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With BlockMeister creating custom block patterns becomes easy. The patterns can be designed just like you design a blog post or a page with the block editor.
You can assign any (custom) category or keywords. By doing so, your patterns are categorized in a way that makes sense to your users and keywords make it easier to find a pattern. Your custom patterns will be available from the block patterns tab in the inserter panel.


  • Patrones de bloques personalizados de diseño visual utilizando el maquetador de patrones
  • O crea un patrón personalizado a partir de uno o más bloques seleccionados en el editor de entradas
  • Import patterns made/shared by trusted Pro users [new in 3.0]
  • Asigna tus patrones a una o más categorías
  • Opcionalmente, agrega cualquier palabra clave (haz que sea fácil de encontrar en el insertador de bloques)
  • Crea categorías de patrones personalizadas
  • Establecer un ancho de la ventana gráfica para optimizar el ancho de escalado de la vista previa en el insertador de bloques

Pro Features
If you would like even more features like: group locking, cloning, activating or deactivating individual patterns, exporting, importing, controlling which core/third party pattern sets are allowed to load, setting block styles and more, please check out our premium versions here:
Professional Version


  1. Busca y haz clic en el elemento de menú «Patrones de bloques» en el menú de administración de la barra lateral.
  2. Haz clic en el botón «Añadir nuevo».
  3. Pon un nombre a tu patrón.
  4. Empieza a escribir o elije los bloques que desees que formen parte de tu patrón.
  5. Publica el patrón
  6. Ve a una página de prueba y localiza tu patrón en el Insertador de bloques debajo de la pestaña de patrón y haz clic en él.
  7. El patrón de bloque ahora será añadido a tu página. Todos los bloques contenidos ahora son independientes del patrón original y se pueden editar como cualquier bloque normal.


  • Pantalla de tabla de lista de patrones de bloques.
  • Pantalla de tabla de lista de categorías.
  • Barra lateral de ajustes de patrón de bloque.


**Installation directly from your site

  1. Inicia sesión y navegua hasta Plugins Agregar nuevo.
  2. Escribe «BlockMeister» en la búsqueda y presiona Enter.
  3. Localiza el plugin BlockMeister en la lista de resultados de búsqueda y haz clic en Instalar ahora.
  4. Una vez instalado, haz clic en el enlace Activar.


¿Puedo añadir CSS personalizado?

Sí, selecciona el bloque que deseas diseñar:

  • Abre el panel avanzado
  • Añadir una ‘clase CSS adicional’
  • Añade los estilos para esa clase a la hoja de estilo de tu tema (hijo) o agrégualos a través de la sección ‘CSS adicional’ del personalizador.

OR upgrade to a premium version which comes with a built-in block level CSS editor

Does the plugin run on older WordPress installations?

Normally the plugin will require either the latest major release or the one before that. But with the release of WP 6.3 that release will be required with the upcoming v4 release of BlockMeister. See announcement above for the reason why.

Why did we integrate Freemius?

Freemius is a managed eCommerce platform for selling WordPress plugins and themes.

When you activate or upgrade to v3.0 or higher you will be asked if you would like to opt in to the freemius functionality. To be clear: this is 100% optional!

With Freemius, we have more time to focus on our products and deliver better features for your website while making strategic business decisions that are based on the data you are willing to share as a consumer.

We can also use the data to figure out optimum pricing strategies for our customers and their companies. This promotes business sustainability and offers you long-term support and reliability for your plugin or theme purchase.

We would be thankful when you opt in to this but if not, don’t worry, all plugin features will remain 100% functional!

You can read more about this at the Freemius privacy data practices page.

¿Qué les ocurre a patrones después de que desactive el plugin?

  • Los patrones ya no estarán disponibles en el insertador.
  • Los patrones insertados en entradas y páginas no se verán afectados.
  • Tan pronto como vuelvas a activar el plugin, los patrones estarán disponibles nuevamente desde el insertador.

¿Qué les ocurre a mis patrones después de que desinstale el plugin?

  • By default all data including your custom patterns will remain in the database, unless you prefer a complete data removal. This can be set on the settings page.
  • Patterns already inserted in posts and pages will not be removed, regardless your uninstall preference.
  • For test/debug purposes we advise to temporarily deactivate the plugin instead.


