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diciembre 12, 2018
I really like google analytics, being able to know how many people have viewed my site from many countries all over the world. The problem I am finding is that it is giving me inaccurate information. For example telling me I had 18 viewers from my home city, but I had 20 viewers from St Petersberg, Russia as well as 20 from Paris, France and 20 from Oslo, Norway... Not likely. Also I show 0 viewers from El Salvador yet I know I have viewers from this country because I have family there and they are interested in what I am writing. They generally don't view it a lot because their English isn't great. Then I posted a blog in Spanish and still analytics says 0 viewers from El Salvador but that was when I got 20 from Russia. I suspect somehow analytics is mistracking Russia instead of El Salvador. This is a problem with the programming I imagine.
julio 24, 2018
I had trouble with seeing my data, their support team remoted into my computer and fixed. it. Thanks!
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