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Code Snippets es un modo sencillo, limpio y simple modo de ejecutar fragmentos de código en tu sitio. Elimina la necesidad de añadir fragmentos de código personalizados al archivo functions.php de tu tema.

Un fragmento de código es un pequeño trozo de código PHP que puedes usar para ampliar la funcionalidad de una web creada con WordPress; es en esencia un mini plugin con menos sobrecarga en tu sitio.
la mayoría de los sitios que ofrecen fragmentos de código te dicen que añadas el código del fragmento de código al archivo functions.php de tu tema activo, lo que puede llegar a complicar todo con el tiempo.
Code Snippets cambia eso ofreciendo una interfaz de usuario gráfica con la que añadir fragmentos de código y ejecutarlos en tu sitio igual que si estuviesen en el archivo functions.php de tu tema.

Code Snippets proporciona una interfaz gráfica, similar al menú de plugins, para gestionar los fragmentos de código. Los fragmentos de código pueden activarse y desactivarse, al igual que los plugins. El editor de fragmentos de código incluye campos para el nombre, una descripción visual en el editor, etiquetas que permiten clasificar los fragmentos y un editor de código muy completo. Los fragmentos pueden exportarse para transferirlos a otro sitio, ya sea en JSON para su posterior importación por el plugin Code Snippets, o en PHP para crear tu propio plugin o tema.

If you have any feedback, issues, or suggestions for improvements please leave a topic in the Support Forum, or join the community on Facebook.

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If you’d like to contribute to the plugin’s code or translate it into another language, you can fork the plugin on GitHub.


Code Snippets puede usarse en estos idiomas gracias a los siguientes traductores:


  • Gestionando los fragmentos de código existentes
  • Añadiendo un nuevo fragmento de código
  • Editando un fragmento de código
  • Importando fragmentos de código desde un archivo de exportación


Instalación automática

  1. Log into your WordPress admin
  2. Click Plugins
  3. Click Add New
  4. Search for Code Snippets
  5. Click Install Now under «Code Snippets»
  6. Activa el plugin

Instalación manual

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file
  3. Upload the contents of the zip file to the wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress installation
  4. Activate the Code Snippets plugin from ‘Plugins’ page.

Network Activating Code Snippets through the Network Dashboard will enable a special interface for running snippets across the entire network.


A full list of our Frequently Asked Questions can be found at

¿Cómo puedo recuperar mi sitio si está bloqueado por un fragmento de código fallido?

Puedes recuperar tu sitio activando la característica de modo seguro de Code Snippets. Las instrucciones de cómo activarlo están aquí:

Will I lose my snippets if I change the theme or upgrade WordPress?

No, the snippets are stored in the WordPress database, independent of the theme and unaffected by WordPress upgrades.

Can the plugin be completely uninstalled?

If you enable the ‘Complete Uninstall’ option on the plugin settings page, Code Snippets will clean up all of its data when deleted through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ menu. This includes all stored snippets. If you would like to preserve the snippets, ensure they are exported first.

Can I copy snippets that I have created to another WordPress site?

Yes! You can individually export a single snippet using the link below the snippet name on the ‘Manage Snippets’ page or bulk export multiple snippets using the ‘Bulk Actions’ feature. Snippets can later be imported using the ‘Import Snippets’ page by uploading the export file.

Can I export my snippets to PHP for a site where I’m not using the Code Snippets plugin?

Yes. Click the checkboxes next to the snippets you want to export, and then choose Export to PHP from the Bulk Actions menu and click Apply. The generated PHP file will contain the exported snippets’ code, as well as their name and description in comments.

Can I run network-wide snippets on a multisite installation?

You can run snippets across an entire multisite network by Network Activating Code Snippets through the Network Dashboard. You can also activate Code Snippets just on the main site, and then individually on other sites of your choice.

Where are the snippets stored in my WordPress database?

Los fragmentos de código se almacenan en la tabla wp_snippets en la base de datos de WordPress. El nombre de la tabla puede variar según el prefijo de la tabla que hayas establecido.

¿Dónde puedo encontrar ayuda o sugerir nuevas características?

Puedes obtener ayuda con Code Snippets, informar de fallos o errores, y sugerir nuevas características y mejoras en los foros de soporte de WordPress o en GitHub

¿Cómo puedo ayudar a contribuir al desarrollo del plugin Code Snippets?

The best way to do this is to fork the repository on GitHub and send a pull request.