20 de marzo de 2023
awesome , this should be as default in wordpress, great Job ! A tip for every one, if you wanna save patterns for gutenberg of any kind blocks plugins like kadence buttons , make sure u gonna set your website with php 8.2 . after i use php 8.2 everything i can save. with older php version at my side kadence buttons did not save. just use php 8.2 .. Everything works like magic !
5 de julio de 2022
We had a technical problem after installation, an the BlockMeister support solved the issue very fast. Superb communication. The plugin itself now works very nicely and is a great tool for our blog.
30 de marzo de 2022
Thanks so much for this plugin. It was the difference between using re-useable blocks or just copy paste for my projects. Now I can build layouts and apply where needed. Such a time saver.
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Registro de cambios

[3.1.10] – 2023-07-05

  • Upgraded dependencies to latest versions:
    • NPM package classnames 2.3.2
    • NPM package prismjs 1.29.0
    • NPM package react-simple-code-editor 0.13.1
    • Freemius SDK v2.5.10

[3.1.9] – 2023-05-11

  • Upgraded to Freemius SDK v2.5.7 (fixes PHP 8.1 issues)

[3.1.8] – 2022-02-11

  • Fixed: composer issue autoloader when both free and premium version activated (replaced with custom loader)
  • Fixed: test if user is allowed to add unfiltered html fails
  • Fixed [Pro]: handle AFC block not supporting custom block CSS

[3.1.7] – 2022-11-23

  • Tested up to WP 6.1.1
  • Upgraded to Freemius SDK v2.5.2
  • Fixed: Toolset compatibility issue
  • Removed obsolete context checks
  • Fixed [Pro]: cloning of pattern (since 3.1.5) when using non default category slug produces an error notice

[3.1.6] – 2022-08-02

  • Fixed: backwards compatibility error due to call to new WP 6 API method

[3.1.5] – 2022-08-01

  • New: default category (initially set to site name) can now be edited, name will get ‘Default’ suffix
  • Improved: patterns list table will hide content in third party columns in non-custom pattern rows (applies e.g. to WPML & Polylang translations column)
  • Improved: the context checking system (due to reported edge cases)
  • Improved: Non-custom categories no longer listed in the category admin screen (to stop user confusion)
  • Compatibility issue fixed: some third party plugins caused a redirect (loosing preview parameter) for preview requests, which made previewing patterns impossible
  • Fixed: clicking view link in the pattern editor directs to home page not the pattern
  • Fixed: uncaught error due to failed syncing of registered category
  • Updated dependencies: classnames 2.31, prismjs 1.280, react-simple-code-editor 0.11.2
  • Updated: language pot file
  • Updated: Dutch translation

[3.1.4] – 2022-07-02

  • Fixed: Context/run check for rest calls fails when permalinks set to plain
  • Fixed: Category list table term edit link active when it should not be (and visa versa)
  • Fixed: (De-)activation namespace issue when both free and premium version are installed
  • Fixed: Optional loading of core/featured pattern directory patterns in patterns admin screen sometimes fails
  • Fixed: Inactivated patterns from remote source still show in the inserter
  • Fixed: Parent selector shouldn’t be added to pattern editor screen
  • Fixed: admin notice after pattern table list quick action no longer shows name of pattern
  • Fixed: bulk action handler ignores filters in redirect
  • Fixed: With PHP 5 internally setting source of default category fails
  • Improved: Pattern category syncing when different set is registered (after e.g theme switch) or on new BlockMeister installs

[3.1.3] – 2022-06-03

  • Fixed: Label of import button on pattern list table hidden when PHP directive short_open_tag is off.

[3.1.2] – 2022-06-02

  • Fixed: Since 3.1.0 newly added custom categories show source ‘unknown’ instead of ‘user’.

[3.1.1] – 2022-05-25

  • Fixed: In WP 5.9, the site editor isn’t loading any custom pattern category or custom pattern. In WP 6.0 or 5.9.x i.c.w Gutenberg 13.x this does work as expected though.

