Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress. Social Plugin


The Social Plugin (ZOSP) is a simple plugin for WordPress that
integrates a blog with popular social networking sites such as Facebook and
Twitter. I wrote this plugin to learn WordPress plugin development, and as a
means to decouple these social networking features from my desired WordPress


  • Includes the Facebook JavaScript SDK in your WordPress theme.
  • Generates Facebook Open Graph tags for posts and pages.
  • Includes the Facebook Like Button and Send Button on posts and pages.
  • Imports the featured image / post thumbnail (if available) from a post or
    page for use as the featured image on Facebook.
  • Generates a Facebook Comment section for posts and pages.
  • Includes the Twitter Tweet Button on posts and pages.
  • Includes the Google +1 Button on posts and pages.
  • Includes the Pinterest Pin It Button on posts and pages.
  • Optionally hides WordPress comments.
  • Configurable via WordPress setting page.


  • A Facebook App ID.
  • A Twitter account.
  • WordPress theme supporting featured images / post thumbnails.

Known Issues

  • «Leave a Comment» link is still visible when WordPress comments are disabled.


  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png


  1. Unzip the archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin via the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Edit the «Required Settings» via the «Settings / Social Plugin» menu in WordPress.
    At the very least, you need to specify a Facebook App ID and a Twitter username.
  4. Optionally edit the «Advanced Settings» via the «Settings / Social Plugin» menu in WordPress.
  5. That’s it!


Facebook Comments display the error «Warning: is unreachable».

Try using Facebook’s URL Linter
to see if the URL for the page in question generates any errors.

The Pinterest Pin It button does not display despite the fact that it is configured to do so.

The Pinterest Pin It button requires that the post or page include a featured image. Check your
post or page to ensure that a featured image is set.


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  • Modified for use with the Twenty Fourteen theme.
    If you are using Twenty Fourteen, set your Facebook comment width to 474.
  • Updated social plugins to latest SDKs (where available).
  • Modified alignment of social buttons.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.9.1.


  • Updated social plugins to HTML5 compatible versions (where available).
  • Modified the alignment of social plugin buttons.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.7.1.


  • Tested with WordPress 3.3.2.
  • Added support for the Pinterest Pin It Button.


  • Fixed a conflict with the social button class and select WordPress themes.


  • Added a settings page. Editing the plugin source is no longer required.
  • Added support for the Google +1 Button.


  • Tested with WordPress 3.2.
  • Tested with the Twenty Eleven theme and the Twenty Ten theme.
  • Resolved an issue with the Facebook Send button not displaying correctly.
  • Added the option to specify the width of the Facebook Comment field. Twenty Eleven
    theme users may be interested in this.
  • Added a general purpose style sheet called zosp-style.css. Override these selectors
    to customize various elements of the plugin.


  • Social buttons no longer appear on posts and pages that have comments
  • Added the option to include the Facebook Send button along with the Facebook
    Like button.
  • Added an option to hide the WordPress comments form.


  • Updated plugin to include generic usernames and IDs.


  • Initial release.