Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)


Advanced Custom Fields convierte los sitios de WordPress en un sistema totalmente adaptable de gestión de contenidos ofreciéndote las herramientas que precisas para sacar más partido de los datos.

Use the ACF plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens, custom field data, and more.

Add fields on demand.
The ACF field builder allows you to quickly and easily add fields to WP edit screens with only the click of a few buttons! Whether it’s something simple like adding an “author” field to a book review post, or something more complex like the structured data needs of an ecommerce site or marketplace, ACF makes adding fields to your content model easy.

Add them anywhere.
Fields can be added all over WordPress including posts, pages, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments and even custom options pages! It couldn’t be simpler to bring structure to the WordPress content creation experience.

Show them everywhere.
Load and display your custom field values in any theme template file with our hassle-free, developer friendly functions! Whether you need to display a single value or generate content based on a more complex query, the out-of-the-box functions of ACF make templating a dream for developers of all levels of experience.

Any Content, Fast.
Turning WordPress into a true content management system is not just about custom fields. Creating new custom post types and taxonomies is an essential part of building custom WordPress sites. Registering post types and taxonomies is now possible right in the ACF UI, speeding up the content modeling workflow without the need to touch code or use another plugin.

Simply beautiful and intentionally accessible.
For content creators and those tasked with data entry, the field user experience is as intuitive as they could desire while fitting neatly into the native WordPress experience. Accessibility standards are regularly reviewed and applied, ensuring ACF is able to empower as close to anyone as possible.

Documentación y guías para desarrolladores.
Más de 10 años de vibrante contribución comunitaria junto con un compromiso continuo con una documentación clara significa que podrá encontrar la orientación que necesita para crear lo que desea.


  • Simple e intuitivo
  • Potentes funciones
  • Más de 30 tipos de campos
  • Amplia documentación
  • Millones de usuarios



¡El plugin Advanced Custom Fields también está disponible en una versión profesional que incluye más campos, más funcionalidades y más flexibilidad!

  • El campo repetidor te permite crear un conjunto de subcampos que se pueden repetir una y otra vez.
  • ACF Blocks, un potente entorno basado en PHP para desarrollar tipos de bloques personalizados para el editor de bloques de WordPress (también conocido como Gutenberg).
  • Define, crea y gestiona el contenido con el campo de contenido flexible, que ofrece múltiples opciones de diseño y subcampos.
  • Usa la funcionalidad de la página de opciones para añadir páginas de administración personalizadas para editar los campos de ACF.
  • Crea galerías de imágenes totalmente personalizables con el campo galería
  • Desbloquea un flujo de trabajo más eficiente en la gestión de los ajustes de los campos reutilizando campos existentes y grupos de campos bajo demanda con el campo clon

Actualiza a la versión Pro


  • Simple e intuitivo

  • Hecho para desarrolladores

  • Todo sobre los campos

  • Registrando tipos de contenido personalizado

  • Registrando de taxonomías


Desde tu panel de WordPress

  1. Visita Plugins > Añadir nuevo
  2. Busca «Advanced Custom Fields» o «ACF»
  3. Instala y activa Advanced Custom Fields desde tu página de plugins
  4. Haz clic en el nuevo elemento de menú «ACF» y crea tu primer grupo de campos personalizados, o registra un tipo de contenido personalizado o una taxonomía.
  5. Lee la documentación para dar los primeros pasos


¿Qué tipo de apoyo ofreces?

