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10 de septiembre de 2019
Admin user interface is entirely in broken Javascript. Settings interface tells you to click a 'Synchronise' button which does not exist, perhaps because the Javascript is bugridden. Settings page is broken for Elasticsearch so you can never, ever, EVER add an Elasticsearch server config. Dropped dead on first Solr indexing error, and never continues indexing anything else ever again. Which is fine, because the actual search plugin does not return results in WordPress anyway, but instead just leaves the default SQL search in place. Well. Done. Oh, and the results generator isn't compatible with PHP7. RUN. AWAY.
3 de noviembre de 2017
I was investigating this search plugin for a massive job and needed a few questions answered. I find this level of support impressive. Our chat log Patrice, your help joined the chat Patrice, your help Hi, What is your subscription# ? travis i just downloaded your regular plugin and am trying to see if it will work i dont have a subscription Patrice, your help Try here then: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpsolr-search-engine Patrice, your help left the chat I'll code my own plugin...
25 de octubre de 2017
This pattern continue even i resetting wpsolr wp : 4.8.2 solr : 7.1.0 at step 0, validation ok, when button pressed, it said fail to ping when press it again it said index already exist this plugin success connect to solr, but it didn't know his ping is reached i can give you credential to check this if you want i want to see this plugin can move forward thank you
18 de agosto de 2017
Just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome plugin. It's a well written plugin and configurable. Using the actions and filters I'm able to add more fields to filter on and more fields to index without hacking the core of the plugin. Read the documentation for the plugin on their site.
5 de abril de 2017
I experience WPSolr as a highly valuable search plugin. I have a website with over 6000 products and this plugin enables my customer to execute a fast and proper search. The support team of WPSolr even helped me setup a cloud server support me when installing their plugin. My advice, if you are looking for a highly advanced and very strong search plugin than purchase the pro version and setup a server. If you are doubting about the plugin I advice you to go to the website of wpsolr and try to catch up with someone of their support team in the live chat. At least that is what helped me really well and I do not regret it! All by all very satisfied about this plugin, excellent work! P.S. I never write reviews unless I am really impressed.
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