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Made to improve the loading speed of the website, the specific function is to:
1. The basic information (name, date, abstract, link, address with pictures) of the latest n articles (reverse order) under each article category;
2. Basic information of all article categories (name, alias, link, description);
3. Basic information of all pages (name, alias, link, summary);
4. The basic information of the latest n products in the selected products (reverse order) (WooCommerce plug-in needs to be installed, name, date, summary, link, and picture address);
The above four cases are saved as JSON files in the form of objects, which are used for loading the homepage, thereby improving the loading speed of the homepage.

Note: The JSON file is stored in the root directory of the website.

1. 每个文章分类下最新的 n 篇文章(倒序)的基本信息(名称、日期、摘要、链接、配图地址);
2. 所有文章分类的基本信息(名称、别名、链接、描述);
3. 所有页面的基本信息(名称、别名、链接、摘要);
4. 精选产品中最新的 n 个产品(倒序)的基本信息(需安装WooCommerce插件,名称、日期、摘要、链接、配图地址);



Installing it is like installing any other WordPress plugin.

Dashboard method:
1. Log in to your WordPress administrator, and then go to «Plugins -> Add New»;
2. Type «wzm json» in the search bar, then select this plug-in, and click «Install Now»;
3. After the installation is complete, click the «Enable» button.


2.在搜索栏中键入“wzm json”,然后选择此插件,点击“现在安装”;


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  • Download and install from SVN, it prompts an error: «Call to undefined function get_home_path()»; therefore, replace get_home_path() with ABSPATH (Reference:
  • 从SVN下载安装,提示错误:“Call to undefined function get_home_path()”;因此将 get_home_path() 替换为 ABSPATH(参考:。


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