This plugin allows you to bring video to your WordPress website or blog, through use of powerful Ziggeo API. Since we all know that video is future, make sure you are part of it.

Who is this plugin for?

Are you looking to showcase some videos?
This plugin can help with that!

Are you looking to have themed galleries of videos on your website?
This plugin can help with that!

Want to allow people to submit their own videos?
Yup, this can also be done by this plugin.

Want to submit a post and attach video in it?
This plugin can handle it.

Want people to reply with video comments?
Yup, you guessed it right. This is the plugin for you!

Want to know quickly what it can do?
There are plenty of features:
1. Screen Recording
2. Webcam recording
3. Playback from powerful Ziggeo servers and CDN or from your WP directory, S3, etc.
4. Mobile friendly
5. Easy to setup and use
6. Ready to use themes for your player and recorder yet easy to restyle
7. AI powered video analysis
8. AI powered audio transcription
9. AI powered (Not) Safe to use filter
10. Filter effects (Instagram like effects and watermarks / logos)

..and many many more features. Check them all out at https://ziggeo.com/features/

Quick Description

You can use this plugin to spice up your blog, community, professional website or store with video posts. Want so share a video of yourself? Simply start by creating a new post, click on the Record Video button and take a video of yourself or your screen. It will then be shown to your audience once your post goes live.

Want to allow your community to share videos between them? Utilize this plugin and its various hooks and accomplish just that. Just as easy we have additional ways to integrate into community plugins such as bbPress or BuddyPress. Read more about it in the helper plugins section.

You can also invite people to leave video comments. Folks will have the option to either leave a traditional text comment or take a short video of themselves. These comments might be viewable by everybody on your site, or not, depending on your own setup.

The plugin is based on the powerful Ziggeo API. While it is easy to add by yourself, this plugin adds it for you. All that you are left to do is to click around and set it all up (very simple and quite quick).

Why Ziggeo?

Ziggeo video playback and recording is built upon its own framework. It allows you to record and play videos on various platforms out of the box. Stop thinking about the video type specific to browsers or technology available on specific platform. Ziggeo API is unifying the design of your video player and recorder and makes all processes just flow.

Ziggeo is designed to do that using same calls and methods while our backend works out all of the specifics for you. And plugin? Well, plugin just packs the power of Ziggeo and allows you to have the same on your WordPress website in just few clicks, regardless if you are looking for video/screen (or both) recorder, video player or video gallery.


We provide active support to all that have any questions or need any assistance with our plugin or our service.
To submit your questions simply go to our Help Center. This version is also packing contact us page into our plugin so feel free to use that one as well.


Enable yourself and others on your website to be pro video makers. You are in control of everything that is important to you! The length, resolution, the final look, logo or no logo, tags and much more. All that and just few clicks required!

Recordings will then be uploaded and processed on our end. This makes them meet industry standards and allows you to include any effects or filters that you have previously set. All that from that easy to set easy to read text you wrote down or clicked to get.

See our forum for tons of ways to quickly customize and create different recorders


1, 2 or 500 videos, all up to you. Our player can do it for you. We know you want to spend your with your website / service / store and just have videos that work. Not only do they work, they make it all come together with Ziggeo.

You just tell us the video that you wish to play and how you want it to look – full customization possible! Allowing your videos to blend into your WordPress website and to amaze your website visitors.

See our forum for tons of ways to quickly customize and create different players

Video Uploads

Interested or looking for a fast way to upload videos to a storage for later use? Want to allow yourself easiness? Maybe want to allow it for your website visitors in a secure manner? This is it, you need Ziggeo, and this is the plugin to help you make it super easy to do.

See our forum for tons of ways to quickly customize and create different uploaders

Video Wall

Are you after having a big video gallery? Gallery of different styles and ways they work? Well video wall is the best place to look into.

In our effort to make the plugin easy, simple and lightweight we have created a new plugin that is addition to this one. In this version we still support video walls and in future version it will be brought through additional bridge plugin.

You can read more about videowall plugin here or grab it from WordPress repository here.


Ziggeo plugin is powered by templates. This means that next to using our codes as you would usually use, you can also use shortcode. This allows you to quickly set up the template in the «template builder» part of the plugin.

Once you do you simply reference the template from your posts, pages and comments. There is no limit in the amount of templates you can have and it is up to you how you will use them.

You can see how the templates work and about the template editor.

Video List

Moderate your videos through your WordPress dashboard. The Video List page now allows you to see different types of videos right in in your WordPress website. With the quick possibility of approving and rejecting them you can quickly and from within WordPress fulfill your workflows.

You will see new counter shown when a video is recorded on your WordPress page, to help you notice it.


Notifications page has been created. It provides you with a way to get notified about different errors or good pointers that can happen with your WordPress website. This makes it easy for you to find out if some page needs to be updated for some reason, or if there is some other info that can help you.

Improvements and Feedback

Have some feedback? Have some questions? You can do that through options shown in plugins Contact Us tab.

Prefer other ways? Check out Ziggeo Forum in WordPress Plugin section.

We value your suggestions in regards to all aspects of our service and plugin.

Bridges to new places

Ever since v1.15 we wanted to allow you to bring Ziggeo to any place of your website. With the v2.0 this is possible even further.

We have made a lot of hooks available for you to use them and change what and how happens. It also allows you to extend the functionality further.

Now we wanted to bring you few examples next to this, so we created several bridges that combine our plugin with other plugins you have asked for. They are available as additional plugins that you install.

Originally you would have all of them and could enable/disable them through our plugin. Now you only grab the ones of interest to you. Plus they offer a great source of examples how you can bring Ziggeo to any other plugin of your choice.

Visit the following page to see all of our bridge plugins.