14 de junio de 2022
Good, no problems, But it is irritating, that when a syntax error is created (by myself) that all changes are lost. (So before every save I copy the content of the snippet first)
10 de junio de 2022
Users of this plugin already know how efficient and remarkable this one is. For those new to this, all I can say from experience of using Code Snippets on several of m websites - THANK YOU, team Code Snippets! Not having this plugin will show any Wordpress admin clearly the value it brings.
6 de junio de 2022
The worst thing about the plugin is when you would like press <ctrl + s> and the finger presses <ctrl + w>.
4 de junio de 2022
Never had any problems with it. It always did what I needed. Then one day I updated the plugin and it had a problem. I messaged the developer in the support forum on and he released a patch right away. Things have bugs from time to time so I decided to leave this 5 star review because of how quickly the developer released a patch for the bug I experienced and because I have this plugin installed on almost every site I use. It is my go to for adding snippets of code without having to change the functions.php
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Code Snippets» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios

3.1.1 (13 Jun 2022)

  • Fixed: Download snippets feature not including snippet content.
  • Fixed: Alignment of ‘opens externally’ dashicon.
  • Improved: Added additional parameters to code_snippets/export/filename filter.

3.1.0 (17 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Caching inconsistencies preventing snippets and settings from refreshing on sites with persistent object caching.
  • Improved: Simplified database queries.
  • Added: More comprehensive cache coverage, including for active snippets.
  • Added: Icon to ‘Go Pro’ button indicating it opens an external tab.
  • Improved: Allow display styles in snippet descriptions.

3.0.1 (14 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Incompatibility issue with earlier versions of PHP.

3.0.0 (14 May 2022)


  • Added: HTML content snippets for displaying as shortcodes or including in the page head or footer area.
  • Added: Notice reminding users to upgrade unsupported PHP versions.
  • Added: Visual settings to add attributes to shortcodes.
  • Added: Shortcode buttons to the post and page content editors.
  • Added: Basic REST API endpoints.
  • Added: Snippet type column to the snippets table.
  • Added: Snippet type badges to Edit and Add New Snippet pages.
  • Added: Setting to control whether the current line of the code editor is highlighted.
  • Added: Display a warning when saving a snippet with missing title or code.
  • Added: Add suffix to title of cloned snippets.


  • Improved: Updated plugin code to use namespaces, preventing name collisions with other plugins.
  • Improved: Added key for the ‘active’ and ‘scope’ database table columns to speed up queries.
  • Improved: Redirect from edit menu if not editing a valid snippet.
  • Improved: Moved activation switch into its own table column.
  • Improved: Updated code documentation according to WordPress standards.
  • Improved: Added snippet type labels to the tabs on the Snippets page.
  • Improved: Split settings page into tabs.
  • Improved: Use the version of CodeMirror included with WordPress where possible to inherit the additional built-in features.
  • Improved: Added hover effect to priority settings in the snippets table to show that they are editable.
  • Fixed: Snippets table layout on smaller screens.


  • Removed: Deprecated functions and compatibility code for unsupported PHP versions.
  • Removed: Option to disable snippet scopes.

New in Pro

  • Added: CSS style snippets for the site front-end and admin area.
  • Added: JavaScript snippets for the site head and body area on the front-end.
  • Added: Browser cache versioning for CSS and JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Support for exporting and downloading CSS and JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Support for highlighting code on the front-end.
  • Added: Editor syntax highlighting for CSS, JavaScript and HTML snippets.
  • Added: Button to preview full file when editing CSS or JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Option to minify CSS and JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Gutenberg editor block for displaying content snippets.
  • Added: Gutenberg editor block for displaying snippet source code.
  • Added: Elementor widget for displaying content snippets.
  • Added: Elementor widget for displaying snippet source code.

2.14.6 (13 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Issue with processing uploaded import files.
  • Fixed: Issue with processing tag filters.

2.14.5 (10 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Incompatibility issue with older versions of PHP.

2.14.4 (5 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Prevent array key errors when loading the snippet table with unknown order values.

2.14.3 (10 Dec 2021)

  • Corregido: Posible problema de seguridad en la salida del valor de la variable de consulta snippets-safe-mode as-is. Gracias a Krzysztof Zając por informar.

2.14.2 (9 Sep 2021)

  • Fixed: Prevent network snippets table from being created on single-site installs.
  • Added translations:
  • Added: Support for :class syntax to the code validator.
  • Added: PHP8 support to the code linter.
  • Added: Color picker feature to the code editor.
  • Added: Failsafe to prevent multiple versions of Code Snippets from running simultaneously.

