Este plugin ha sido cerrado el 5 de julio de 2019 y no está disponible para descargar. Este cierre es permanente. Motivo: Petición del autor.


14 de noviembre de 2018
The plugin choices ("All Profiles", "Add New") have disappeared. All that remains is "About" which encourages you to buy the Nitro theme. Les choix du plugin ("All Profiles", "Add New") ont disparu. Il ne reste plus que "About" qui incite à acheter le theme Nitro.
30 de diciembre de 2017
Doen’t even work just sits there loading and loading and loading
29 de noviembre de 2017
Looked very promising but breaks my site ... got a fatal memory error and all got white. Increased my memory but still all gets white. Delete and looking for something more stable.
29 de septiembre de 2017
Definitivamente. o PIOR mega menu que já usei, nada é intuitivo, nem se quer a lista de fontes está ordenada em ordem alfabética. Não da pra adicionar opacidade nas cores. muito ruim. NÃO RECOMENDO !
20 de septiembre de 2017
At first glance this plugin seems like a bargain, it's free, makes producing complex menu's simple and it works. However on further investigation it becomes apparent that it is poorly optimized, it quadruples page load times, queries, throws out a ton of php notices and warning, conflicts with other completely unrelated plugins, and basically causes more issues than it purports to solve. Not to mention it has an annoying habit of losing all data - there is a backup facility embedded within the plugin but I shouldn't have to backup my menu everytime I want to make a small change JIC it flakes out on me. Long story short, if you value your own sanity and that of your users DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES install this plugin. Quite apart from that it hasn't been updated in over 12 months and to all intents and purposes support appears to have been dropped by the devs.
21 de agosto de 2017
This plugin seemed so promising. It's pretty easy to set up, and gives you a lot of options to customize. However, the main problem is that it chokes the CPU usage at 100%, which brought my whole site to a grinding halt. See the NewRelic stats before and after deactivating this plugin: http://imgur.com/a/d3j6V
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