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The plugin adds the new Official Twitter Tweet Button on your blog or site.
You can easily configure the tweet button from your WordPress Dashboard. For more information visit Tweet Button


  • Live count of tweets from Twitter
  • Allows you to add post categories and tags as hash tags in your tweetsor
  • Allows you to change the source which you retweet, E.g. RT @yourname or via @yourname
  • Allows you to use post author’s twitter profile on his posts(Useful for Multi Author Blogs)
  • Allows you to change the syntax of your tweet Eg:<Tweet Text> <short link> via @yourname,RT @yourname <Tweet Text> <short link>
  • Allow you to set the type of the Tweet Counter(Vertical,Horizontal or none)
  • Allows you to set the language of the button
  • Allows you to recommend a second twitter account
  • Allows you to add CSS styles
  • Automatically adds the tweet button without the need of any template modification
  • Allows further customization and Manual code insertion into the template
  • Allows you to generate a «Tweet This» text link for further customization


  • TweetButton Settings Page
  • Tweet Button


Upload the WP-TweetButton plugin to your blog, Activate it, and configure it from the TweetButton Menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!

Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


Instructions Edited


More Fixes


Fix for the User Profile Options


Fix for only on posts option


Fixes for deprecated functions


  • Added new Features (especially for multi author blogs)
  • Added two twitter fields in the user profiles, which can be used in tweets using %post_author% and %post_author_bio%


  • Fix for related twitter account left blank


  • Another set of fixes


  • Some major bug fixes


  • New function the_tweetlink() to add a text link.
  • bug fixes


  • Hash tag fix.If you use lots of tags and categories in your posts, and you use these as hash tags, then the tweet will be automatically trimmed(by not adding all hash tags) so that the tweet stays near 140 chars.


  • RT fix. Will recommend your twitter handle instead of recommending the second account if you are using the RT syntax.
  • Some modifications on the Settings Page


  • Added Hashtags using post tags and post categories %post_tags% , %post_cats%