans.

Is WooCommerce supported?

Absolutely! You can offer WeChat Pay and Alipay on your WooCommerce checkout.

Is MemberPress supported?

Absolutely! You can offer WeChat Pay and Alipay on your MemberPress checkout using version 2.3.6 or earlier. The MemberPress integration has been deprecated in versions 3.0 and later and will be rebuilt in the future.


25 de mayo de 2022
Thanks to this great plugin, we can easily receive payments from your Chinese customers via Alipay and Wechat Pay. It is very simple to install and use, all you have to do is connect it to your stripe account.
24 de diciembre de 2021
A very thoughtful guy! plugin works great!! It allowed us to accept payments for wechat pay and Alipay so we can accommodate Chinese Folks!
22 de diciembre de 2021
I had been teaching online English for a large Chinese company for more than three years. During that time I acquired a great number of faithful students, who were just as devestated at this company's closing as I was. So, I decided to put together my own platform, develop a website, and continue teaching my wonderful students, some of whom clocked more than 200 hours with me. Everything was going great, I was up and running ... but, no one was booking. I already knew that WeChat is embedded in Chinese culture, but I thought they would still be able to pay with one of the major credit cards. Nothing doing. Nada. Zilch. I kept getting request after request for WeChat Pay and AliPay. I experimented on my own by downloading a slew of payment plugins. Even though they promised in the descriptions integration with WeChat and AliPay, in the end they never really had those options to begin with. At this point I was starting to panic, because I was afraid my loyal students might go elsewhere for their English lessons. I did some research outside of WordPress and everything pointed to the plugin I am reviewing, China Payments Plugin by Gaucho Plugins. Honestly, I was sceptical since nothing else had worked before, but I was ready to give it a try. I risked losing students. So, I downloaded it and immediately upgraded ... and nothing worked. Literally in despair, I contacted Brandon and he patiently worked on it while I worried. And then ... suddenly ... MIRACLE ... I had WeChat Pay and AliPay. Not only were they working on my website and Stripe, they were working for my parents who immediately started booking lessons with me. $$$$$$$$$ What a pleasant sound it is when I get confirmation of a payment through WeChat and AliPay. And none of it would be possible without China Payments Plugin. Truly a LIFESAVER!
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Registro de cambios


  • Added Alipay recurring payments via Stripe.
  • Bugfix to activating payment methods from settings area in TEST mode.
  • Text changes in the UI.


  • Made WeChat Pay available in the free version for WooCommerce and Payment Page.
  • Implemented platform fee for free version of plugin.
  • Simplified the Settings area and Quick Setup.


  • Fix for Live Webhook Signing Secret not rendering properly.


  • Improved error handling.


  • Completely refactored settings interface and first-time user experience.
  • New and more secure Stripe Connect API.
  • Rebuilt the integration with WooCommerce to be more reliable.
  • New integration with Payment Page plugin.
  • Payment Buttons and shortcodes deprecated in favor of Payment Page integration.
  • MemberPress deprecated (will be rebuilt in future).
  • Some other optimizations have been deprecated.


  • Updates to the currency conversion API for WooCommerce.
  • Added a dropdown indicator icon or the currency selector field.
  • Reset currency conversion every time the form is loaded.
  • Fixed a conflict with the Conditional Checkout Fields for WooCommerce plugin.


  • Updates to ensure the currency conversion API is working on WooCommerce checkout and for fixed amounts on the Payment Buttons.


  • Bugfix for currency conversion API not showing when logged out of the site in some cases.


  • Currency conversion API now displays error responses.
  • Bugfix for WooCommerce checkout throwing an integer comma placement error for payments above 1,000 currency units in some cases.


  • CNY is now available for checking out with WeChat Pay and Alipay on the Payment Buttons.
  • CNY is now available for checking out with WeChat Pay + WooCommerce.
  • Payment amounts are now handled properly regardless of the WooCommerce Store’s currency decimal settings.
  • Improved handling for non-decimal currencies with custom payment amounts.
  • New shortcodes for managing default currencies independently for each payment method on the Payment Buttons.


  • Improved error handling for MemberPress.


  • Updated MemberPress integration to the Stripe Payment Intents API.
  • Ensured the payment flow is catching all kinds of errors when they occur to help diagnose issues.
  • Fixed non-decimal currencies having an issue with the payment button checkout.
  • Updates for Stripe Partners Program.
  • Removed notification to reconnect Stripe since the latest update to our Stripe Connect API in June.


  • Handling some Stripe console errors in certain situations.


  • Fixed bug for one-time WeChat Pay and Alipay payments not checking for a customer properly in Stripe.


  • Upgrades to meet Stripe Partners Program requirements
  • Fixed bug for one-time credit card payments not checking for a customer properly in Stripe.


  • Added notification to reconnect Stripe based on latest Stripe API upgrades.


  • Upgraded to Payment Intents API for all payment methods for Payment Buttons and WooCommerce (MemberPress coming next)
  • Added activation options for Email functionality (beta)
  • Created an option to delete all DB entries on plugin deactivation
  • Small change to Freemius SDK


  • Fixed credit card payment form redirect issue
  • Fixed currency conversion API bug showing all the time
  • Fixed Alipay checkout icon size
  • Added improved freemium upgrade flow options


  • Updated Settings UI
  • Currency conversion API now supports WooCommerce checkout
  • Bug fixes
  • Freemius SDK Update


Modernized the WP Admin upgrade page, MemberPress integration


  • Minor updates.

1.5.6 =
* Fixed an issue with expiring WeChat QR codes.


  • Improving security and Freemius SDK version updated.


  • Adapted for WordPress 5.5.


  • Minor updates and security improvements.


  • Fixed Alipay logo size for WooCommerce checkout.


  • Added Alipay for WooCommerce.
  • Designating thank you page for the payment form.
  • Improving security and minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Updated Translations.
  • Fixed amounts for all payment methods.
  • New logos and minor fixes.


  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Alipay and WeChat Pay logos updated.


  • Minor update.


  • All JS files are now minified to improve speed.
  • Stripe.js now will be called only on the payment page and not on other pages. another page.
  • Some console errors were fixed.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Fixing issues related to customer creation, webhooks and console warnings.


  • Major bug fixes for webhooks.
  • Improvements to saving customer data in Stripe.


  • Mobile UX improvements.
  • Shortcode modifications.
  • Stripe Connect upgrades.


  • Fixing webhook issues.


  • Improvements in the Payment method forms.


  • Minor upgrades regarding payment form.


  • Upgrade with minor changes.


  • Minor fix and log updates.


  • Minor updates and bug fixes.


  • Log improvements and Bug fixes.


  • BIG update!
  • Added Stripe Connect.
  • Added Currency conversion.
  • Added UI checkout text.
  • Added Phone number field.
  • Creating a Customer in Stripe for payments.
  • Error logging.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Adding readme info and updating plans.


  • Bug fixing and improved mobile experience.


  • Minor updates.


  • Minor updates.


  • Our first version!