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Classic Widgets es un plugin oficial mantenido por el equipo de WordPress que restaura las anteriores («clásicas») pantallas de widgets de WordPress. Recibirá soporte y mantenimiento hasta al menos 2022, o tanto como sea necesario.

Una vez activado, este plugin restaura las pantallas anteriores de ajustes de widgets y desactiva el editor de bloques en la gestión de widgets. No hay ninguna configuración, las pantallas de ajustes de widgets clásicas se activan o desactivan activando o desactivando este plugin.


¿Hay algún ajuste?

No, no hay ajustes. Una vez se activa este plugin restaura la anterior («clásica») pantalla de widgets de WordPress y desactiva el editor de bloques de la gestión de widgets.


16 de junio de 2021
The WordPress transition to block widgets breaks many custom classic widgets. Thankfully, the WordPress team developed this plugin to restore classic widgets. However, it would be better if the new block widget system considered classic widgets more carefully.
14 de junio de 2021
I ran an agency who's been using Gutenberg for all of our clients since it's launched. But I honestly feel using blocks for widget is a downgrade. Widget supposed to be consistent. I don't want my Footer and Sidebar to be a Body Content 2.0. I'll definitely install this on all of my old and future sites.
11 de junio de 2021
I activated this plugin and now a blank page comes up when I go to edit the page. If I deactivate it, the new block widget editor just rolls and never finishes loading. I can't edit my widgets at all because neither the plugin nor the new editor is working. Very frustrating. UPDATE: I'm not sure if this is actually related but once I removed some old plugins that I was not actually using this plugin worked perfectly. 4 stars for the issues I had but happy with it once it began to work.
1 de junio de 2021
This plugins works well but it really should've been incorporated into the Classic Editor plugin, with an extra option to turn the feature on/off. Once 5.8 rolls out, I'll now be forced to go back to every single site just to add an extra plugin.
7 de mayo de 2021
very good and on time As recently as yesterday I tried to edit the widget, but I couldn't even add the "First Footer - 1st Column". But I found a way around this: disable the Gutenberg plugin, complete my plan, and re-enable it. And then you're done! I hope for the further development of Gutenberg, in which there will be no such difficulties.
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