2.14.1 (10 Mar 2021)

  • Added: Czech translation by Lukáš Tesař.
  • Fixed: Code validator now supports function_exists and class_exists checks.
  • Fixed: Code validator now supports anonymous functions.
  • Fixed: Issue with saving the hidden columns setting.
  • Fixed: Replaced the outdated tag-it library with tagger for powering the snippet tags editor.
  • Added: Code direction setting for RTL users.
  • Updated CodeMirror to version 5.59.4.
  • Added: Additional action hooks and search API thanks to @Spreeuw.

2.14.0 (26 Jan 2020)

  • Actualizado CodeMirror a la versión 5.50.2.
  • Added: Basic error checking for duplicate functions and classes.
  • Updated Italian translations to fix display issues – thanks to Francesco Marino.
  • Fixed: Ordering snippets in the table by name will now be case-insensitive.
  • Added: Additional API options for retrieving snippets.
  • Fixed: Code editor will now properly highlight embedded HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.
  • Changed the indicator color for inactive snippets from red to grey.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the editor theme from being set to default.
  • Added: Store the time and date when each snippet was last modified.
  • Added: Basic error checking when activating snippets.
  • Fixed: Ensure that imported snippets are always inactive.
  • Fixed: Check the referer on the import menu to prevent CSRF attacks. Thanks to Chloe with the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team for reporting.
  • Fixed: Ensure that individual snippet action links use proper verification.

2.13.3 (13 Mar 2019)

  • Added: Hover effect to activation switches.
  • Added: Additional save buttons above snippet editor.
  • Added: List save keyboard shortcuts to the help tooltip.
  • Added: Change «no items found» message when search filters match nothing.
  • Fixed: Calling deprecated code in database upgrade process.
  • Fixed: Include snippet priority in export files.
  • Fixed: Use Unix newlines in code export file.
  • Updated CodeMirror to version 5.44.0.
  • Fixed: Correctly register snippet tables with WordPress to prevent database repair errors [#]
  • Fixed: CodeMirror indentation settings being applied incorrectly

2.13.2 (25 Jan 2019)

  • Removed potentially problematic cursor position saving feature

2.13.1 (22 Jan 2019)

  • Added: Add menu buttons to settings page for compact menu
  • Updated: French translation updated thanks to momo-fr
  • Fixed: Split code editor and tag editor scripts into their own files to prevent dependency errors
  • Fixed: Handling of single-use shared network snippets
  • Fixed: Minor translation template issues
  • Added: Help tooltop to snippet editor for keyboard shortcuts, thanks to Michael DeWitt
  • Improved: Added button for executing single-use snippets to snippets table
  • Added: Sample snippet for ordering snippets table by name by default
  • Updated CodeMirror to version 5.43.0

2.13.0 (17 Dec 2018)

  • Added: Search/replace functionality to the snippet editor. See here for a list of keyboard shortcuts. [#]
  • Updated CodeMirror to version 5.42.0
  • Added: Option to make admin menu more compact
  • Fixed: Problem clearing recently active snippet list
  • Improved: Integration between plugin and the CodeMirror library, to prevent collisions
  • Improved: Added additional styles to editor settings preview
  • Added: PHP linter to code editor
  • Improved: Use external scripts instead of inline scripts
  • Fixed: Missing functionality for ‘Auto Close Brackets’ and ‘Highlight Selection Matches’ settings

2.12.1 (15 Nov 2018)

  • Improved: CodeMirror updated to version 5.41.0
  • Improved: Attempt to create database columns that might be missing after a table upgrade
  • Improved: Streamlined upgrade process
  • Fixed: Interface layout on sites using right-to-left languages
  • Improved: Made search box appear at top of page on mobile [#]
  • Updated screenshots

2.12.0 (23 Sep 2018)

  • Fixed: Prevented hidden columns setting from reverting to default
  • Improved: Updated import page to improve usability
  • Improved: Added Import button next to page title on manage page
  • Improved: Added coloured banner indicating whether a snippet is active when editing
  • Update CodeMirror to 5.40.0

2.11.0 (24 Jul 2018)

  • Added: Ability to assign a priority to snippets, to determine the order in which they are executed
  • Improvement: The editor cursor position will be preserved when saving a snippet
  • Added: Pressing Ctrl/Cmd + S while writing a snippet will save it
  • Added: Shadow opening PHP tag above the code editor
  • Improved: Updated the message shown when there are no snippets
  • Added: Install sample snippets when the plugin is installed
  • Improved: Show all available tags when selecting the tag field
  • Added: Filter hook for controlling the default list table view
  • Added: Action for cloning snippets

The full changelog is available on GitHub