Breadcrumb is easy and light-weight plugin to display breadcrumb navigation to your WordPress site, easy to customize and change style for breadcrumb. You can use filter hook and action hook to rewrite the plugin without editing the plugin code. This plugin almost working on all WordPress pages like archive, category, tags, custom taxonomies, custom post types, defult post, date, year, month, author and search page to display breadcrumb dynamically.

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Plugin Features

Use via short-codes
You can display breadcrumb anywhere via shortcodes.

Display anywhere
Breadcrumb display on home page, any post type, page, parent pages, author page, archive page, tag page, custom taxonomy page, search page, woocommerce shop, product pages.

Custom front text
You can display custom prefix text before breadcrumb start.

Custom separator text
You can set custom separator text as you need and match with your theme. you can also hide the last separator if you want.

Limit word link text
You can limit word count or character count on link text and use set custom ending text.

Hide «Home» text
you can hide or display «Home» elements on breadcrumb

Custom font size for link text
you can set custom font size for link text

Container padding margin
Set custom margin and padding for breadcrumb container.

Custom color
you can set custom text color for link text, separator and link background color

Override via filter hook
You can override breadcrumb element via filter hook.

Premium features

Hide on archives
You can dynamically hide breadcrumb on archive pages like Front page, Home page, Blog, Author, Search, Year, Month, Date, Categories, Tags

Hide by post types
Hide breadcrumb based on different post types.

Hide by post ids
Hide breadcrumb based on post ids, you can use any post ids to hide breadcrumb to hide any specific post, Custom post types also supported.


Plugin is translation ready default default-en.po file inlcuded under following directory


you can add your own translation , if you need some help please feel free to contact.


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  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go your plugin setting via WordPress Dashboard and find «Breadcrumb» activate it.

After activate plugin you will see «Breadcrumb» menu at left side on WordPress dashboard

How to display breadcrumb ?

use this short-code any where to display breadcrumb


5 de febrero de 2020
Hello, easy to use, very useful. Working with every template (Divi also ;)) ** old review bollow, but problem fixed very quickly by the team (very reactive! good job!!) I spend 2 days looking for a bug on one of my websites, it could not save any changes :'( - wp 5.3.2 - template Divi 4.2.2 We just found the problem : this extension, Breadcrumb, is not compatible with Divi template. Have a nice day, Rashel
6 de julio de 2019
Easy to use, custom breadcrumbs on any page u want. We use it on our product and category pages for easy navigation. Perfect plugin!
20 de mayo de 2019
This plugin displays whatever you have in your permalink (user friendly URL) and if you have a generated date in your URL it will break it down and it will show you that the day is a page, the month is another page and the year another page. I don't recommend it...
25 de marzo de 2019
I've installed and configured in zero time the plugin. I choose it because have also the shortcode option! Is very lightweight. Support was very fast to fix some css Astra theme problem. Good Job
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* 2020-06-11- add - display first post category if category slug missed on url


* 2020-06-10 - add - Post ancestors item for page.


* 2020-02-06 - add - "Tag title" for woocommerce product tags under breadcrumb builder
* 2020-02-06 - add - "Shop" for woocommerce product caetgories under breadcrumb builder
* 2020-02-06 - update - optimize "settings-tabs" framework css & js loading.


* 2020-02-06 - fix - "No title" issue fixed.


* 2020-02-05 - fix - Cannot redeclare breadcrumb_main_items() issue fixed.


* 2020-02-05 - add - added option to remove WooCommerce default breadcrumb.


* 2020-02-03 - add - breadcrumb builder var_export category issue fixed.
* 2020-02-03 - add - breadcrumb builder tag output issue fixed.
* 2020-02-03 - add - added more tutorials


* 2020-02-03 - add - breadcrumb builder added.


* 2020-02-02 - fix - parent-child category issue fixed.
* 2020-02-02 - remove - remove default value for options.


* 2020-01-31 - add - added more tutorials
* 2020-01-31 - fix - fixed translation issue for some string.


* 2020-01-31 - add - added tutorials link on help section


* 2020-01-30 - add - hide breadcrumb css on empty arguments.


* 2020-01-30 - add - added action hook (breadcrumb_main) for breadcrumb area
* 2020-01-30 - add - added filter hook breadcrumb_items_array
* 2020-01-30 - add - added action hook breadcrumb_main_item_loop
* 2020-01-30 - add - added filter hook breadcrumb_link_text
* 2020-01-30 - add - added filter hook breadcrumb_link_url
* 2020-01-30 - add - added input field for add custom javascripts
* 2020-01-30 - add - added schema markup at bottom of breadcrumb.


* 2020-01-28 - fix - single post permalink issue fixed


* 03/07/2019 - add - Default text for empty title.


* 29/05/2019 - fix - post preview issue fixed.


* 24/04/2019 - update - re-write the plugin.
* 24/04/2019 - update - updated admin settings.
* 24/04/2019 - add - WooCommerce support added.
* 24/04/2019 - add - added filter hook for breadcrumb items.


* 18/10/2017 - update - Support link added.


* 03/03/2016 - 03/03/2016 - update - admin settings UI update.
* 03/03/2016 - add - breadcrumb for date, year, month archives.
* 03/03/2016 - add - breadcrumb single post permalink structure for author.


* 17/10/2015 - - implemented.


* 17/10/2015 - fix - SSL issue fixed.


* 03/04/2015 - add - unlimited depth parent page link on breadcrumb.


* 23/03/2015 - add - parent page link on breadcrumb.


* 27/10/2014 Initial release.