Ads.txt Manager


Create, manage, and validate your ads.txt from within WordPress, just like any other content asset. Requires PHP 5.3+ and WordPress 4.9+.

What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt is an initiative by the Interactive Advertising Bureau to enable publishers to take control over who can sell their ad inventory. Through our work at 10up with various publishers, we’ve created a way to manage and validate your ads.txt file from within WordPress, eliminating the need to upload a file. The validation baked into the plugin helps avoid malformed records, which can cause issues that end up cached for up to 24 hours and can lead to a drop in ad revenue.

Technical Notes

  • Requires PHP 5.3+.
  • Requires WordPress 4.9+. Older versions of WordPress will not display any syntax highlighting and may break JavaScript and/or be unable to localize the plugin.
  • Rewrites need to be enabled. Without rewrites, WordPress cannot know to supply /ads.txt when requested.
  • Your site URL must not contain a path (e.g. or path-based multisite installs). While the plugin will appear to function in the admin, it will not display the contents at This is because the plugin follows the IAB spec, which requires that the ads.txt file be located at the root of a domain or subdomain.

What about ads.cert?

We’re closely monitoring continued developments in the ad fraud space, and see this plugin as not only a way to create and manage your ads.txt file but also be prepared for future changes and upgrades to specifications. Ads.cert is still in the extremely early stages so we don’t see any immediate concerns with implementing ads.txt.


  • Example of editing an ads.txt file with errors


  1. Install the plugin via the plugin installer, either by searching for it or uploading a .zip file.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Head to Settings → Ads.txt and add the records you need.
  4. Check it out at!

Note: If you already have an existing ads.txt file in the web root, the plugin will not read in the contents of that file, and changes you make in WordPress admin will not overwrite contents of the physical file.

You will need to rename or remove the existing ads.txt file (keeping a copy of the records it contains to put into the new settings screen) before you will be able to see any changes you make to ads.txt inside the WordPress admin.


14 de julio de 2019
Despite the opinion of the previous speaker, I decided to install this plugin. Google stopped swearing at the absence of the required file, and the file itself was accessible via the necessary link. Author, thanks for the plugin!
4 de julio de 2019
Plugin failed to create the ads.txt file in the location Google requires. It was assumed this plugin would achieve this simple task, and as a result revenue was lost, not to mention the strained relationship with Google for not complying with them. My advise is to just follow the simple instructions from Google. You don't need this plugin.
20 de marzo de 2018
Before, we had a file checked in to our repo for ads.txt. This meant that when changes needed to be made, someone had to edit the file, commit it and do a PR that needed to be removed. Thanks to this plugin, now the programmatic team can just login to WordPress and manage the Ads file. No PRs that require a signoff means we can be more nimble and the automated error checking helped us fix a problem as soon as we activated the plugin.
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