Caxton – Create Pro page layouts in Gutenberg


Caxton es una increíble colección de bloques que te permiten la creación de bonitas
páginas de WordPress.

No tienes que confiar únicamente en nuestra palabra. Esto es lo que Matt Mullenweg dijo…

Matt Mullenweg – WordPress founder

Los sitios que la gente está creando con él son simplemente preciosos. Está abriendo un nivel de creatividad y expresión para un público que literalmente nunca lo tuvo. Es como si las personas recibieran nuevas notas en un teclado que pueden tocar, o una nueva voz con la que pueden cantar …

We made a little video

Blocks included

  • Bloque de estructura avanzada
  • Bloque de separadores con formas
  • Bloque de cuadrícula de entradas
  • Bloque de carrusel de fotos
  • Bloque de llamada a la acción
  • Bloque de tipografía
  • Bloque de iconos
  • Bloque de botón


  • Añadir fondos a las secciones
  • Crear filas anidadas
  • Crear secciones de ancho completo
  • Crea columnas con Parallax
  • Crear bonitas transiciones entre bloques
  • Impresionantes controles de personalización para cada bloque
  • Controles avanzados para móvil

Hemos creado un sitio interactivo donde puedes probar Caxton tú mismo.

Mira a Matt Mullenweg presentando Caxton Blocks en la WordCamp US


  • Blocks menu
  • Block settings
  • Block preview
  • Bloque separador con ondas
  • Bloque separador inclinad
  • Book block divider
  • Book block divider on column


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

  • Posts grid
  • Caxton - Create Pro page layouts in Gutenberg


La instalación automática es la forma más sencilla de instalar Caxton.
Desde el escritorio de WordPress, navega al menú «Plugins» y haz clic en «Añadir nuevo». En el campo de búsqueda, escribe Caxton y haz clic en «Buscar plugins». Encuentra el plugin Caxton e instálalo simplemente haciendo clic en «Instalar ahora».

Para la instalación manual…
1. Sube la carpeta caxton al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
2. Activa el plugin usando el menú «Plugins» en WordPress
3. ¡Empieza a usar bloques!

**Necesita Gutenberg hasta que sea parte del núcleo de WordPress **


I don\’t see any blocks, just my default WordPress editor?

Make sure you have Gutenberg installed and are using Gutenberg editor (not the old editor).

¿Dónde puedo informar de fallos?

Puedes informar fallos en nuestro repositorio en GitHub

¿Cómo puedo contribuir?

Puedes contribuir bifurcando el código en GitHub

¿Dónde puedo ver más bloques?

Con WordPress incluyendo Gutenberg en el núcleo en WP v5. Añadiremos más y más bloques muy pronto 😉


4 de febrero de 2020
I was looking for something that will allow me to insert creative page dividers...there's plenty out there, but the simplicity of this plugin force me to have a closer look. After playing around with the dividers (worked fantastically) I started using the other blocks: layouts, icons, hero...and seriously, withing a couple of hours (mostly me tweaking) I have something that looks great. The blocks' options are very well layed out and organized. This means that the properties you tweak on one block are very similar to the other block, so learning curve is not steep at all. I don't like Page Builders at all, this is the closest I will get to one. Give it a shot, I really think it's a superb product!
6 de junio de 2019
I've tried many, maybe all, Gutenberg Blocks plugins, but I find this very useful and well done. Try it yourself. Very useful! Congratulations.
23 de abril de 2019
I appreciate the cutting-edgeness of this plugin. CSS grids? I almost couldn't believe my eyes. the balls! It's such a nice alternative for all the other "page builders" out there, trying to take care of each single medieval browser, while bloating like a flipping exploding red giant from all the patches and scripts and elements and they throw in there meanwhile absolutely positioning everything with nails and glue to ... sorry I'm rambling. Great plugin!
10 de abril de 2019
Very useful collection of blocks for Gutenberg. Technical support is fast and efficient!
20 de marzo de 2019
I had no experience of wordpress before august 2018. I took over our homepage and read a little about Gutenberg. I felt that i should start with it instead of Visusal composer (which I had problems understanding), which we had. During the fall 2018 I had some problems to get the pages to work dynamic until I found Caxton. Caxton was what I was lacking in the new editor. I compared and tried another plugin, both were good.... During November-December 2018 before WP 5.0 including Gutenberg were released there were some problems, but I received excellent support from Jamie. I can really recommend Caxton and the support offered when needed. Claes
26 de febrero de 2019
It took me a while to get used to Gutenberg. After having a proper 'go' with it, I now plan to build all of my sites using it. The same can be said for this Caxton plugin. I'm currently re-designing one of my websites using Caxton and Pootle's Eighteen Tags theme. It's early days but so far I really like it! Caxton gives you some great additional functionality and I really like the divider options. The Caxton videos are very handy in seeing what's capable with the plugin, so thanks for that. Keep up the good work 🙂
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Registro de cambios

Version 1.27.0
* 2020-10-09
* Fix – Alignment toolbar not working
* Fix – Caxton layout UI
* Tweak – Editor UI enhancements
* Dev – New time field type
* Dev – Save all block attributes as text
* Dev – CaxtonLayoutOptionsBlock init function supports additional custom attributes
* Dev – Utility CSS classes