  • General tab
  • Templates tab
  • Integrations tab
  • Contact us tab
  • Expert Settings tab
  • Working with templates - nice layout of parameters and their description
  • Working with templates - managing templates
  • Working with templates - editing templates
  • Your old setup is now used as fallback
  • More options for comments.
  • Editor buttons


There are several ways to power your WordPress with video recording and video playback features.


  1. Upload the directory to your plugins folder (by default this is) /wp-content/plugins/ directory and click on Ziggeo Video in the Settings menu.


  1. Go to Admin panel of your WordPress website and click on Plugins -> Add New
    1. Search for «Ziggeo»
    2. Click Install on «Ziggeo Video Posts and Comments»
    3. Activate plugin
    4. Go to Ziggeo Video under Settings menu
  • That is it, your plugin is installed.


How to add embedding to only some people when using WordPress Groups plugin?

WordPress Groups plugin has the feature you are after. Wanna hear some more good news? Our plugin works with theirs as well 😉

You would be able to do that either by using:

[groups_member group="YourLimitedGroup"]

or by using

[groups_non_member group="YourLimitedGroup"]

  • This can be any code you want to use.

What way should we use to embed Ziggeo embedding?

Do you happen to have hundreds of posts with Ziggeo embeddings? Want to use same one for all of them? The best way would be to use templates. You then have a single place to edit the templates.

Are you using some specific plugin that provides you with some extras (like widgets) where you want to add the code, yet template is not working there? Well some widgets do not use / provide ways to process things in them, so our JS and HTML code will work.

What happens when you delete the template?

Well, the template will no longer be found and used, however the defaults that you have set under your General tab are what we will use to show your videos / recorder instead.

What happens if we delete all templates and did not have any defaults set?

Even if unlikely to happen, we thought about that and are always using our own defaults in case we can not find anything else.

This is the load process:
1. Our defaults
2. + our WP plugin defaults
3. + your defaults
4. + your template code

How are templates stored?

They are stored in DB. If you want, there is also an option to use files instead. Completely up to you and both will work just the same.

We are using files and getting the error that the template can not be saved

That simply means that you are using different ‘user’ to run WordPress and a different one to create files. To work around this all you should do is to:

  1. create a folder/directory under your plugins directory and call it ziggeo-userData (if it is not already existing)
  2. create a file named custom_templates.php
  3. set its permissions to 766 or 666. Our plugin will now try to read it and change the permissions once it is done saving the file (as such 766 will not stay the same all the time, only for a moment when plugin needs it to write to the same).

Why are there ‘ziggeo’ and ‘ziggeo-userData’ directories in our plugins folder?

In order to store data in files and read the same on-fly without loosing the data once the plugin is updated, we are storing the data in another folder – ziggeo-userData. That means that we have moved the actual data from the plugin itself. As such ziggeo directory holds the plugin functionality code and ziggeo-userData holds the data saved by the plugin.

This is happening only if you are using files.

We have used [ziggeo] before should we update our code to [ziggeoplayer] and [ziggeorecorder]?

When we do changes we look to support older versions of our service as well as our plugin. As such our plugin still supports the [ziggeo] codes. The new codes for templates make it much easier for you to know what it is right away as you look the code.

It also makes it easy for others (like yourself) to add your own type of template.

Is there a way to load templates without going to settings to see their names?

Yes, we added Ziggeo Video Aid button to the toolbar of your TinyMCE shown right above the Post editing. It will allow you to quickly add your templates to your post without ever leaving it.

If it detects that it needs to get the video token set it will show the same to you and allow you to quickly set it up by pre-selecting it for you.

Is there an easier way to get the body of a template / template structure into our post instead of the template id without doing edit to get it?

Yes. To add the template you use Ziggeo Video Aid button in the toolbar. To get the body, you use the same button, and click on the same option. The only difference is that to get the body of the template loaded, you need to press Shift on your keyboard while clicking on the template ID.

We have few plugins that show the Post editing toolbar in public as well and do not want Ziggeo button to be shown as well

It is not shown there. We have added a check to see if it is opened in public or by admin and show it only when it seems to be opened by admin. If you do have some specific plugin installed and by some chance it shows it in non admin places for you, just let us know, we will check it and add support for that plugin as well.

How do we enable integrations?

This is done through your Integrations tab, however we do suggest checking out the Other Notes tab above for more details specific to integrations.


25 de febrero de 2021
There is a little bit of work involved in this plugin as far as getting it up and running and matching your site/theme, etc. But the support more than makes up for it! They helped me with any questions I had and gave very easy directions on how to problem solve/get things running! 5 stars for sure!
19 de junio de 2020
I was extremely interested in trying this plugin and thought it would be a great solution to adding video to my website. I used this plugin along with the "video walls" plugin and I had to manually disable them immediately after installing because it BROKE MY WEBSITE. As soon as I removed this plugin, my website began working again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLUGIN UNTIL THIS IS FIXED in the WordPress library! Not sure how this plugin works after purchasing the monthly plan, but obviously this is a problem for a plugin that costs up to $399/month. VERY DISAPPOINTED!
1 de junio de 2020
This, along with their form based plugins only available on github for now will change the way you think of online video. Its clean, customizable and backed by great support. Go for it!!
3 de septiembre de 2016
If you need a way to add video to your website and comments this is definitely the right plugin for you. It allows for ample amount of free testing and lots of different ways to customize the look and feel of the recorder/player. I also like how it allows for uploading of videos. I am not a developer so I appreciate the support staff being there to answer my questions when I emailed them directly. Bane really went above and beyond to help me, even with my stupid questions. I don't usually give reviews but I have been truly impressed with Ziggeo's dedication to making sure I am happy. I am using a paid theme and it both work seamlessly together. Very happy with this.
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