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This audio player is designed to play local audio files or radio streams on your website. It has 6 components: media player, wavesurfer, waveform visualization, equalizer, circular spectrum and play button.

Live Demo

View live demo here


Media player shortcode:

[UIMediaPlayer file="/demo.mp3" color="#c0c0c0" width="600"]

Wavesurfer shortcode:

[UIWaveSurfer file="/demo.mp3" color="#4fcb1d" color2="#8b8b8b"]

More shortcode examples


  • /screenshot-1.png
  • /screenshot-2.png
  • /screenshot-3.png
  • /screenshot-4.png


To install this plugin you need to do the following:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Insert shortcodes into the text of your post, list of the shortcodes provided below.


After I modify the shortcode it stopped working, why?
When you modify the text the wordpress editor could insert invisible markup. To remove that markup you can copy the shortcode to notepad, and than copy it back from notepad to wordpress editor.

Why this player does not play media file from remote url?
Due to web browser security policy it does not allow to read and process audio which located on remote host. The exception are files where «Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *» is present, such files can be played remotely.


7 de abril de 2021
The Alex Player is great. It has lots of customizations for each layout, and it is very flexible in how you can use it within your site. I use it on two sites, and have multiple customizations on one of those sites (including letting listeners download clips of audio). The support is also outstanding.
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  • Added: New engine based on AudioWorklet technology, whuch works only on https
  • Added: Ability to reorder items inside playlist using drag&drop


  • Fixed: Equalizer presets popup was not appear with jQuery v3.5.1


  • Added: Ability to fix media player to the corner of the window
  • Fixed: Radio shortcode was reworked, old shortcode is supported but not ducumented any more


  • Added: Playlist partial implementation


  • Fixed: Audio screensaver reworked
  • Fixed: Visualizations behind the page visible area will not eat processor time


  • Added: Player can work with or without jQuery
  • Added: Optional download selection button inside wavesurfer
  • Fixed: Wavesurfer scrollbar becomes transparent


  • Fixed: Playback engine reworked
  • Added: Radio support


  • Added: Added ability to set channels count for Wavesurfer


  • Fixed: First screensaver reworked


  • Added: First screensaver


  • Added: Equalizer becomes free component


  • Added: Equalizer can load previous values after page refresh


  • Added: Wavesurfer selection color change ability
  • Added: Ability to download selected area inside Wavesurfer in WAV or MP3 format


  • Added: WordPress 5.5 support


  • Added: Added ability to hide play button for media player and wavesurfer


  • Added: Spectrum visualization on top of media player


  • Added: Only one instance at a time can play right now, all the other instances will be paused
  • Added: Wavesurfer selection


  • Added: Local video playback ability


  • Added: Ability to play url streams


  • Fixed: Equalizer multiple instance support
  • Added: Looped playback option


  • Fixed: On small audio files wavesurfer stops not on the end of file


  • Fixed: Volume change does not slow down the performance
  • Added: Bars visualization for media player
  • Added: Equalizer


  • Fixed: z-index bug for circular spectrum
  • Fixed: Player now works on iOS


  • Improved: Wavesurfer time line updates more smoothly
  • Added: Ability to play remote URLs which are not blocked by CORS


  • Fixed: Waveform visualization on wide screens


  • Added: Circular spectrum component
  • Added: Play button component


  • Fixed: Real time visualization right now works immediately
  • Fixed: Waveform right now displays global audio from all media players inside the page


  • Fixed: All the components with same file name will be connected together
  • Added: For the big audio files it takes long time for wavesurfer to load visual data, this problem solved by adding one more file near current mp3 file that already has cached visual data


  • Fixed width bug

1.05, 1.06

  • Initial release for WordPress