Version 1.26.0
* 2020-07-20
* Tweak – WP 5.5 compatibility
* Tweak – New .nowrap class
* Tweak – Layout options UI styles
* Dev – New number field
* Dev – Innerblocks min height inheriting improved

Version 1.25.0
* 2020-07-10
* New – Ordered select field (orderedSelect) now supports searching
* New – Ordered select field (orderedSelect) now supports drag and drop sorting
* New – Justify text option
* Fix – Button text colored like paragraphs
* Fix – Font Awesome v5 in Caxton breaking themes using v4
* Dev – Innerblocks now inherit min height

Version 1.24.0
* 2020-06-01
* Fix – Mobile layout settings not working

Version 1.23.0
* 2020-05-12
* Fix – Caxton block difficult to select (hover label not showing up)
* Internal – Wrapper props callback called after setting block attributes
* Tweak – New attribute data-rwd on body set to mobile, tablet or desktop

Version 1.22.0
* 2020-04-24
* New – Datepicker control datetime type.
* New – CaxtonContentBlock wrapper functions for innerblocks.
* Fix – Grid elements should inherit color in gutenberg.
* Fix – Google fonts not working (for fonts with space character).
* Tweak – Resizable and dynamic conflict resolved.
* Dev – Caxton.el to create react element.

Version 1.21.0
* 2020-03-16
* Fix – Block errors
* Tweak – Performance tweaks
* Tweak – WP 5.4 compatibility
* Dev – Resizable blocks support
* Dev – User Interaction JS

Version 1.20.0
* 2020-01-24
* Performance – Uses svg icons to just load the icons being used
* Performance – FlexSlider not loaded unless used on the page
* New – Flex block
* Fix – FlexSlider container not covering slides.
* Tweak – Gutenberg v7.2 compatibility
* Dev – New background field type

Versión 1.10.0
* 2019-07-03
* Corrección – Compatibilidad con Gutenberg 5.9.0
* Retoque – Actualizado Font awesome

Version 1.9.0
* 2019-06-06
* New – ‘Horizontal blocks beta’ block
* Tweak – Updated FS SDK
* Tweak – New block type

* 2019-02-27
* Tweak – Updated FS SDK

Version 1.8.2
* 2019-02-25
* Fix – Keep layout block grid responsive by default

Version 1.8.1
* 2019-02-11
* Fix – Fixing single column breaking layouts.

Version 1.8.0
* 2019-02-06
* Fix – MS Edge layout breaking.
* New – Responsive layouts for Caxton Layout block
* Tweak – Freemius SDK updated

* 2018-12-17
* Tweak – Adding compatibility files

Version 1.7.2
* 2018-12-17
* New – Improved full width preview in Admin
* Fix – Twenty Nineteen compatibility
* Fix – Full width blocks not working in a few themes
* Tweak – Shape divider block improved compatibility

Version 1.7.1
* 2018-11-28
* Tweak – Bring back admin page for Freemius

Version 1.7.0
* 2018-11-28
* New – Shape divider block
* Tweak – UI improvements

Version 1.6.2
* 2018-11-21
* Fix – Gutenberg v4.5 Compatibility

Version 1.6.1
* 2018-11-14
* Fix – Gutenberg v4.3 Compatibility

Version 1.6.0
* 2018-11-09
* Fix – Gutenberg v4 Compatibility
* Minor block tweaks

Version 1.5.0
* 2018-10-01
* New – Caxton Layout block – Beautiful masonry layouts for Gutenberg without writing any code
* New – Caxton Section block – Beautiful masonry layouts for WordPress without writing any code.

Version 1.0.0
* 2018-09-17
* Tweak – Uses of withAPIData removed
* Fixed – Hero block columns broken
* Dev – New apiCallback and apiUrl params for CaxtonBlock constructor
* Dev – Now using ES6 for JS scripting

Version 0.7.0
* 2018-06-04
* New – Field section supported
* New – Field template supported, %s in tpl replaced with value
* New – Icon picker field – Search and Pick any of the font awesome icons for Gutenberg
* New – Alignment toolbars support
* New – Super hero block – Full height hero, Full width hero, Full screen hero with custom gradients, gradient background
* New – Super text block – Fully customizable typography block, font, letter spacing, calligraphy
* New – Super button block – Fully customizable buttons, font, letter spacing, background and text color, calligraphy.
* New – Super icon block – Font awesome icons with customizable size, color, outline, shapes (circle/curved square/square)
* New – Improved editor support for Full width
* Tweak – Caxton posts grid responsive
* Fix – Bug which causes issues while editing multiple blocks

Version 0.5.0
* 2018-04-10
* New – Hero template
* New – 2 col hero template
* New – Social share icons
* Fix – Posts grid not working

* 02-02-2018
* Tweak – Query only public posts in posts endpoint, Thanks again Ov3rfly 🙂
* Tweak – Posts endpoint – Disallowed setting password, permissions and cache parameters

Version 0.1.1
* 01-02-2018
* Tweak – Securing posts endpoint Thanks Ov3rfly 🙂

Version 0.1.0