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WordPress Cache Engine

The Cache Enabler plugin creates static HTML files and stores them on the servers disk. The web server will deliver the static HTML file and avoids the resource intensive backend processes (core, plugins and database). This WordPress cache engine will improve the performance of your website.


  • Efficient and fast disk cache engine
  • Automated and/or manual clearing of the cache
  • Manually purge the cache of specific pages
  • Display of the actual cache size in your dashboard
  • Minification of HTML and inline JavaScript
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Custom Post Type support
  • Expiry Directive
  • Support of 304 Not Modified if the page has not modified since last cached
  • WebP Support (when combined with Optimus)
  • Supports responsive images via srcset since WP 4.4
  • Works perfectly with Autoptimize
  • HTTP/2 Focused

Cache Enabler is the first WP plugin to allow you to serve WebP images without JavaScript and also fully supports srcset since WP 4.4. WebP is a new image format that provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs.

How does the caching work?

This plugin requires minimal setup time and allows you to easily take advantage of the benefits that come from using WordPress caching.

The WordPress Cache Enabler has the ability to create 2 cached files. One is plain HTML and the other version is gzipped (gzip level 9). These static files are then used to deliver content faster to your users without any database lookups or gzipping as the files are already pre-compressed.

When combined with Optimus, the WordPress Cache Enabler allows you to easily deliver WebP images. The plugin will check your upload directory for any JPG or PNG images that have an equivalent WebP file. If there is, the URI of these image will be cached in a WebP static file by Cache Enabler. It is not required for all images to be converted to WebP when the “Create an additional cached version for WebP image support” option is enabled. This will not break any images that are not in WebP format. The plugin will deliver images that do have a WebP equivalent and will fall back to the JPG or PNG format for images that don’t.

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System Requirements

  • PHP >=5.4
  • WordPress >=4.6


  • Anyone is welcome to contribute to the plugin on GitHub.
  • Please merge (squash) all your changes into a single commit before you open a pull request.




  • Display of the cache size in your dashboard
  • Cache Enabler settings page and "Clear Cache" link in the dashboard


The Best Cache Plugin

The Best and light plugin of cache. I used Wp Rocket but uninstall it and install cache enabler because is better and free, i get better performance in Google page Insights 92/94 with cache enabler and 80/82 with wp rocket.

I combine cache enabler with autoptimize wp plugin, both works really fine.

Thanks to you very much

Awesome App!

I was previously using only the keyCDN (CDN Enabler).

I read 18 Tips for Website Performance Optimization
blog from keyCDN:

It mentioned Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache so I tried the
combination of both the Cache and CDN Enabler.

Awesome! shaved 2 seconds off load time instantly!

Real simple to install and use.

So far extremely impressed with keyCDN.
I definitely recommend to others.

Thank you keyCDN!


I’ve tried many cache plugins and this is by far the best and most light weight of them all.

Really good so far!! Page speeds have dropped by a second from w3 total cache.


Lightweight, fast, works great!

After trying most of the common alternatives, I’ve standardized on this plugin for all my WP sites. Lightweight, works great out of the box, no endless config settings like some others. Has never broken a site. Highly recommended. I also use the low-cost KeyCDN content delivery network service which is also very good. It seems like all the KeyCDN stuff is solid. Made in Switzerland!

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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed settings form issue


  • Minor fixes


  • Added advanced cache feature
  • Clear cache if reply to a comment in WP admin


  • Added the possibility to clear the cache of a specific URL
  • Supports now Windows filesystems
  • Added X-Cache-Handler to indicate if loaded through PHP
  • Support of WebP images generated by ewww
  • Dynamic upload directory for WebP images
  • Fixed multisite purge issue
  • Added requirements checks
  • Made plugin ready for translation


  • Option to disable pre-compression of cached pages if decoding fails


  • Added support for srcset in WP 4.4
  • Improved encoding (utf8)


  • Added cache behavior option for new posts
  • Improved metainformation of the signature
  • Optimized cache handling for nginx


  • Fixed query string related caching issue


  • Credits update


  • Changed WebP static file naming


  • Fixed WebP version switch issue


  • Added support for WebP and CDN Enabler plugin


  • Added WebP support and expiry directive


  • Lanzamiento inicial