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WPvivid Backup Plugin is the only free all-in-one backup, restore and migration WordPress plugin.

Transfer a WordPress site to a new domain (especially useful for developers). Off-site backup schedules, transfer backups to leading remote storage (dropbox, onedrive, google drive etc), 1-click restore. All in one.

Core Features

1. Easy Site Transfer (New Feature)

Transfer your WordPress site to a new domain with a single click. The plugin supports site transfer from dev environment to a new server, from dev environment to a new domain or from a live server to another.

You can also transfer a site to a subdirectory, from to, from to and from to

You are free to choose what to transfer: the entire site, files or just the database only.

2. Upload Backups (New Feature)

Upload a backup to restore or transfer.
You can transfer or restore backups created with 0.9.14 or a higher version.

3. Automatic Backup

Setup and forget, the plugin will do the rest automatically backing up your website.

4. One-Click Restore

Restore your WordPress site from a backup with a single click.

Cloud Storage Supported

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, SFTP, FTP and more are coming soon.

Site Transfer Process

  1. Install the WPvivid Backup plugin on both the destination site and the sending site.
  2. Generate a site key on the destination site with one click.
  3. Paste the key in the sending site and save it.
  4. Transfer the site with one-click.

Features Spotlight

  • One-Click Site Transfer
  • Upload Backups to Restore or Transfer
  • Schedule Automated Backups
  • One-Click Restore
  • Manual Backup
  • Filter Large Files
  • Large Database Support
  • Optimized for Any Host
  • Set Backup Retention
  • Backup Splitting
  • No Limit of Backup Size
  • Backup to Localhost
  • Clean Temp Files
  • Customize Backup Content
  • Download Backup
  • Instant Email Report
  • Log Files
  • Responsive Design

Other Amazing Features

  • Rename local backup directory
  • Lock a backup to keep it safe from auto deletion
  • Live progress
  • More basic features will be continuously added

Minimum Requirements

  • Character Encoding UTF-8
  • PHP version 5.3
  • MySQL version 4.1
  • WordPress 4.5


We offer free support in 3 channels:

Forum Support:

Post questions and get faster answers from the plugin support forum on

Email Support:

Leave us a message at our contact page and we will back to you soon.


Check out our FAQs section on the page, you can easily find an answer for the most part.

Installation and Uninstallation


1.Go to your sites admin dashboard.
2.Navigate to Plugin Menu and simply search for WPvivid.
3.Click Install Now then click Activate Plugin.


1.Click Deactivate from the Plugin Menu.
2.Click Delete.

Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

WPvivid Backup plugin is created and operated with full respect and protection of users personal information, and is in full compliance with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR). Check out the following content to know the details:

What personal data can WPvivid Backup plugin access and how is the data processed?

The plugin currently only has a free version and is available to download from WordPress plugin repository. Thus, all the data related to the updates of the versions as well as the support forum for the plugin on is held by
In addition, the implementations of all transfers, backups and restores of your site happen completely on your website server, there are no data come across any of our servers in the whole process.
The only personal data currently we can access are the contact data when you contact us by email, which may include your name, email address and other contact details. The data will only be used for the purposes of handling and resolving your enquiry.

How does WPvivid Backup plugin help users create a GDPR compliant backup?

In order to help users create a GDPR compliant backup, the plugin comes with multiple features including selection for backup content, backup and restore logs, and email report. Moreover, as the plugin itself does not collect any personal data, you do not need to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with us.
However, if you upload your backups to cloud storage with Transfer-Backup WordPress Site – WPvivid Backup Plugin, the personal data is transferred to that storage provider. You’ll need to sign a Data Processing Agreement with that provider.
Check out the privacy policy involving the use of Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.


WPvivid Backup plugin is licensed under GPL version 3 or later.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details:

Contact us

Feel free to let us know how we can help using the support forum for the plugin on or our contact form. You can also reach us with a direct message on Twitter.


  • Backing up a site
  • Backup list
  • Dashboard
  • Configure remote storage

Preguntas frecuentes

What does WPvivid Backup plugin do?

As its name says, it enables you to easily transfer a WordPress site to a new domain, to perform manual and scheduled backups of your WordPress site, to back up to cloud storage and restore backups directly from the site’s admin dashboard.

Does the plugin also transfer my site? Is it a free feature?

Yes, we have added website transfer feature since version 0.9.14.
Yes, it’s a completely free feature.

How many cloud options does it support? Are they free to access?

Out of the box we support Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, DigitalOcean Spaces, we also support FTP, SFTP methods which you can use on any other remote storage provider supporting these methods. We are working hard to add more soon.

Yes, all the cloud access is free.

Is the restore feature free?

Yes, absolutely. With no limits, no strings attached.

Will there be updates, will they be free and how can I update to the latest version?

Yes, we are dedicated to creating a secure and robust solution and will regularly update the plugin. These will be available totally free and can be easily applied through your WP admin area once they are available.

Do you provide support for the free version? Where?