Foros de soporte. Nuestros foros de comunidad proporcionan un gran recurso para buscar y encontrar respuestas y preguntas de asistencia. Puede crear un nuevo hilo en estos foros, sin embargo, no está garantizado que recibirá una respuesta de nuestro equipo de asistencia. Este es más un área para que los desarrolladores puedan hablar entre sí, publicar ideas, plugins y proporcionar ayuda básica. Ver el foro de soporte


29 de febrero de 2024 1 respuesta
As in title. What's the point of adding custom fields that then won't show when used as dynamic tags?
7 de febrero de 2024
Encore l'exemple d'un plugin qui fonctionnait bien et qui était stable, mais qui désormais prend ses utilisateurs pour des beta testeurs ! Les updates se succèdent parfois à quelques jours d'intervalle avec des fix successifs : c'est épuisant et peu respectueux du travail des agences qui passent de plus en plus de temps à effectuer ces mises à jour successives, juste parce que les développeurs ne prennent pas le temps de vérifier la stabilité et la compatibilité !
15 de enero de 2024
I've been utilizing ACF Pro to develop some exciting projects, but I encountered a major error within WordPress. Thanks to the assistance of the WP Engine team, we identified the core issue and successfully resolved it. What's particularly noteworthy is that they provided support without initially pinpointing whether ACF Pro was the culprit or if it was caused by another plugin. As it turns out, the issue was indeed caused by another plugin.
9 de enero de 2024
Ya me parecía maravilloso cuando podías añadir tus campos personalizados pero es que ahora también puedes crear y gestionar custom post types y taxonomías y tenerlo todo en un mismo lugar simplificando todo el ecosistema, como debería ser. Es un plugin que debería ser nativo de Wordpress.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


Release Date 8th April 2024

  • Enhancement – The Select2 escapeMarkup function can now be overridden when initializing a custom Select2
  • Fix – “Hide on Screen” settings are now correctly applied when using conditionally loaded field groups
  • Fix – Field names are no longer converted to lowercase when editing the name
  • Fix – Field group titles will no longer convert HTML entities into their encoded form


Release Date 2nd April 2024

  • New – Support for the Block Bindings API in WordPress 6.5 with a new acf/field source. For more information on how to use this, please read the release blog post
  • New – Support for performance improvements for translations in WordPress 6.5
  • Enhancement – A new JS filter, select2_escape_markup now allows fields to customize select2’s HTML escaping behavior
  • Fix – Options pages can no longer set to have a parent of themselves
  • Fix – ACF PRO license activations on multisite subsite installs will now use the correct site URL
  • Fix – ACF PRO installed on multisite installs will no longer try to check for updates resulting in 404 errors when the updates page is not visible
  • Fix – ACF JSON no longer produces warnings on Windows servers when no ACF JSON folder is found
  • Fix – Field and layout names can now contain valid non-ASCII characters
  • Other – ACF PRO now requires a valid license to be activated in order to use PRO features. Learn more


Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de febrero de 2024

  • Security Fix – the_field now escapes potentially unsafe HTML as notified since ACF 6.2.5. For full information, please read the release blog post
  • Security Fix – Field and Layout names are now enforced to alphanumeric characters, resolving a potential XSS issue
  • Security Fix – The default render template for select2 fields no longer allows HTML to be rendered resolving a potential XSS issue
  • Security Enhancement – A acf/shortcode/prevent_access filter is now available to limit what data the ACF shortcode is allowed to access
  • Security Enhancement – i18n translated strings are now escaped on output
  • Enhancement – ACF now universally uses WordPress file system functions rather than native PHP functions

Fecha de la versión – 7 de Febrero 2024

  • Fix – Fatal JS error no longer occurs when editing fields in the classic editor when Yoast or other plugins which load block editor components are installed
  • Fix – Using $escape_html on get functions for array returning field types no longer produces an Array to string conversion error


