Year Make Model Search for WooCommerce


It has fixed number and the sort order of the drop-down selects:
— Make —
— Model —
— Year —

Product restrictions are used for searching and for drop-downs options in the search box.
So if you set a restriction like:
Acura, CL, 1997, 1998

for a product.

The «Acura CL 1997» will be already selectable in the search box on the front-end.

Características principales:

  • Buscar productos en la página de inicio
  • Filtrar productos en páginas de categorías
  • List applicable vehicles on the front-end product view page
  • Importación/exportación de CSV para restricciones de productos

You can check the demo website here:
DEMO Website

Puedes leer las instrucciones de instalación aquí:

Simple Code Idea:

The idea of this plugin is to keep the base version as simple as possible.
And to add the new features as modifications.

This plugin has just 28 files to make it easy to use and customize. If you need more features check the modifications page

Contact me by email if you have questions or need help.

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Available Languages

  • English (Default)


La documentación completa está disponible aquí.


  • Activate plugin
  • Add YMM widget to sidebar
  • Establecer una restricción para un producto
  • YMM search box on frontend
  • Importar/Exportar y la página de configuraciones
  • Ejemplo de archivo .csv


Requiere WordPress 4.7 y WooCommerce 3.0 o superior.

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate YMM Search from Plugins page.
  4. Add YMM Search widget to the sidebar in WordPress admin panel > Appearance > Widgets
  5. Set restriction to any product in the YMM tab of the Edit Product page.

Contact me by email if you have questions or need help.


4 de enero de 2024
I am very happy, I discovered this plugin. It can be modified to match your search needs. Stanislav is always willing to provide top-class support!
5 de octubre de 2023
The plugin fulfills its objective, it is well made. When I needed help I was promptly answered by the developer! Congratulations!
27 de septiembre de 2023
Excellent Developer Support. I asked a few questions on the forum and he responded quickly and even went the extra mile and gave me a solution to my problem. Thank you very much
23 de febrero de 2023
Stanislav is the developer of this plugin. I encountered some issues while using it and sought his assistance. Throughout the process, Stanislav was very responsible and actively worked to resolve the problems I faced. I would recommend the works that this developer is responsible for to everyone.
6 de enero de 2023
Thanks to the plugin developer for his outstanding work. The plugin is amazing and the developer of the plugin answered my questions and provided solutions within the same day of the query. I highly recommend.
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Registro de cambios

1.0.10 – Released: Feb, 24 – 2019

  • Para hacerlo compatible con WordPress 5.1
  • Otras correcciones de código.

1.0.9 – Released: Jan, 22 – 2018

Before upgrading to this version export your YMM vehicles as .csv file to not lose data!

  • Main file was renamed from ymm.php to ymm-search.php . You may need to deactivate / activate this plugin to make it work with the new file.
  • Text Domain was changed to «ymm-search» in all files to make this plugin use translations from
  • Se cambió el nombre de los archivos de plantilla para que los programas de traducción encuentren todas las cadenas para traducir.
  • A template file with all strings for translation was added. wp-content/plugins/ymm-search/i18n/languages/ymm-search.pot
  • Correcciones de código.

1.0.8 – Released: Dec, 5 – 2017

  • Error solucionado cuando el menú de WooCommerce se muestra incorrectamente en la página de resultados de YMM.
  • Correcciones de código.

1.0.7 – Released: Nov, 8 – 2017

  • Add selected vehicle to the category page HTML title tag.
  • Correcciones de código.

1.0.6 – Released: Nov, 6 – 2017

  • Fixed installation code.

1.0.5 – Released: Nov, 5 – 2017

  • Bug fixed: WordPress pages and posts are not available to edit or view when plugin is enabled.
  • Correcciones de código.

1.0.4 – Released: Oct, 29 – 2017

  • Solicitudes AJAX más rápidas para menús desplegables de categorías.

1.0.3 – Released: Oct, 28 – 2017

  • The «search for restrictions» feature updated to not show values that already exist in the restriction text area.
  • Muestra los años en orden descendente.
  • Archivo PHP personalizado para solicitudes AJAX más rápidas.

1.0.2 – Released: Oct, 23 – 2017

  • Code corrected to make «search for restrictions» feature work when creating a new product.

1.0.1 – Released: Oct, 23 – 2017

  • JavaScript corrected. New product restrictions were not saved.

1.0.0 – Released: Oct, 16 – 2017

  • Versión inicial