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AdBlock X


Easy to install plugin allows you to track the visitors who have activated ad block software on your website(s).

Sign in to the AdBlock X Portal to see real-time data and examine ad blockers’ impact on your website.

Configure how you engage these visitors with your own custom messages and track the conversions/effectiveness.

Ad block detection script has been tested on most common browsers with most common ad block extensions.

Key features:

  • Track unique visitors, returning visitors and page impressions with active ad blockers
  • Track events, such as ad blocker turn offs and reactions
  • Interactive portal with sorting and filtering options
  • View daily data as a grid and as graphical charts
  • View visitors by device type (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • React to visitors with ad blockers by device type
  • View stats for multiple websites with a single account
  • Select a date range and download data in spreadsheet format
  • Setup rules for visitors with ad block and prompt them to whitelist your site
  • Customize your message text and how it is displayed

We plan to roll out additional enhancements in the future to help publishers convert these visitors.

Visit our website for more information:


  • Registration screen
  • Sample Portal page


  1. Upload adblock-x to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activar el plugin desde el menú «Plugins» de WordPress
  3. Go to Settings->AdBlock X. Register and start collecting data.


Where do I see data collected?

In order to see daily and real-time data you must register your website. Registration is only required once per plugin installation. Go to Settings -> AdBlock X. Fill out the form and submit your registration

I have downloaded the plugin but do not see settings for AdBlock X

Go to Plugins page and verify that AdBlock X is activated.

What if I own multiple websites?

Once you are registered with the reporting portal, you can re-use your login credentials for additional websites. We will track data separately for each website, and you should see each website listed under your account.

How do I configure my own message to the visitors with ad blockers?

Login into the portal, and you should see an «Edit rules» button on the right column for each of your sites. Click on the button for the site you want to customize and follow the directions from there. You can preview how the messages look on your site before you activate them.


28 de febrero de 2017
Does what it says.
23 de diciembre de 2016
Did not work one bit, the registration didn't work with our email (ends in *.email), I don't know how a developer didn't add all TLD's to it. So we made a temporary Gmail, which also didn't register my site to the portal at all as it showed us as having nothing attached to the account. Don't have time to waste on an Ad blocker that doesn't work with our email system TLD, nor one that doesn't even recognize our newly recognized server.
14 de diciembre de 2016
The best, works fine, multiple options, great job- Many thanks
3 de septiembre de 2016
ABX is a great tool. It has provided us with valuable insight into the number of ad blocker users coming to our sites. We’ve been impressed with the ability to easily review specific segments of users by parameters such as device type, time of day and geo. It has helped us better understand our user base and allowed us to optimize our traffic acquisition strategies.
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  • Fixed compatibility with SSL-enabled sites


  • improved compatibility with various WordPress installation environments


  • major update includes enhanced tracking plus additional reaction and rule configuration options
  • we strongly recommend people to upgrade as previous versions are being deprecated


  • minor bug fixes


  • fixed pageview and impression tracking


  • fix registration URL


  • Major version update, added capabilities to take action upon ad block detection


  • enhanced tracking capabilities and improved UI


  • optimized plugin footprint


  • fix various UI bugs


  • Versión inicial