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AllAccessible is a powerful WordPress accessibility plugin engineered to augment your website’s accessibility for all users. The free version is a breeze to install and offers a fully customizable accessibility widget, enabling content, orientation, and design control to all visitors. We ensure the plugin’s compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and regularly introduce new features to stay abreast of evolving accessibility standards.

Boost your website’s accessibility with AllAccessible’s extensive features:

♿ Accessibility Widget ♿

Empower all visitors to personalize their browsing experience on your website, with our dynamic Accessibility Widget that includes:

Content Control Features
Design Control Features
Orientation Control Features

AllAccessible Premium: Unlock a New Dimension in Accessibility

The AllAccessible Premium subscription unleashes a plethora of additional features to optimize your website for individuals with disabilities, such as visual impairment, hearing loss, or mobility difficulties. AllAccessible strictly adheres to WCAG, Section 508, ADA, and ACT compliance rules and best practices. With AllAccessible Premium, you amplify your website’s accessibility, reduce legal risk, enhance your brand image, extend your outreach, and foster innovation.

Benefit from a user-friendly interface that allows swift plugin configuration to meet your unique needs.

Experience AllAccessible Premium with a risk-free 7-day trial, no credit card required. Our service is available at just $10/mo. Non-Profit organizations are eligible to apply for a free license here:

Unveil enhanced capabilities with AllAccessible Premium:

♿ Widget de accesibilidad mejorada ♿

  • Diccionario en línea
  • Preset User Profiles
  • Texto a voz
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Árbol de enlaces de páginas
  • Accessibility Accommodation Requests

🤖 AI-Powered Accessibility Remediation 🤖

AllAccessible Premium employs advanced AI technology to continuously scan your website for accessibility gaps, dynamically applying non-invasive adjustments in real-time.

Our AI does the heavy lifting for you, including:

  • Automatically adding missing image alt text descriptions
  • Validating Page Structure and Role definitions
  • Validación y corrección de nombres de enlaces
  • Creación de etiquetas Aria para la optimización del lector de pantalla

✅ Accessibility Scans and Reports ✅

Run unlimited accessibility scans and receive a corresponding report. AllAccessible Premium’s Accessibility reports provide comprehensive and categorized details including:

  • Un resumen de los problemas y resaltado del código donde se produjeron los problemas
  • La gravedad de cualquier problema, incluidas las prácticas recomendadas
  • The Mapping of Accessibility Issues to WCAG, Section 508, ADA, and ACT rules

📊 Remediation and Administrative Dashboards 📊

Our user-friendly dashboard interfaces allow you to make quick and easy adjustments to Ai generated content, and user requests, no coding required!

The Administrative dashboards give you complete control over your site allowing you to add users, add sites and subdomains, address accommodation requests, and adjust your application settings.

ℹ️ Knowledge Base ℹ️

La documentación completa del producto, los videos instructivos están disponibles para todos los usuarios.

🆘 Soporte dedicado 🆘

AllAccessible provides dedicated support, to help answer any questions you may have.

🤝 Programa de socios 🤝

AllAccessible offers a profitable, flexible, and simple partner program to help digital agencies build their own branded solutions powered by AllAccessible. These solutions provide your clients with competitive accessibility solutions while generating new sources of revenue for you!

Partners can leverage AllAccessible’s technology to create differentiated services across a wide range of website accessibility use cases such as:

  • Marca blanca y reventa
  • Implementación y configuración
  • Accommodation as a Service
  • Remediation Services
  • ¡Y más!

Los socios reciben beneficios adicionales que incluyen:

  • A free AllAccessible License for their website
  • Discounted Licensing Costs
  • Un listado en nuestro directorio de socios
  • Acceso a nuestro portal de socios con recursos gratuitos como SOW y material de marketing para ayudar a impulsar los ingresos

Apply to be a partner here



For Plugin Support, visit the AllAccessible Support Page
AllAccessible Terms and Conditions

AllAccessible Would Love Your Feedback

Our goal is to simplify content management between both platforms. Please share any feedback using the AllAccessible Feedback Form.


  • Frontend accessibility widget allows users to modify their view of the website.
  • Access to complete website accessibility audits in the AllAccessible dashboard.
  • Widget and Accessibility engagement stats available in the AllAccessible dashboard.
  • Manage Ai Remediation elements in the AllAccessible dashboard.


  1. In the Plugins admin area, click add new and search for AllAccessible OR Download and upload the entire allaccessible folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Verify the free version plugin is working on the homepage of the website.

  3. To enable AllAccessible premium, click the AllAccessible menu item in the WP Admin to get to the settings page. The settings page make an API call to our service to retrieve plugin settings. The API call is only made when visiting the settings page.

  4. Under the AllAccessible Account Authorization area you’ll have two options: If you have an existing account with AllAccessible, please add the account id in the field. If you do not have an account, simply verify your email address and click create account.

  5. Make adjusts to the widget position, size, icon, color, and other options on the settings screen. Settings are automatically saved.

  6. Verify the plugin is working on the homepage of the website.


Is AllAccessible Free?

AllAccessible for WordPress included a basic widget that is free. The widget include contrast, color, sizing, and other minor adjustments. We do offer a more comprehensive premium solution that can be activated from within the plugin settings.

Do I need to change any code on my site?

No! This plugin will connect the accessibility widget to your WordPress wesbite with no coding required.

Can I damage my site with this plugin?

No! This plugin will allow your visitors to adjust their viewing experience on their end only. This plugin will not adjust any of your code or make any changes to your database.

How does this work on WordPress Multisite?

We allow for unlimited subdomains, so one license can be applied to all of your Multisite websites.


20 de mayo de 2024
I’m so blown away by this plugin! The free feature has so many useful tools and the premium edition unlocks even more awesome tools. Without this plugin existing, I would have had to use at least three separate plugins. Kudos to this team for creating such an awesome plugin and making it super easy to unlock all of these features.
11 de diciembre de 2023
I must have tried 20 other accessibility plugins and none came close to this amazing plugin. First of all, the options in the free version are awesome, but the Pro Version takes accessibility to a whole new level. Someone who can’t read can actually have each page read out loud to them. This plugin does things I never even thought of. I had several minor issues and was shocked to receive personal replies from the support team almost immediately, and each issue was successfully resolved. If I can offer the reader one piece of advice, it would be to install this plugin, and upgrade to the Pro Version. Similar accessibility plugins with fewer options cost much more than #10/month. Don’t let this one go by. Accessibility for all people to be able to navigate your website will only become more important in the future. Thank you AllAccessible Team for this wonderful plugin and for your amazing customer service.
25 de septiembre de 2023
This plugin works, and it can be translated to other languages. Thank you.
7 de agosto de 2023
This app installed in 1-click and opened up my page to more users, and much more possibilities. It was very easy and has expanded the audience who’s able to interact and use my site.
31 de mayo de 2023
Great plugin, a lot of features even with the free version. A ‘must have’ pluging for anyone looking after a accessibility plugin. Thanks and congratulations to the team.
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