Alt Text AI – Automatically generate image alt text for SEO and accessibility

Descripción automatically generates alt text for your images.

Automatic: Every uploaded image is analyzed and alt text is automatically added to the image properties.

Optimized SEO for WooCommerce: Our Ecommerce Vision system intelligently includes your product name in the generated alt text.

Keyword-rich alt text: Incorporates focus keyphrases from popular SEO plugins using natural language.

Chat GPT: Use your own custom ChatGPT prompt to automatically modify the generated alt text.

Multiple Languages: Over 130 languages for alternative text. Support for WPML and Polylang translations.

Bulk Actions: Use our Bulk Generate tool or bulk action dropdown to add alt text to existing images in your library.

Review and Edit: See what was processed and manually edit the generated alt text if desired.

Try for FREE: No credit card needed to start on a trial plan.

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  • Alt Text is automatically added when you upload an image.
  • WooCommerce product images have alt text optimized with the product name.
  • Add your API key on the settings page. You will see your current plan and usage.
  • The Bulk Update tool can be used to generate alt text for images already in your library.
  • Use the History page to review the generated alt text.


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for «Alt Text AI»
  3. Install and Activate Alt Text AI from your Plugins page
  4. Visit to sign up for a free trial or paid plan.
  5. Link your account by copying your API key into the Alt Text AI plugin settings page.
  6. Upload an image to have alt text generated automatically!


See our FAQ for answers to our most common questions.


29 de marzo de 2024
Great product! In all my tests, it understands images very well, almost as well as a human. If you just use it for alt text to make your site more accessible, its a win, in my book!
15 de marzo de 2024 1 respuesta
I couldn't get the WordPress integration to work and emailed customer service. They provided speedy and excellent service. It was great to work with Dave. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to get it resolved so quickly. Here's a tip to save you time if you have the same tools I do (WordPress and Elementor Pro):After you follow their directions to connect WordPress to Alt+Text.Ai, follow the directions on how to update the photos in your WordPress Media Library. However, there is one differentiation if you use Elementor:**Make sure you are using the classic menu in WordPress instead of Elementor’s menu that takes over** Media > View (top right of page) > Classic View If pressing the ‘Update Alt Text’ button does not work, check to make sure that your image is 10 MB and under which is their limit for image processing. You also need to use the classic view on bulk updates in the WordPress pages and posts sections.
27 de octubre de 2023 1 respuesta
Streamline Accessibility Compliance: Alt Text AI plugin automatically generates accurate alternative text descriptions for images, ensuring your website meets accessibility standards and guarantees equal access to all users, including those with visual impairments. Enhance SEO and Organic Traffic: By optimizing your website's images with keyword-rich alternative text generated by Alt Text AI, you can improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and attract more potential customers to your site. Save Time and Increase Efficiency: With Alt Text AI's powerful automation capabilities, you can skip the time-consuming task of manually adding alt text to every image on your website. This plugin seamlessly integrates into your content management system, reducing workload and improving productivity. Boost User Engagement and Experience: By providing accurate alternative text descriptions for images, Alt Text AI ensures that visually impaired users can fully understand the context of each image on your website. This inclusivity enhances user engagement, satisfaction, and overall browsing experience. Future-Proof Your Website: As technology evolves, so do accessibility standards. Alt Text AI stays up-to-date with the latest best practices in alternative text generation for images, ensuring that your website remains compliant with any future accessibility requirements or regulations without any additional effort on your part.
16 de octubre de 2023
This plugin is a godsend. Yes, it's a little pricy, especially if you only need it for a few images at a time and you can keep up with it as you go. But if you're working through hundreds or thousands of images, this plugin is worth its weight in gold and is worth every penny. It's a little bare bones now, but developers are also responsive and the plugin is improving. Take it from a guy going through about 18,000 images. This is a *very* useful tool.
27 de agosto de 2023 4 respuestas
The AI works alright on obvious images, but struggles with any real detail or description. The alt text is not sufficient for someone who is visually impaired and although it claims it is SEO optimized, it is not. There is no ability to factor in keywords to the images at all. It's a cool idea that has not been executed to the best of it's ability. I'll continue to do my alt text in ChatGPT or manually at this point as it'll get me more than "two dogs in car" - it didn't even try to note anything about their breeds, that they were in the backseat (which was obvious from the photo), or the size of them. Update: The new integration with SEO is better but still needs work. 1/2 the time it over generalizes images like I said above with the two dogs in a car. Now it can include some SEO keywords which is great, but it's only if it's added at the library level if the image was uploaded inside of a single post. Since many of us re-use them across posts, it'd be great to be able to add the alt text at a post level so it can be varied per post. Otherwise your database gets bogged down. I'd still love to see more specifics. I find with text on images it can read about two words then it gives up. I've also got about 1/5th of the generated alt text coming back with errors like "[text text text] I couldn't read this" or "plane - airplane - sky". If you're limited on credits this would be a frustration. All the being said, I am nitpicking because alt text is one of the most important things to be as a disabled user myself and with disabled family. For 99% of bloggers this would be the perfect plugin. And it's much better than keyword stuffing your alt text or not including any at all. I share my concerns hoping they'll develop the plugin more, as they already have. It;'s come a long way since I first trialled it months ago.
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«Alt Text AI – Automatically generate image alt text for SEO and accessibility» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


