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Develop(ry) Lite


Versión: 1.0.4

Última actualización: 7 agosto, 2018

Instalaciones activas: Menos de 10

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Developry Lite comes up with a full set of features. Not only the default theme support but also custom theme options available via the Appearance - Customize - Theme Options panel. You have the ability to choose from over 17 custom theme styles, fluid/fixed containers, sidebar position management and cover image visibility. A starter content theme support is utilized with added default posts/pages/menus/widgets/etc. which gives you perfect starting point for your freshly installed website. The theme can be easily customized using Bootstrap classes and also extended with custom CSS because of its minimal use of styles. It comes with a Developry Google Fonts plugin which will help you change not only your overall site fonts but also allow you to change font styles within your WP editor for inidividual posts and pages.


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