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AMP Enhancer is a Compatibility Layer for Official AMP Plugin.

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  • Multiple Popups functionality in AMP Pages.
  • Display Popups based on Conditions such as Globally or Homepage.
  • Show popups on every time page loads or after a specific time condition logic.
  • Outputs AMP Compatible Code and Shortcodes of other plugins too.

Custom CSS

  • Added CSS Editor to add Custom CSS to your AMP Post/Pages.

Compatibilities More info:
Third Party Plugins Supported Features are listed below-


  • Add to Cart Response.
  • Single Product Gallery Support.
  • Single Product Tab Functionality.
  • Cart Page Coupon Code Functionality
  • Update Cart Support.
  • Variable Product Support.
  • Shop and Archives Page Orderby Sorting.


  • Added All Modules Support.

Contact Form 7

  • Submit Response
  • Form Validation
  • reCAPTCHA(v3) Module support.

GDPR Cookie Consent

  • Added Support of All the 3 Cookies
  • viewed_cookie_policy
  • CookieLawInfoConsent
  • cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary/cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary


  • Added Accordion Support.
  • Added Toggle Support.

Cookie Notice

  • Customizable message & Link to Privacy Policy page .
  • Connected with the Option to refuse & revoke the consent.
  • Full design Compatibility.

GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, PIPEDA ready)

  • Includes both ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’ buttons Support.
  • Connected with the Option of Consent expiration settings.
  • Includes link to Privacy Policy page
  • Full design Compatibility.

WordPress Zero Spam

  • Added Contact Form 7 Plugin Compatibility.
  • Added WordPress Zero Spam hidden Field in WordPress Comments to submit Comment Forms in AMP.
  • Included Formidable Form Builder Plugin Support with WordPress Zero Spam plugin in AMP Pages.

Table of Contents Plus

  • Added Toggle functionality.
  • Connected with Show & Hide text option of TOC+ settings panel.
  • Also Connected with the option of Hide the table of contents initially.

Easy Table of Contents

  • Added Toggle functionality.
  • Connected with the Initial View option of Table of Content Settings Panel.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

  • Added Toggle functionality.
  • Connected with the option of Label Show & Label Hide text option from LuckyWP TOC Settings panel.
  • Also Connected with the option of bydefault items of contents will be hidden.

Shortcodes Ultimate

  • Added Spoiler Shortcode Support.
  • Added Accordion Shortcode Functionality.


  • Renders Form HTML in AMP.
  • Form Submission and form validation.

Ninja Forms

  • Renders Form HTML in AMP.
  • Form Submission and form validation.

kk Star Ratings

  • Added Rating feature in AMP
  • Connected with Globally activate/deactivate the star ratings Option.
  • Connected with Unique votes (based on IP Address) option of KK Star settings.

Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress

  • Added Collapsible List Layout Support.
  • Added Support of Scrollable List Layout.

Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks

  • Form Module Proper Submit Response.
  • Form Validation.

Astra Pro

  • Added Sticky Header Module Support and also connected with the options stick primary header & sticky header on devices
  • Added Scroll To Top Module Support.
  • Added advance search styles feature support for all the four options slide,full-screen,header cover and search box.
  • Off-Canvas Mobile Menu Module Full Support.

  • Rendering whatsapp floating button in AMP.
  • Dynamic variables support.

WP Social Chat

  • Rendering whatsapp floating button in AMP.


  • Added Responsive Image Gallery Support.
  • Added Simple Portfolio Support.
  • Added Single Thumbnail Gallery Support.
  • Added Image Viewer Gallery Support.


  • Added Popups Support.
  • Displays campaigns on AMP Pages.

Helpie FAQ

  • Fully responsive Accordion.
  • Basic FAQ Shortcode builder for all pages and posts.
  • Search Feature Support.


  • Added Shortcode Email Subscription Support.

Smart Slider 3

  • Added Shortcode Support.

Fancy Comments WordPress

  • Full Plugin Support.

Adapta RGPD

  • Cookie Banner Support.

Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

  • Table of Contents Block Support.
  • FAQ-Schema Block Support.

Ninja Tables

  • Shortcode Support.
  • Full design Compatibility.

Redirection for Contact Form 7

  • Redirect to any URL.

WPFront Notification Bar

  • Added Notification Bar Support.
  • Connected with Enabled and Position Options.

Flatsome Theme UX Builder

  • UX Slider Support.
  • UX Banner Support.
  • UX Image Support.
  • UX Logo Support.
  • UX Grid Support.

AddToAny Share Buttons

  • Added Print functionality.

Beaver Builder Plugin

  • Added Accordion Support.
  • Added Tabs Support.

Feature Requests, Issues, Pull Requests

Here is our repository on GitHub. Send us your pull requests, feature requests or issues, if any.



16 de marzo de 2021
The support team is very friendly and helpful. I think this plugin shouldn't be free because for example I live in Turkey and we can't use Paypal here so when I want to donate and support the plugin Credit card is my only choice, unfortunately. Don't make it free, A good progress and development take time and dedication. These are the things that must be paid for.
10 de marzo de 2021
Great plugins works very well, in my configuration the cart was not updated and the price of the variants to the order for this we contacted the customer service. We have been given great service and help with configuring the plugins and working properly with our features by creating a secondary plugin before updating it. Great technical support thank you very much I will donate something for future implementations
3 de febrero de 2021
There are no words for me to say how much this plugin helped me with my Cookie Notice for my AMP website and other plugins. I have had researched for days to make different plugins to implement in my AMP site and to a dead end, until I found this plugin. Please keep working on it, you are a new star rising! Never give up!
25 de enero de 2021
Core web vitals will be here in may and will change the internet landscape. AMP will (still) be part of that. The official wp amp plugin is great and does some of the heavylifting for wordpress, but the fact is that many popular plugin developers (elementor, divi, toolset, ...) do not seem to be worried about complying with google core web vitals or pagespeed. End customers are aware and complain how their sites suddenly rank low in pagespeed. Since last november, in my company we stopped using elementor pro (which was the preferred page builder) and are not planning on renewing, rather moving totally to gutenberg. But the fact is that, even with gutenberg, there is still a lot of functionality outside the amp ecosystem. Luckilly, AMP Enhancer exists and is a real gamechanger. Thank you guys for this amazing plugin!!
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Registro de cambios

1.0.41 (1st May 2021)

  • Added Elementor Video Module Support.