Fecha de lanzamiento: 6 de febrero de 2024

  • Enhancement – The get_field() and other get_ functions now support an escape_html parameter which return an HTML safe field value
  • Enhancement – The URL field will be now escaped with esc_url rather than wp_kses_post when returning an HTML safe value
  • Fix – ACF fields will now correctly save into the WordPress created revision resolving issues with previews of drafts on WordPress 6.4 or newer
  • Fix – Multisite subsites will now correctly be activated by the main site where the ACF PRO license allows, hiding the updates page on those subsites
  • Fix – Field types in which the required property would have no effect (such as the tab, or accordion) will no longer show the option
  • Fix – Duplicating a field group now maintains the current page of field groups being displayed
  • Fix – Fields in ACF Blocks in edit mode in hybrid themes will now use ACF’s styling, rather than some attributes being overridden by the theme
  • Fix – Text in some admin notices will no longer overlap the dismiss button
  • Fix – The word link is now prohibited from being used as a CPT name to avoid a WordPress core conflict
  • Fix – Flexible content layouts can no longer be duplicated over their maximum count limit
  • Fix – All ACF notifications shown outside of ACF’s admin screens are now prefixed with the plugin name
  • Fix – ACF no longer checks if a polyfill is needed for <PHP7 and the polyfill has been removed


Release Date 16th January 2024

  • Security Fix – The ACF shortcode will now run all output through wp_kses, escaping unsafe HTML. This may be a breaking change to your site but is required for security, a message will be shown in WordPress admin if you are affected. Please see the blog post for this release for more information. Thanks to Francesco Carlucci via Wordfence for the responsible disclosure
  • Security – ACF now warns via an admin message, when upcoming changes to the_field and the_sub_field may require theme changes to your site to avoid stripping unsafe HTML. Please see the blog post for this release for more information
  • Security – Users may opt in to automatically escaping unsafe HTML via a new filter acf/the_field/escape_html_optin when using the_field and the_sub_field before this becomes default in an upcoming ACF release.


Release Date 28th November 2023

  • Fix – Custom Post Types labels now match the WordPress 6.4 behavior for «Add New» labels
  • Fix – When exporting both post types and taxonomies as PHP, taxonomies will now appear before post types, matching the order ACF registers them. This resolves issues where taxonomy slugs will not work in post type permalinks
  • Fix – Advanced Settings for Taxonomies, Post Types or Options Pages now display with the correct top padding when toggled on
  • Fix – When a parent option page is set to «Redirect to Child Page», the child page will now correctly show it’s parent setting
  • Fix – When activated as a must-use plugin, the ACF PRO «Updates» page is now visible. Use the existing show_updates setting to hide
  • Fix – When activated as a must-use plugin, ACF PRO licenses defined in code will now correctly activate sites
  • Fix – When show_updates is set or filtered to false, ACF PRO will now automatically still activate defined licenses
  • i18n – Maintenance and internal upstream messages from the ACF PRO activation server are now translatable


Release Date 15th November 2023

  • View Release Post
  • New – An ACF Blocks specific JSON schema for block.json is now available on GitHub
  • New – Flexible Content fields now show the layout name in the layout’s header bar and supports click-to-copy
  • New – Duplicating Flexible Content layouts now appends «Copy» to their name and label, matching the behavior of field group duplication
  • Enhancement – ACF PRO will now automatically attempt license reactivation when the site URL changes, e.g. after a site migration. This resolves issues where updates may fail
  • Enhancement – Presentation setting for «High» placement of the Field Group made clear that it’s not supported in the block editor
  • Fix – acf_format_date now ensures the date parameter is valid to prevent fatal errors if other data types are passed in
  • Fix – CPTs with a custom icon URL now display the posts icon in the location column of the field groups screen
  • Fix – The ACF JSON import form will now disable on first submit resolving an issue where you could submit the form twice
  • Fix – The «Add Row» button in the Flexible Content field now displays correctly when using nested layouts
  • Fix – Warning and Error notices no longer flicker on ACF admin pages load
  • i18n – ACF PRO license activation success and error messages are now translatable


