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19 de diciembre de 2017
There are three great things about this plugin. 1. You no longer have to update the html every time you restart the live video. 2. This plugin removes almost all Youtube branding. 3. Very inexpensive considering how well it works. Google has changed their format for obtaining credentials for the api. You may want to consider updating the installation instructions. (I did figure it out fairly easily anyways) Thank you very much for such a great plugin!
24 de julio de 2017
Great plugin, saved me loads of time for embeding my YouTube live stream!
20 de junio de 2017
This could be a great plugin but while the core works, it has it issues. 1. The documentation is terrible. Not up to date with the latest YouTube methods. This makes setting it up harder than it should and too many hours of me watching other peoples videos to understand the issue. 2. Implies that it detects a live stream happening…and does not…unless you re-load the page manually, your viewer will miss the presentation. 3. Same thing for when the stream goes off line. It will sit there and indicate that it is online, when even the live stream feed says that it is off line. Great concept, does work, but I will have to either modify the code myself to allow it to detect a actual live stream or find another plugin that will force a reload when it detect streams. The author wrote to me once and have since stopped communicating, so that is the reason it is a 3 and not a 4. It could be a 5 rating..the potential is there.
19 de enero de 2017
I am using the free version and loving it. I bought the full version and it took down my site completely. I emailed the Dev. Got generic email back with nothing that helps. Been a few weeks and still no response. What gives.
13 de noviembre de 2016
I hv emailed my situation failed to have live streaming outo embedded after my purchased. But nobody seems interested to assist. Still waiting…
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