Yes, absolutely. Whenever you need it, help can be found from the plugin support forum on, by email, on Twitter.

Will the plugin work on my host?

If your website is running on WordPress then yes it will.

The plugin has been extensively tested on the shared and dedicated hosting plans from the leading website hosting providers like Godaddy, Siteground, and many others.

What should I do if i get the backup error: An error has occurred. class:Error;msg:Call to undefined function curl_init();code:0;line:129 ?

You should install cURL extension in your PHP installation and try again.

What does the error «Error: Backup error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxxxxxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxxxxxxxxx bytes), task id: wpvivid-xxxxxxxxxxxxx.» mean?

This error often occurs while creating a backup for a website with an oversized database. In this case, the size of database is larger than the value of memory limit in php.ini file. As a result, there will be no sufficient memory to compress the database.
To avoid that, please try using the solutions below to modify memory limit in php.ini file, and make sure the value is larger than the database size:
1. Increase PHP memory limit.
Please try to contact your web hosting provider for changing PHP memory limit, or modify it by yourself as the administrator role if your website is hosting on VPS or dedicated server.
2. Upgrade your web hosting plan.


Easy-to-use backup plugin

I especially like having the ability to back up to various cloud sites without having to buy a separate extension. This plugin is super-easy to set up and use. My only nit is that it appears to use a schedule based on UTC/server time rather than the WordPress Timezone setting (which is only a problem for those of us who are math-challenged). A little more flexibility in setting the scheduled times would be great. I'll be eager to see this plugin develop and mature.

Very good but some features still missing

This is an excellent alternative to existing solutions and very useful with split archives in some cases. My initial remarks: - didn't find any option to exclude directories/files - no compression level for archives to choose from - split archive sizes not correct: I tested with setting to compress files every 10MB but got some packets of 15MB - downloading split archives one by one can be annoying for large backups; would be nice to have a "select all" option before downloading split archives. (didn't test migration yet)

The best free premium backup plugin

Wow it is the best and gorgeous backup and migrate plugin. Backups in cloud services for free and easy to use. Thanks and congratulations for your awesome work.

In some respects better than Updraft

Werks well, the UI is better (cleaner) than Updraft, have some nice features. No doubt, it will be a star one day. The only wish - to support ClassicPress not only for now, but for the future too. Good job!

This is Better than udraftplus backup

Exactly what I needed Easy to use and work well,I tested this plugin today, and I really like it. The plugin has a very simple and easy to use interface. This free plugin makes the backup and restore process simple and very easy for anyone,udraftplus to much headache its give issue a http 500 error incompatible with other cache to much marketing instead on focusing the quality of backup to work any cache plugin..Thanks for the plugin its better alternative to udraftplus same capability keep up the Good work and maintain this back up quality that compatible with other cache...
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Transfer&Backup WordPress Site – WPvivid Backup Plugin” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Added a sole tab for backup schedules.
  • Refined descriptions in the UI.
  • Fixed a few UI bugs.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.2.


  • Fixed a fatal error occurred during website transfer.


  • Fixed: Scheduled backups failed to run as configured after the last update.
  • Improved the Restore UI.
  • Refined some descriptions in the UI.


  • Added free website transfer feature. We highly recommend all our users to update.
  • Added backup upload feature. Now you can upload a backup to restore or transfer.


  • Fixed: Sometimes could not correctly determine database privileges when backing up.


  • Added an ‘Send Debug Information to Us’ button in Website Info page.
  • Improved the compatibility with PHP v5.3 to v5.5.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with MainWP plugin.
  • Fixed: Could not correctly calculate files size when backing up.
  • Fixed: Could not back up to SFTP server sometimes.
  • Fixed: Database backup failure because of insufficient privileges.
  • Enriched backup logs with more details.
  • Refined some descriptions on user interface.
  • Optimized code of the plugin.


  • Added support for DigitalOcean Spaces.
  • Added an HTML email template to backup reports.


  • Fixed: Some icons were missing in UI.


  • Fixed a packaging error which might cause the failure of activating the plugin.


  • Added support for Google Drive, Micosoft OneDrive, Dropbox cloud storage.
  • Fixed: Could not restore a backup from cloud storage.
  • Optimized code of the plugin.


  • Fixed data type errors caused by the last update. The errors would cause the failure of running of scheduled backup tasks. We highly recommend you upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug where the last backup information was not displayed in backup schedule list.
  • Changed a few error messages that appear during the backup process.
  • Optimized code of the plugin.


  • Optimized code of the plugin.
  • A more lightweight Amazon S3 library has been used, so that you do not need to fill in Region field while configuring a S3 storage account.


  • Refined descriptions on user interface.
  • Fixed a few UI bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where backups were runnable in some cases during the process of a restoration.


  • Added support for responsive design. Now the plugin is compatible with smartphones, tablets and PC.
  • Fixed some UI bugs.


  • Fixed some display errors on user interface.
  • Fixed a bug where backups could not be completed in exceptional cases.


  • Fixed image path display error.


  • Initial release of the plugin. Now you see it.