WP Multi Network

Turn your WordPress Multisite installation into many multisite networks, surrounding one global set of users.

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BuddyPress Groupblog

BuddyPress Groupblog extends the group functionality by enabling the group to have a single blog…

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WP Over Network

Add ability to get posts from over your network sites. Supports widget, shortcode, and customizable…

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Núcleo CommentPress

Núcleo CommentPress allows fine-grained commenting in the margins of a text. Use it to annotate,…

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Simple Blog

Enables you to make your Blog section ready for your website. With back-end and front-end…

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BP External Group Blogs

Give group creators and administrators on your BuddyPress install the ability to attach

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Good Reads

An ordered blogroll widget for your sidebar that displays your favorite blogs, what they're writing,…

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Displays user-definable content from other blogs (via wordpress Links [RSS]) as a widget in your…

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Blogs Peru Ping

Envia pings de manera automática hacia Blogs Perú, cada vez que publiques una nueva entrada.

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Recommended For You

This Plugin displays the popup for the recommended posts at the end of the post…

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Reorder My Sites

For WordPress Multisite. Reorders the My Sites dropdown menu in the Admin Bar alphabetically. It…

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Multi Networks Setup

The WordPress Multi Networks Setup plugin allows site owners to create multiple networks based on…

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