Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent


Complianz is a GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin that supports GDPR, DSGVO, CCPA and PIPEDA with a conditional Cookie Notice and customized Cookie Policy based on the results of the built-in Cookie Scan.


  • Configure a Cookie Notice for your specific region: European Union, United Kingdom, United States or Canada. Or use one Cookie Notice worldwide.
  • Configure specific cookie consent per subregion, for example: European Union + DSGVO or USA + CCPA.
  • Cookie Consent and Conditional Cookie Notice with Custom CSS and Customizable Templates.
  • Banner Templates include: GDPR-friendly Cookie Wall – Accept/Dismiss – Category Based Consent
  • Banner Templates CA/US also include; Dismiss on scroll, time on page or both.
  • Proof of Consent; user consent registration that respects the GDPR data minimization guideline.

  • Automatically detects if you need a Cookie Notice (also called a Cookie Banner or Pop-Up).

  • Periodical Cookie Scan for changes in Cookies, Plugins and 3rd Party services.
  • Detected Cookie Data is prefilled from,the community-driven database with clear and transparent cookie descriptions, which is continuously updated.
  • A Cookie Policy; Generated by you with an easy wizard, drafted by an IT Law Firm.
  • Do Not Sell My Personal Information: DNSMPI Page for CCPA – if required.
  • Integrated with WordPress Privacy features. Export and erase personal data from our dashboard.

  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Matomo etc.

  • Categorize your Cookies with Tag Manager or our own Script Center, if needed.
  • Automatically anonymizes IP-addresses for Google Analytics if needed.
  • Integration with the WP Consent API
  • Blocks 3rd party cookies like Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, AdSense, Recaptcha, Twitter and more.
  • Blocks iFrames, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion embedded videos and Social iFrames.
  • Shows placeholders for blocked iFrames. Stills from videos and individual placeholders per service.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Forminator, WPBakery, Monsterinsights, GADWP, Beehive, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Happy Forms, Contact Form 7 (CF7), Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP Google Maps, Google Maps Widget, CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally and other popular plugins.

  • Tested with the popular themes en page builders.
  • Gutenberg Blocks enabled.
  • We closely follow the latest developments in the ePrivacy legislation and other legislation world-wide.

Love Complianz?

Si usted disfruta de este plugin y desea que su sitio tenga las mejores características de cumplimiento, considere la posibilidad de comprar la versión premium version

Características Premium

  • Simultaneously select USA, CA, UK and EU as target regions with conditional Consent and dedicated Cookie Banners.
  • Consentimiento Geo IP Cookie: El consentimiento de cookies es diferente en todas partes. Mostrar el banner correcto basado en la ubicación IP, pero sólo si se necesita un banner.
  • Consent Statistics: see how many visitors accept, decline, or don’t need a cookie notice at all.
  • Improve conversion with A/B Testing: which cookie banner has the best consent ratio? Run tests and measure what works best for your site.
  • Respeta los ajustes de no seguimiento en los navegadores de los usuarios.

All Legal Documents configured for a specific region

  • Privacy statements (EU, CA, UK & US).
  • Cookie policy (EU, UK, CA & US).
  • Impressum (Germany).
  • Disclaimer.
  • Processing agreements (EU, UK, CA & US).
  • Dataleak reporting tools (EU, UK, CA & US).
  • CCPA Consent and Legal documents.
  • COPPA está listo con la política de privacidad de los niños.

  • Full support for UK-GDPR / PECR and ICO Guidelines – United Kingdom.

  • Full support for PIPEDA and CASL – Canada.
  • Multilanguage support for the cookie notice and legal documents.
  • 7 Default languages. English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and German
  • Soporte premium por nuestro alucinante equipo.
  • Premium Updates, new languages, features, regions and more to create the Ultimate Privacy Suite for WordPress.

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Complianz is on GitHub as well!

IMPORTANT! Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent can help you meet compliance requirements, but the user must ensure that all requirements are met. API Privacy & Terms

Complianz connects with to collect and synchronize the most recent descriptions for cookies and related services. After consent in Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent, will collect your url, found cookies and used plugins for the sole purpose of researching and moderating cookies and related services, and providing cookiedescriptions. For more information, please check the Cookiedatabase privacy statement. is an open-source, community-driven cookie database founded by Terms of Use CC BY-SA 4.0

Contact us if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions. Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent is developed by Complianz B.V..


  • Vaya a «plugins» en su Panel de Control de WordPress, y haga clic en «añadir nuevo».
  • Haga clic en «cargar» y seleccione el archivo zip descargado.
  • Actívelo
  • Vaya a «Complianz» y siga las instrucciones.