1.0.40 (27 April 2021)

  • Resolved the issue of WooCommerce Product images not being Cropped properly.

1.0.39 (17 April 2021)

  • Fixed the issue of Close(x) mark is not visible on mobiles device of Popup feature.

1.0.38 (13 April 2021)

  • Added Beaver Builder Plugin Support.

1.0.37 (2 April 2021)

  • Fixed the issue of AddToAny Share Buttons Plugin Print functionality not working in amp.
  • Fixed the issue of WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache Plugins Setting’s Page CSS & js scripts are not loading when AMP Plugin is active.

1.0.36 (30 March 2021)

  • Fixed the error of failed to open gallery-image-viewer.php file of Foogallery Plugin.

1.0.35 (27 March 2021)

  • Added Flatsome Theme UX Builder Support.
  • Added Popup feature support in reader mode.

1.0.34 (22 March 2021)

  • Added Image Viewer Gallery Support of FooGallery Plugin.

1.0.33 (16 March 2021)

  • Added Pot File for string translation.
  • Added WPFront Notification Bar Plugin Support.

1.0.32 (11 March 2021)

  • Added Redirection for Contact Form 7 Plugin Support.
  • Fixed the issue of Zakra theme Sub menu’s are not displaying in AMP.

1.0.31 (8 March 2021)

  • Added Ninja Tables Plugin Shortcode Support.

1.0.30 (1st March 2021)

  • Added Variable Product Support of WooCommerce Plugin.

1.0.29 (23 February 2021)

  • Added Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Plugin Table of Contents and FAQ-Schema Blocks Support.

1.0.28 (19 February 2021)

  • Added Adapta RGPD Plugin Support.

1.0.27 (17 February 2021)

  • Added reCAPTCHA(v3) Module support of Contact Form 7 Plugin.

1.0.26 (15 February 2021)

  • Added the functionality of Hide When Scrolling Down Option of Astra Theme Sticky Header.
  • Fixed the issue of Mobile Menu Toggle Button not working when only Astra theme is activated without Astra Pro plugin.

1.0.25 (10 February 2021)

  • Fixed the issue of Astra Theme Menu Toggle Button not working when Old header/footer option is used.

1.0.24 (5 February 2021)

  • Added Divi theme builder Accordion & Toggle Support.
  • Added Fancy Comments WordPress Plugin Support.

1.0.23 (4 February 2021)

  • Added Smart Slider 3 Plugin Shortcode Support.

1.0.22 (29 January 2021)

  • Added Helpie FAQ Plugin Search Feature Support.

1.0.21 (27 January 2021)

  • Added ConvertKit Shortcode Email Subscription Support.

1.0.20 (23 January 2021)

  • Added Astra Off-Canvas Menu Module All the three Header Types(Flyout,Fullscreen,Dropdown),Position & Content Alignment Support.

1.0.19 (21 January 2021)

  • Added Astra Addon Off-Canvas Mobile Menu Module Support.

1.0.18 (20 January 2021)

  • Added Helpie FAQ Plugin Support.

1.0.17 (18 January 2021)

  • Added Icegram Plugin Popup Campaigns Support.

1.0.16 (12 January 2021)

  • Added Responsive Image Gallery,Simple Portfolio & Single Thumbnail Gallery Support of FooGallery Plugin.

1.0.15 (11 January 2021)

  • Added plugin support.
  • Added WP Social Chat plugin support.

1.0.14 (7 January 2021)

  • Added Astra Pro Plugin advance search styles feature Support for all the four options slide,full-screen,header cover and search box.

1.0.13 (5 January 2021)

  • Added Astra Pro Plugin Sticky Header and Scroll To Top Modules Support.

1.0.12 (2 January 2021)

  • Added Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlocks Plugin Form Support.

1.0.11 (30 December 2020)

  • Added Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress Plugin Compatibility.

1.0.10 (26 December 2020)

  • Added kk Star Ratings Plugin Compatibility.

1.0.9 (23 December 2020)

  • Added Contact Form by WPForms Plugin Compatibility.
  • Added Ninja Forms Contact Form Plugin Compatibility.

1.0.8 (21 December 2020)

  • Added Custom CSS Feature to add additional CSS in AMP Post/Pages.

1.0.7 (18 December 2020)

  • Added Popup Feature to display popups in AMP Post/Pages.

1.0.6 (14 December 2020)

  • Added Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin Spoiler and Accordion Shortcode Functionality.

1.0.5 (11 December 2020)

  • Added the Compatibility with LuckyWP Table of Contents Plugin.

1.0.4 (9 December 2020)

  • Added Table of Contents Plus Plugin Compatibility.
  • Also Added the Compatibility of Easy Table of Contents Plugin.

1.0.3 (5 December 2020)

  • Added WordPress Zero Spam Plugin Compatibility.

1.0.2 (2 December 2020)

  • Added GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, PIPEDA ready) Plugin Compatibility.

1.0.1 (27 November 2020)

  • Added Settings Page Support

1.0 (18 November 2020)

  • Initial Release