Release Date 25th October 2023

  • Enhancement – ACF Blocks which have not been initialized by the editor will now render correctly
  • Enhancement – Added a new acf/filesize filter to allow third party media plugins to bypass ACF calling filesize() on attachments with uncached file sizes, which may result in a remote download if offloaded
  • Enhancement – ACF PRO license status and subscription expiry dates are now displayed on the “Updates” page
  • Fix – Product pages for WooCommerce version 8.2 or newer now correctly support field group location rules
  • Fix – Relationship field items can now be removed on mobile devices
  • Fix – Color picker fields no longer autocomplete immediately after typing 3 valid hex characters
  • Fix – Field settings no longer appear misaligned when the viewport is something other than 100%
  • Fix – Select fields without an aria-label no longer throw a warning
  • Fix – CPTs and Taxonomies with a custom text domain now export correctly when using PHP export

Release Date 8th September 2023

  • Fix – Editing a field group no longer generates an error when UI options pages are disabled


Release Date 7th September 2023

  • New – Options Pages created in the admin UI can now be assigned as child pages for any top-level menu item
  • New – Added a «Title Placeholder» setting to ACF Post Types which filters the «Add title» text when editing posts
  • Enhancement – ACF PRO will now warn when it can’t update due to PHP version incompatibilities
  • Enhancement – ACF PRO will now work correctly with WordPress automatic updates
  • Enhancement – The internal ACF Blocks template attribute parser function parseNodeAttr can now be shortcut with the new acf_blocks_parse_node_attr filter.
  • Enhancement – Removed legacy code for supporting WordPress versions under 5.8
  • Fix – The «Menu Position» setting is no longer hidden for child options pages
  • Fix – The tabs for the «Advanced» settings in Post Types and Taxonomies are now rendered inside a wrapper div
  • Fix – Options pages will no longer display as a child page in the list view when set to a top level page after previously being a child
  • Fix – Conflict with Elementor CSS breaking the ACF PRO banner
  • Fix – Errors generated during the block editor’s savePost function will no longer be caught and ignored by ACF


Release Date 9th August 2023

  • View Release Post
  • New – ACF now requires WordPress version 5.8 or newer, and PHP 7.0 or newer. View the release post for more information
  • New – Bidirectional Relationships now supported for Relationship, Post Object, User and Taxonomy fields. View the release post for more information
  • New – Options Pages can now be registered and managed by the admin UI in ACF PRO
  • New – Link to the product feedback board added to the plugin footer
  • Enhancement – ACF JSON now supports multiple save locations (props Freddy Leitner)
  • Enhancement – ACF Post Types and Taxonomies can now be duplicated
  • Enhancement – The filename for JSON files can now be customized with the acf/json/save_file_name filter
  • Fix – REST updates of fields with choices containing integer or mixed keys now behave correctly
  • Fix – Using the block_type_metadata_settings PHP filter to add usesContext values no longer breaks ACF blocks
  • Fix – Notice to import post types/taxonomies from CPTUI no longer flashes on page load
  • Fix – Various buttons for fields in blocks now display correctly
  • Fix – The settings for the DateTime field are no longer cut off when nested in several fields in the field group editor
  • Fix – The newline added to the end of JSON files will now use PHP_EOL to detect the correct newline character with a filter acf/json/eof_newline to alter it.
  • i18n – Updated French and Portuguese translations (Thanks to pedro-mendonca and maximebj)


Release Date 3rd August 2023

  • Security Fix – This release resolves a stored XSS vulnerability in admin screens with ACF post type and taxonomy labels (Thanks to Satoo Nakano and Ryotaro Imamura)


Release Date 27th June 2023

  • New – Added new capability settings for ACF taxonomies
  • Enhancement – Added a new acf/field_group/auto_add_first_field filter which can be used to prevent new field groups from automatically adding a field
  • Enhancement – Field setting labels now have standard capitalization in the field group editor
  • Enhancement – Clone field now has a tutorial link
  • Enhancement – «Exclude From Search» CPT setting now has an improved description
  • Enhancement – The acf_get_posts() function now has acf/acf_get_posts/args and acf/acf_get_posts/results filters
  • Enhancement – Added a new acf/options_page/save action hook that gets fired during save of ACF Options Pages
  • Fix – Taxonomies are now initialized before post types, preventing some permalink issues
  • Fix – Increased the taxonomy slug maximum length to 32 characters
  • Fix – Extra tabs are no longer added to PHP exports with field settings containing multiple lines
  • Fix – ACF admin assets now load when editing profile and users for a multisite network
  • Fix – Blocks with recursive render_callback functions will no longer crash the editor
  • Fix – JSON files now end in a new line for better compatibility with code editors
  • i18n – layout(s) strings in Flexible Content fields are now translatable
  • i18n – Updated Polish translations