[3.1.0] – 2022-05-19

  • Tested with upcoming WP 6.0 release.
  • Fixed backward compatibility issue introduced by WP 6.0: Custom block patterns and pattern_categories no longer loaded into block inserter.
  • Fixed backward compatibility issue introduced by WP 6.0: Inactive patterns no longer available on block patterns admin screen.
  • Fixed: Reset button for Block Setting «Viewport Width» reverts to last user setting after saving.
  • Fixed: Pattern registration of custom draft patterns, which correctly are nameless, lead to internal registry overriding of previous draft patterns.
  • Fixed: [Pro] Cloned and imported patterns don’t get all category and keyword terms of original pattern.
  • New: «Add to Block patterns» feature is now also available from within the site (/template) editor.
  • New: Filtering on category in the Pattern list table screen.
  • Improved: More logical redirection in response to handled quick actions in pattern table list
  • Removed: Not applicable (core added) ‘Template’ inspector panel from block pattern editor.
  • Removed: Category list table ‘Counts’ column, due to current inability to show correct counts in all cases. May be reintroduced in later release.

[3.0.5] – 2022-03-01

  • Updated: Freemius SDK version 2.4.3 with security fix

[3.0.4] – 2022-01-31

  • Fixed: missing return bug

[3.0.3] – 2022-01-26

  • Fixed: WP 5.9 incompatibility bug, related to _disable_block_editor_for_navigation_post_type (not yet loaded in 5.9 when we applied related filter)

[3.0.2] – 2021-10-09

  • Fixed: regression of old excerpt related bug
  • Fixed: inserter not showing custom and default (generated) block pattern category on draft post (until first reload)

[3.0.1] – 2021-10-01

  • Fixed: unreadable properties of undefined in reusable block editor

[3.0.0] – 2021-10-01

All versions

  • made compatible with WP 5.8
  • bumped required WP version to 5.8

  • Added: Freemius SDK

  • Added: User can now control (via a setting) whether all data is deleted during uninstall
  • Added: Import patterns made/shared by trusted Pro users
  • Added: Bulk action for trashing custom patterns

**Premium versions **
– New: first release of premium version
– Added: Settings to control the loading of local and remote core block patterns and theme and plugin based block patterns
– Added: Activate/deactivate custom/core and third party block patterns (individual or by source via settings)
– Added: Clone patterns (including core and third party patterns).
– Added: Export/download (for backup or sharing) patterns.
– Added: Add custom styles to block patterns and blocks.
– Added: Lock pattern group or column (so users cannot move/remove/add child blocks).

All versions
– Improved: default block pattern category name will now be auto updated after user renames the site
– Improved: no longer (core/theme/plugin) registered categories are now auto removed as a custom block pattern taxonomy term

[2.0.8] – 2021-04-16

– Permitir el patrón HTML sin filtrar para los usuarios que tienen la capacidad `unfiltered_html`

[2.0.7] – 2021-03-06

– Excluida la comprobación de contexto de ejecución demasiado estricta de la pantalla de nueva entrada

[2.0.6] – 2021-02-27

– Faltaban categorías personalizadas en el insertador debido a una comprobación fallida del contexto de ejecución; el método de prueba del núcleo de WP aún no se ha cargado

[2.0.5] – 2021-02-19

– Actualizaciones innecesarias de términos en el método de sincronización (lo que llevaba a una purga no intencionada de la caché en los plugins de caché)

– Sincronización y nueva traducción de las categorías registradas dinámicamente y de los términos personalizados de categoría
– Contexto de ejecución

– Contextos de ejecución del código

[2.0.4] – 2021-01-19

– prevención del borrado de términos de taxonomía personalizada de terceros

[2.0.3] – 2020-09-18

– opción de pantalla de extracto y panel de control eliminados involuntariamente de otras pantallas de edición de tipos de contenido

[2.0.2] – 2020-09-12

– problema de normalización de ruta

[2.0.1] – 2020-09-03

– capacidad de edición de la taxonomía de palabras clave

[2.0.0] – 2020-09-01

Versión pública inicial.

– v1.0 completamente refactorizado

– Elemento de menú de ajustes de bloque para agregar bloques seleccionados a un nuevo patrón de bloque
– Categorías
– Palabras clave
– Configuración del ancho de la ventana gráfica
– Se agregaron capacidades relacionadas con la edición de patrones
– Limitar la creación de patrones a los administradores de forma predeterminada
– Hecho traducible
– Añadida traducción al holandés