WPSSO Organization Markup to Customize Schema Organization and Manage Additional Organizations


Customize the Schema Organization markup for your home page:

Edit your Schema Organization name, alternate name, description, and WebSite URL for each WordPress locale / language / region.

Select an Organization logo and banner for the Schema Article type and its sub-types.

Select an Schema Organization sub-type (Corporation, Educational, NGO, Performing Group, etc.) for Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Select an optional place / location / address for your home page Organization and/or each additional Organization you create.

Provide an Organization selector for the WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup Pro add-on:

  • Select a different Publisher for Schema CreativeWork markup.
  • Select an Organizer or Performer for Schema Event markup.
  • Select a Hiring Organization for Schema JobPosting markup.
  • And more.

WPSSO ORG Standard Features

  • Extends the features of the WPSSO Core Free or Pro plugin.

  • Customize Schema Organization properies for Google’s Knowledge Graph, including different values for each WordPress locale / language / region:

    • WebSite Name (localized)
    • WebSite Alternate Name (localized)
    • WebSite Description (localized)
    • WebSite URL (localized)
    • Organization Logo Image URL
    • Organization Banner (600×60) URL
    • Organization Schema Type
    • Organization Place / Location (WPSSO PLM add-on required)
    • Google’s Knowledge Graph Social Profile URLs:
      • Facebook Business Page URL (localized)
      • Instagram Business Page URL (localized)
      • LinkedIn Company Page URL (localized)
      • Myspace Business Page URL (localized)
      • Pinterest Company Page URL (localized)
      • Soundcloud Business Page URL (localized)
      • Tumblr Business Page URL (localized)
      • Twitter Business @username (localized)
      • YouTube Business Channel URL (localized)
  • Select a more specific Schema Organization sub-type for Google’s Knowlege Graph and Organization markup.

  • Select an optional place / location / address for your Schema Organization markup when used with the WPSSO Place / Location and Local Business Meta add-on.

WPSSO ORG Additional Features (Pro version)

WPSSO Core Plugin Prerequisite

WPSSO Organization Markup (aka WPSSO ORG) is an add-on for the WPSSO Core Plugin (Free or Pro version).

The WPSSO ORG Pro add-on uses WPSSO Core Pro features and requires an active and licensed WPSSO Core Pro plugin.


  • WPSSO ORG settings page for the WebSite (front page) Organization — includes the WebSite name, alternate name, description, URL, logo image, banner image (for Articles), the Schema Organization type, an optional Organization place / location, and the Organization social pages for Google's Knowledge Graph.


Use WPSSO? This is an essential add-on

Seamlessly adds more options to the outstanding WPSSO Core plugin -- even without the premium upgrade. No performance hits or conflicts that I've found. If you use WPSSO, you can probably use this plugin as well to make your SEO and social sharing even better.
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