Release Date 4th May 2023

  • Security Fix – This release resolves an XSS vulnerability in ACF’s admin pages (Thanks to Rafie Muhammad for the responsible disclosure)
  • Fix – Duplicating fields in a new field group with field setting tabs disabled now behaves correctly


Release Date 2nd May 2023

  • Enhancement – Creating a new field group from the post-save actions for a post type or taxonomy will automatically populate the field group title
  • Enhancement – Empty values in list tables now display as a dash, rather than blank
  • Enhancement – The Generate PHP export tool for field groups now displays the code wrapped in the acf/include_fields action hook to match the recommended way of using acf_add_local_field_group, and the code is formatted correctly
  • Enhancement – Post count and Term count values in list tables now link through to the matching posts or terms
  • Enhancement – Added post-save actions to post type and taxonomies to create another
  • Enhancement – Selecting existing taxonomies when registering a Custom Post Type is now available in the Basic settings section rather than Advanced
  • Fix – Exclude From Search setting for custom post types now behaves correctly
  • Fix – Duplicating fields with sub fields no longer results in JS errors
  • Fix – Select2 field settings now render correctly when duplicating fields
  • Fix – Checkbox fields allowing custom values which use integer keys can now be updated over the REST API
  • Fix – Using the No Permalink rewrite setting for post type will no longer generate PHP warnings
  • Fix – The minimum rows not met validation message for the Repeater field type now correctly states the minimum rows are not met
  • Fix – The Range field type no longer cuts off three digit values
  • Fix – Created on and Delete Field Group now correctly only appear on the Group Settings tab of a field group
  • Fix – Padding for field settings tabs is now correct
  • i18n – Updated all PRO translation files, removing legacy free strings which are now handled through
  • i18n – Updated PRO translations with the latest contributions from GitHub (Thanks to @MilenDalchev, @Xilonz and @wiliamjk)


Release Date 12th April 2023

  • Fix – ACF now detects when another plugin or theme is loading an incompatible version of Select2, and will fallback to a basic select field for the field type selection
  • Fix – Post Object, Page Link and Relationship field types now use a default post_status filter of any, matching the behavior prior to ACF 6.1. This can be edited per field in the field group admin or via the acf/fields/$field_type/query filters
  • Fix – Post Type and Taxonomy key generation now uses dashes rather than underscores
  • Fix – The «add first» text no longer appears when no search results are found for ACF field groups, post types or taxonomies


Release Date 5th April 2023

  • Fix – ‘Create Terms’ button for taxonomy fields now displays correctly
  • Fix – ACF JSON field group files which have unsupported keys (not beginning with group_) will now load as field groups
  • Fix – Renaming capabilities for post types will now set map_meta_cap to true solving an issue with assigning permissions to roles for that post type


Release Date 4th April 2023

  • View Release Post
  • Fix – Calls to acf_add_options_page after acf_add_local_field_group before acf/init will now behave correctly
  • i18n – All new ACF 6.1 strings are now correctly English (United States) by default