Add history page


No redirect on plugin install


Fix filesize for local files.


Fix warning issue. Add AI model name.


Clean up some PHP warnings.


Option for product names from image titles.


Support refresh on WooCommerce products


Copy update for media filter


Fix missing array key issue.


Add filter to media list.


Ensure generate metadata function available.


Handle rate limits. Option for bulk refresh overwrite.


Better handling for images missing metadata.


Add timeout setting.


Update README tags.


Handle media files without WP extension data.


More robust post refresh processing.


Update bulk generate UI every image.


Support URLs without protocols in posts. Fix bulk update selection bug.


Support refreshing external images in posts.


Add custom ChatGPT prompt.


Add setting for suffix string.


Support user-defined filter for skipping attachments.


Warn when API key not set.


Update action hook with additional param.


Add action hook for alt text generated.


Fix refresh post overwrite bug. Compatibility with WP 6.4.


Add overwrite and keywords to refresh post.


Add filter for custom bulk action post types.


Handle errors during bulk generate.


Add only-new filter for bulk updates.


Add documentation link to plugin listing.


Allow keywords for bulk action updates.


Fix Yoast sql syntax error.


Add CSV import, restyle pages, separate database.


Fix refresh not working in some editors.


Add keywords to single update alt text.


Add negative keywords to bulk generate. Add bulk refresh action.


Only show post alert if changes pending.


Add alt text refresh for posts and pages.


Add support for WPML.


Generate ALT for an image in post edit screen. Fix bug for audio uploads.


Bulk generate keywords, prefix strings, file type filtering.


Fix default language.


Transform settings page to use Settings API


Syntax fix for older PHP versions


Fix support for PHP versions prior to 7.3


Bump version on main plugin source.


Fix bug with chinese language settings.


Add support for Squirrly SEO plugin keywords.
Add fallback to post title option for keywords.
Bump WP supported version.


Checkbox to allow bulk generate to only work on attached media files.


Properly support Polylang Pro, and auto-translate new media.
Add new filter atai_ecomm_data to filter custom ecommerce data.


Show setup panel on activation.
Add new filter atai_seo_keywords to filter SEO keywords for an image.


Add link to Reviews


Support for SEOPress plugin.


Allow bulk update of all images.


Add support for Polylang translations.


Add support for AllInOne SEO and RankMath keyphrases.


Generate alt text for multiple selected images in media library.
Support Yoast SEO Premium related keyphrases.
Fix some Yoast keyword fetch issues.


Ability to set caption and description along with title.
Use SEO keywords from Yoast for alt text generation.


Use Ecommerce Vision with WooCommerce products.


More robust bulk generate execution.


Add button in media modal when navigating through next and previous buttons.


Reduce memory usage in Bulk Generate tool.


Skip unnecessary webhook calls.


Show notice when account has insufficient credits


Update settings page


Copy changes


Include WebP support


Small fix for display of account credits.


Allow up to 10MB images.


Increase timeout for alt text API call.


Support for updating image title with alt text.


Updates view on Bulk Generate completion.


Update alt text for individual pages without refreshing page.


Support for generating alt text for individual images.


Fix: Bulk generate reliability and UI.


Update readme and screenshots.


Add support for multiple languages.


Add support for non-public sites.


Add support for human-reviewed images.


Better bulk update error handling.


Copy changes


Update some text styling.


Fix: Send scaled image when uploading new image


Initial version.