Auto Robot – RSS Feed Autoblogging


Auto Robot is an auto blogging WordPress Plugin that make you can generate WordPress posts from as many article source, include RSS Feed, Social Media, Videos, Images, Sound and etc.
This plugin comes with built in options that you can use to generate different posts as you needed.

By using this Auto Robot plugin, you can scrape the best content from all around the web from multiple sources, and with the post template feature, you can also insert your ads code like adsense, which will make your website become a many money auto blogging website in seconds.


Premium | Pro Features | Documentation | Videos Guides

Free Features:

  • Autoblogging with the unlimited keywords and scraper campaigns
  • No Duplicate Content. Advanced options to checks and verify the plugin will not post any duplicate content on your site.
  • Autoblogging with long tail keywords supported
  • Keyword suggestions feature using the google suggest api
  • Schedule publish posts with custom date and frequency
  • Use WP Cron Jobs schedule system to run all scraper campaigns on backend automatically
  • Set post type include post, page, attachment and custom post types
  • Set post status include publish, draft, private, pending
  • Set post author for autoblogging system
  • Insert custom content before and after post template
  • Set the RSS campaigns generated post content words limit

Premium Available Addons

1. Youtube – Auto generate posts from Youtube to WordPress by keywords, playlist, channel links.Check demo
2. Instagram – Auto generate posts from Instagram to WordPress by keywords, user profile links. Check demo
3. Twitter – Auto generate posts from Twitter to WordPress.Check demo
4. Facebook – Auto generate posts from Facebook to WordPress by pages, groups and user profile links.Check demo
5. Vimeo – Auto generate posts from Vimeo to WordPress by keywords.Check demo
6. Flickr – Auto generate posts from Flickr to WordPress by keywords, user profile link. Check demo

Premium Features:

  • Autoblogging posts from Twitter
  • Autoblogging posts from Facebook
  • Autoblogging posts from Instagram by keywords, user profile
  • Autoblogging videos from Youtube by keywords, playlist and channel
  • Autoblogging videos from Vimeo by keywords, user profile link
  • Autoblogging images from Flickr keywords, user profile link
  • Set custom post template using shortcodes
  • Set original images as post featured image
  • Save original images to WordPress media library
  • Detailed logs and reporting system
  • Translate original content using Google Translate API before publish post

Auto Robot Pro Version

Like Auto Robot Free Version? Here’s you can get Auto Robot pro version and have more features.

Do you like Auto Robot?

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback. It will help making the plugin better. Other contributions (such as new translations or helping other users on the support forum) are welcome !

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  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate Auto Robot from Plugins page.


What is the requirements to use Auto Robot?

Minimum Requirements
WordPress version 4.0 or greater.
PHP version 5.4 or greater.

Recommended Requirements

Latest version of WordPress.
PHP 5.4 or greater.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

Version 2.1.2 2021-05-01

  • Update – Translate source content using Google Translate API before publish post

Version 1.9.4 2021-04-06

  • Update – Integrates freemius opt-in and pricing

Version 1.8.1 2021-03-08

  • Update – Display welcome page after plugin activation

Version 1.8.0 2021-03-07

  • Update – Add user feedback review feature

Version 1.4.1 2020-11-26

  • Update – Insert custom content before and after post template

Version 1.4.0 2020-11-24

  • Update – Change premium version link

Version 1.3.9 2020-11-23

  • Update – Admin premium version notice

Version 1.3.8 2020-11-22

  • Update – Set rss campaign generated post content words limit

Version 1.3.7 2020-11-20

  • Update – Campaigns schedule publish posts

Version 1.3.6 2020-11-17

  • Update – Plugin global settings and logs page

Version 1.3.5 2020-11-16

  • Update – Third party apps settings

Version 1.3.4 2020-11-13

  • Update – Premium version campaign types and more customize options

Version 1.3.3 2020-11-12

  • Update – Campaign settings for post content words limit

Version 1.3.2 2020-11-11

  • Update – Set campaign generated post author, type categories, tags

Version 1.3.1 2020-11-10

  • Update – Post image save settings

Version 1.3.0 2020-11-05

  • Update – Premium version and doument link

Version 1.2.9 2020-11-03

  • Update – Set generated post author, type, status

Version 1.2.8 2020-11-02

  • Update – Set generated post tags, categories

Version 1.2.7 2020-11-01

  • Update – Integrates third party apps description

Version 1.2.6 2020-10-30

  • Update – Add premium link on admin notice

Version 1.2.5 2020-10-29

  • Update – Add upload image to wp upload folder video demo

Version 1.2.4 2020-10-28

  • Update – Add save images to media library video demo

Version 1.2.3 2020-10-26

  • Update – Description for insert code before and after post content

Version 1.2.2 2020-10-25

  • Update – Description for create new shedule post

Version 1.2.1 2020-10-23

  • Update – Plugin description text on wizard of opt-in page

Version 1.2.0 2020-10-22

  • Update – Escape translate string on admin page footer

Version 1.1.9 2020-10-21

  • Update – Change premium url on help & support tab

Version 1.1.8 2020-10-20

  • Update – Change settings page video demo

Version 1.1.7 2020-10-18

  • Update – Remove wizard page of opt-in when plugin started

Version 1.1.6 2020-10-15

  • Update – Update help & support tab content on welcome demo page

Version 1.1.5 2020-10-14

  • Update – Add videos link on welcome demo page

Version 1.1.4 2020-10-10

  • Update – Add premium version options link on rss campaign

Version 1.1.3 2020-10-06

  • Update – Add wizard page of opt-in

Version 1.1.2 2020-09-30

  • Update – Add welcome page with getting started guides, demos and support link

Version 1.1.1 2020-09-29

  • Update – Pro version logs feature video

Version 1.1.0 2020-09-28

  • Update – Add pro version log page

Version 1.0.9 2020-09-26

  • Update – Add pro version on source selector

Version 1.0.8 2020-09-21

  • Update – Use simple_html_dom to parse the content before post

Version 1.0.7 2020-09-15

  • Update – Add upgrade to premium version page
  • Update – Add upgrade to premium version link on source selector popup

Version 1.0.6 2020-09-09

  • Update – Add settings page with premium version links
  • Update – Add links to other plugins

Version 1.0.5 2020-07-12

  • Update – Add feature to insert content before and after post template
  • Update – Add feature to set words limit of each source post content

Version 1.0.4 2020-07-04

  • Update – Add feature to select post type include post, page, attachment
  • Update – Add feature to select post status include publish, draft, private, pending
  • Update – Add feature to select post author

Version 1.0.3 2020-06-29

  • Update – Add get started videos on plugin dashboard page

Version 1.0.2 2020-06-22

  • Update – Add feature to fetch data from specify instagram user
  • Update – Add instagram image to wordpress post content
  • Update – Add feature to store youtube data cache
  • Update – Reset cache data when update campaign keywords and corn job
  • Update – Add note message if user miss the application API setup
  • Fix – Run the campaign again if not generate new post
  • Fix – Increase instagram api query result limit
  • Fix – Display youtube embed code correctly
  • Fix – Update page url with new campaign id when user publish campaign

Version 1.0.1 2020-05-29

  • Update – Add campaign running loading css and html
  • Update – Fetch rss item content
  • Fix – Only create new post when return data is not null
  • Fix – update page url with new campaign id when user save draft

Version 1.0.0 2020-05-27

Initial release