Release Date 3rd April 2023

  • Fix – Calls to acf_add_local_field_group before acf/init now behave correctly


Release Date 3rd April 2023

  • View Release Post
  • New – Register Custom Post Types and Taxonomies using ACF. View the release post for full information
  • New – A new field type selection browser providing details on each type of field. View the release post for full information
  • New – PHP 8.1 and 8.2 support
  • Security Fix – ACF’s data serialization system will now prevent classes being unserialized. This prevents a potential security issue should an attacker know a vulnerable class is available, and can write malicious data to the database.
  • Enhancement – Post Object, Page Link and Relationship fields now support filtering by post status
  • Enhancement – Checkbox fields which allow custom entries can now be filtered to set custom text for the “Add New Choice” button using the custom_choice_button_text property
  • Fix – ACF Block field edit view buttons now work correctly inside reusable blocks
  • Fix – An empty callback function in now passed to scripts to prevent JS warnings when using Google Map fields
  • Fix – Checkbox field values now support keys indexed as 0
  • Fix – Automatic deactivation of the free or PRO plugin when activating the other now displays the correct message in the admin notice
  • Fix – Empty Flexible Content fields will no longer cause an error when used in the block editor on save
  • Fix – Admin notices now behave correctly and are closable in RTL languages


Release Date 18th January 2023

  • Improvement – Removed unnecessary “Layout” prefix for Flexible Content field layouts
  • Fix – Dragging and dropping fields containing settings rendered as radio button groups no longer removes the selected value
  • Fix – Using the WordPress default_page_template_title filter with two parameters no longer causes a fatal error
  • Fix – Select2 inputs in the content editor are no longer receiving styles from the ACF 6 admin UI
  • Fix – acf_add_local_field_group() now works with field group titles containing non-ASCII characters
  • Fix – Flexible Content field no longer has a missing icon for the “Duplicate” button
  • Fix – Clicking the “Add Field” button in a Flexible Content layout no longer adds an invalid field if there are other Flexible Content fields in the layout
  • Fix – Edit buttons for ACF blocks now behave correctly inside reusable blocks
  • Fix – Field settings rendered as a select2 field now correctly reinitialize when changing between field types


Release Date 13th December 2022

  • View Release Post
  • New – Flexible Content field now has a new admin user experience when editing layouts
  • New – Tabs for field settings in the field group editor can now be disabled via a new “Field Settings Tabs” screen option or with the new acf/field_group/disable_field_settings_tabs filter
  • Improvement – General field settings tab now selected by default when a field is opened
  • Fix – Sub fields are no longer initialized by their parent, resolving performance issues when field groups contain many nested sub fields
  • Fix – Frontend forms now disable the submit button after click to prevent multiple submissions
  • Fix – Unknown field types no longer display broken HTML in the field group editor
  • Fix – Returning an empty string via the acf/blocks/no_fields_assigned_message filter will no longer result in blocks without fields assigned having an extra wrapping div
  • Fix – Sites with WPML enabled no longer experience failed ACF updates due to license errors
  • Fix – Buttons featuring icons no longer have display issues when using RTL languages


Release Date 18th November 2022

  • Fix – Uploading multiple files nested in a subfield no longer causes a fatal error when using basic uploader (props @JoKolov)


Release Date 8th November 2022

  • Improvement – JavaScript initialization performance while editing large field groups has been improved, especially in Safari
  • Improvement – Tooltips for field settings are now shown as inline instructions
  • Improvement – Saving a field group is now disabled until a field group title has been entered
  • Improvement – Additional sanitization across various internal parts of the plugin
  • Fix – Dragging and dropping a field in no longer opens the field settings in Firefox
  • Fix – Copying the field name or key to the clipboard now works as expected for new or reordered fields, and subfields
  • Fix – Saving a field group will now temporarily disable the «Save Changes» button while saving
  • Fix – Block templates that include html comments as the first DOM element no longer crash the block editor on edit
  • Fix – Block templates that include InnerBlocks on the DOM’s first level no longer trigger JS warnings
  • Fix – Block templates that render other blocks now correctly render their InnerBlocks
  • Fix – Legacy block attribute values are no longer overwritten by blank defaults of new versions
  • Fix – Paginated Repeater fields now work with non-paginated Repeaters as subfields
  • Fix – Repeater pagination is now properly disabled while inside blocks
  • Fix – REST API no longer causes a PHP warning if $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] is not defined
  • Fix – REST API now supports integer keys for the Select field
  • Fix – REST API now supports passing null to Image and File fields
  • Fix – Invalid ACF meta keys no longer cause a fatal error when retrieved with get_fields()
  • a11y – The Relationship field is now fully accessible for keyboard navigation
  • i18n – Select dropdown arrow is now aligned correctly in RTL languages
  • i18n – Radio buttons are now aligned correctly in RTL languages


