• Greetings!

    I was assisting a user here with these instructions and he was stuck in Step #3 and #4. After reading Step #3 myself, I was also confused as to what the step listed for us to do but after manually doing the process myself I realized what it meant.

    It could be just me or maybe it could be just the user but when I read the sentence: «Copia el archivo es_ES.mo que encontrarás en la carpeta /wp-content/languages a la misma carpeta de tu instalación (si no existe la creas)[,]» I understood that it said to copy the es_ES file to a folder named «installation» rather than to the folder «/wp-content/languages.» I’m a native Spanish speaker (from Mexico, mind you, so it could be a regional difference) and I was stumped with the wording of the step.

    My suggestion is to rephrase that particular step so that it reads as something similar to: «Copia el archivo es_ES.mo que encontrarás en la carpeta /wp-content/languages a la carpeta de mismo nombre en tu instalación de WordPress. Si la carpeta /wp-content/languages no existe, crea la carpeta en tu instalación.» In retrospect, I think the word that threw me off was «de.» If I read «a la misma carpeta en tu instalación,» I understand that I’m not searching for a folder named «instalación» but something different. Or maybe I just need to practice my Spanish more because I don’t use as often anymore 😛

    Anyway, thank you for reading this. Have a good one!

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