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Captain Countdown Clock


A simple and customizable WordPress countdown clock. Includes settings to sync your website’s time to your time zone, even if they are off by an odd number of minutes.

Other Shortcode Options

Change the background color or image (default is none):

[captain_countdown date=»2/13/2016″ title=»Countdown To My Special Day!» background=»#FF0000″]`

[captain_countdown date=»2/13/2016″ title=»Countdown To My Special Day!» background=»»]`

Change the text color (default is black):

[captain_countdown date=»2/13/2016″ title=»Countdown To My Special Day!» text=»#FFFFFF»]`

Change the border color (default is none):

[captain_countdown date=»2/13/2016″ title=»Countdown To My Special Day!» border=»#000000″]`

You can use common color names instead of hex values as well:

  • Use «#000000» or «Black» for Black
  • Use «#FFFFFF» or «White» for White
  • Use «#FF0000» or «Red» for Red
  • Use «#00FF00» or «Green» for Green
  • Use «#0000FF» or «Blue» for Blue

Click here for more color options.


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  • Screenshot 2


Before adding the shortcode, visit the Plugin Instructions page to sync the countdown clock with your local time or to correct any time discrepancies your server may have.

Add the following shortcode to your page:

[captain_countdown date=»2/13/2016″ time=»5:00 pm» title=»Countdown To My Special Day!» format=»usa»]

Most date and time formats will work:


  • 2/13/2016
  • February 13, 201
  • 2016-02-13


  • 5:00 pm
  • 17:00:30
  • 17:30

Note: The «date» option is required and the «time» option is optional.

If you specify «usa» for the format, your date will look like this:

February 12, 2016

Leave the format attribute blank (or remove it completely) for the default date display:

12 February 2016


There are a dozen countdown clock plugins out there. Why should I use yours?

Because you like simple things, like we do.


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