Release Date 18th October 2022

  • Security Fix – ACF shortcode security fixes detailed here
  • Improvement – Field names and keys now copy to clipboard on click, and do not open a field
  • Fix – The field type input now has default focus when adding a new field
  • Fix – ACF no longer publishes h1, h2 or h3 CSS classes outside of the ACF admin screens
  • Fix – Conditional field settings now work correctly across different tabs
  • Fix – The field list for sub fields are now full width
  • Fix – ACF admin notices now display with correct margin
  • Fix – Admin CSS improvements when using ACF in an RTL language
  • Fix – Clone fields now have the presentation tab for setting wrapper properties when in group display mode
  • Fix – Appended labels on field settings will now be displayed in the correct place
  • Accessibility – The move field modal is now keyboard and screen reader accessible


Release Date 29th September 2022

  • Improvement – Field group and field rows no longer animate on hover to reveal the action links
  • Fix – Field order is now saved correctly when fields are reordered
  • Fix – WordPress notice styles outside of ACF’s admin screens are no longer affected by the plugin’s CSS


Release Date 28th September 2022

  • Improvement – ACF’s header bar inside our admin pages is no longer sticky
  • Improvement – ACF’s admin pages no longer use a custom font
  • Fix – Duplicating flexible content layouts now works correctly
  • Fix – ACF CSS classes no longer target translated class names for sub pages, resolving issues when using ACF in a language other than English
  • Fix – ACF no longer reactivates when using WPML with different domains per language
  • Fix – i18n – Labels for some field settings no longer break onto multiple lines in languages other than English
  • Fix – Radio field types no longer generate a warning in logs due to invalid parameter counts
  • Fix – True/False field focus states no longer apply outside ACF admin screens
  • Fix – Focus states for many field types no longer show when interacting with a mouse input
  • Fix – ACF 6’s new Tab background colors no longer apply outside ACF admin screens, increasing readability
  • Fix – User fields named “name” no longer have a different label presentation view
  • Fix – Changing field types with subfields no longer removes those fields when switching field type and back
  • Fix – Resolved a potential fatal error if a third party plugin sets the global $post_type something other than a string
  • Fix – Tooltip alignment is no longer incorrect inside subfields
  • Fix – Resolved a potential JS error when third party plugins modify the metabox sort order


Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 de septiembre de 2022

  • Nuevo – ACF tiene ahora una interfaz de usuario refrescada con una mejor experiencia de usuario para editar los grupos de campos, incluyendo una nueva disposición en pestañas de los ajustes para los campos. Los desarrolladores de extensiones de terceros para ACF pueden leer más acerca de estos cambios opcionales para ser compatibles con las nuevas pestañas en nuestro anuncio de la nueva versión.
  • Nuevo – Los repetidores tienen ahora un ajuste opcional «Paginación» que puede ser utilizado para controlar el número de filas que se muestran de una vez. Puedes encontrar más detalles en nuestra documentación del campo repetidor.
  • Nuevo – Los bloques de ACF ahora tienen un sistema de versiones que permite a los desarrolladores optar por incluir nuevas características.
  • Nuevo – Los bloques de ACF ahora dan soporte a la versión 2, activando la compatibilidad con block.json, reduciendo el marcado que envuelve el bloque y otras características nuevas significativas. Todos los detalles y ejemplos se pueden encontrar en Qué hay de nuevo con los bloques de ACF en ACF 6.
  • Nuevo – Los bloques de ACF no utilizan más las IDs de bloque guardadas en el comentario de. bloque. Lee Qué hay de nuevo con los bloques de ACF en ACF 6 para más información.
  • Mejora – Las acciones en lote para grupos de campos ahora incluyen las opciones «Activar» y «Desactivar».
  • Corrección – ACF no realizará más una comprobación de actualización de base de datos multisitio en cada carga de administración una vez que la actualización se haya realizado.
  • Corrección – La precarga de bloques de ACF ahora funciona para bloques guardados en modo edición.
  • Corrección – Los formularios de edición de los bloques de ACF ahora se comportan correctamente si no están visibles al cargar.
  • Corrección – Los bloques de ACF ahora siempre disparan los eventos render_block_preview cuando la previsualización del bloque es mostrada o re-mostrada.
  • Corrección – Los bloques de ACF sin campos ahora mostrarán un texto de aviso y serán seleccionables en el editor de bloques. Este mensaje es filtrable con el filtro acf/blocks/no_fields_assigned_message, que te permite modificar tanto el mensaje a mostrar como el nombre del bloque en el que se está mostrando.
  • Corrección – Los acordeones dentro de un bloque de ACF ahora combinarán con los estilos de bloques nativos actuales.
  • Corrección – Los bloques de ACF que no contengan campos precargarán correctamente ahora.
  • Corrección – Cambios al contexto de un bloque de ACF ahora dispara un re-procesado.
  • Corrección – Un aviso raro dentro de wp_post_revision_field no será posible más.
  • Corrección – La opción de «mover» un campo no se muestra más para los campos cuando solo existe un grupo de campos.
  • Corrección – Se ha estandarizado el lenguaje para el estado de activación de grupos de campos a «activo» e «inactivo».
  • Corrección – SVGs que contengan etiquetas foreignObject se muestran correctamente en los bloques de ACF procesados con JSX.
  • Corrección – Los errores de servidor durante actualizaciones de ACF o comprobaciones de versión se cachean ahora durante 5 minutos en lugar de 24 horas.
  • Accesibilidad – La nueva interfaz de ACF ha mejorado significativamente la accesibilidad para lectores de pantalla y opciones alternativas de entrada.
  • i18n – Todas las cadenas dentro de ACF son ahora traducibles.
  • i18n – Los nombres de términos acentuados en los campos de taxonomía ya no están corruptos en la salida.
  • i18n – Las traducciones de ACF están ahora sincronizadas con las contribuciones desde en cada versión, incrementando los idiomas con los que ACF es compatible y actualizando muchas otras traducciones. Las cadenas de la versión PRO deberían ser aún enviadas como pull requests en GitHub (gracias adicionales a maximebj, emreerkan y Timothée Moulin por tus contribuiciones que se incluye aquí).


Release Date 4th May 2023

  • Security Fix – This release resolves an XSS vulnerability in ACF’s admin pages (Thanks to Rafie Muhammad for the responsible disclosure)


Release Date 3rd April 2023

  • Security Fix – ACF’s data serialization system will now prevent classes being unserialized. This prevents a potential security issue should an attacker know a vulnerable class is available, and can write malicious data to the database. See the 6.1.0 release post for more information


Release Date 18th October 2022

  • Security Fix – ACF shortcode security fixes from the ACF 6.0.3 release. See the 6.0.3 release post for more information


Release Date 14th July 2022

  • Security Fix – Inputs for basic file uploads are now nonced to prevent an issue which could allow arbitrary file uploads to forms with ACF fields (Thanks to James Golovich from Pritect, Inc.)


Release Date 6th April 2022

  • Fix – Cloned fields in custom named options pages now behave correctly
  • Fix – Default values and the acf/load_value filter are now applied if a field value load fails security validation
  • Fix – The ACF field is no longer present in REST responses if the ACF REST API setting is disabled
  • Fix – Duplicating a flexible content layout or repeater row now also replaces the field …