  • Complianz Dashboard: Your privacy HUB
  • The Wizard: Generate a cookie policy and configure consent management to your specific needs.
  • Automatic Cookie Scan: Weekly scan of your website to keep you up-to-date!
  • Banner Template: A simple Accept/Dismiss banner, fully customizable with custom CSS.
  • Banner Template: Specific consent management per region, including a dedicated cookie notice and legal documents.
  • Banner Template: Integrates with Tag Manager and our Script Center for categorized cookie consent. Includes a Soft Cookie Wall.
  • Legal Documents: Dedicated legal documents per region. Generated by you through the wizard, drafted, and updated by our IT Law firm.
  • Placeholders: Still images for video placeholders and individual placeholders for social media widgets. Fully customizable as well!
  • Proof of Consent: Time-stamped user consent registration, without storing user data, respecting the data minimization guidelines.
  • Want to know more? Visit us at


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Legal document - Complianz


Base de conocimiento

Complianz mantiene una base de conocimiento en continuo crecimiento sobre el RGPD, CCPA, PIPEDA y COPPA en

Is my website GDPR, COPPA, CCPA, DSGVO, AVG, UK-GDPR, PECR, CASL and/or PIPEDA compliant with this plugin?

We cannot guarantee GDPR/COPPA/CCPA/UK-GDPR/PECR/CASL/PIPEDA compliance for your website. A correct configuration of this plugin by a website administrator is always required.

When do I need a Cookie Notice?

Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent will determine this automatically. Regarding the GDPR, when you are using cookies that store personal data you always have to explicitly ask consent to the user. When you anonymize every single bit of data you don’t have to. Functional cookies don’t require the consent of the user as they are only placed for functional purposes. For the United Kingdom explicit consent for statistics is required, even when IP addresses have been anonymized.
Regarding CCPA, you always have to show which cookies you are using but there’s no obligation in asking consent.

¿Necesito siempre una casilla de verificación de consentimiento en los formularios de contacto?

Not always. The Complianz Privacy Suite Premium plugin can determine if you need this, based on your answers. It mainly depends on the type of information you request.

¿Qué son las cookies funcionales?

Una cookie funcional es una cookie necesaria para el funcionamiento técnico del sitio web. Las cookies que se utilizan para rastrear si algo está colocado en el carrito, o si un usuario está conectado, estas son cookies funcionales. No hay necesidad de solicitar permiso para este tipo de cookies, ni de describirlas en su política de cookies (aunque es una buena practica).

¿Qué son las cookies analíticas?

Las cookies analíticas se utilizan para realizar un seguimiento de los visitantes del sitio web. Cómo navegan, cuánto tiempo se quedan y qué miran, por ejemplo, también la demografía es parte de una cookie analítica. Son esenciales para medir el uso de un sitio web y para optimizarlo. Pueden considerarse como verdaderos instrumentos de gestión.

¿Qué son las cookies de publicidad, marketing o seguimiento?

Advertising, or marketing cookies, are cookies that are being placed for advertising purposes. Advertising cookies can never be set without consent. These cookies are only being used for advertising purposes.
Our plugin decides whether a cookie consent banner has to be shown. So you shouldn’t need to worry when using our plugin.

¿Qué es GDPR?

El GDPR es un reglamento de la legislación de la UE sobre privacidad y protección de datos para cualquier ciudadano de la UE y del Espacio Económico Europeo. Su objetivo principal es dar control a los individuos sobre sus datos personales. El GDPR también aborda la exportación de datos personales fuera de la UE.

¿Qué es CaCPA?

La CaCPA (Ley de Privacidad de California) es una ley establecida por el gobierno de California. La ley está considerada como una de las leyes de privacidad del consumidor más duras y de mayor alcance en los Estados Unidos. Se centra principalmente en proporcionar información sobre qué datos personales recopilan las empresas y cómo proteger y controlar estos datos personales.

¿Qué es COPPA?

La Ley de Protección de la Privacidad en Línea de los Niños (COPPA) es una ley diseñada para proteger la privacidad en línea de los niños menores de 13 años. Se creó en la década de 1990 y establece que los propietarios de sitios web tienen que cumplir ciertos requisitos en relación con los visitantes menores de 13 años.

What is PECR & UK-GDPR?

PECR (UK) covers the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing information and accessing information stored, on a user’s equipment such as a computer or mobile device.

What is PIPEDA & CASL?

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) require a website operator to obtain consent, either implied or express consent with a dedicated cookie statement.

Can I create a Cookie Wall with this plugin?

Con algo de CSS personalizado esto es posible, pero no consideramos que un muro de cookies sea compatible con el RGPD, por lo que no está respaldado activamente. Sin embargo, tenemos la opción de crear un muro tenue de cookies. Lo cual bloquea la interacción con el sitio web, pero sigue siendo una posibilidad el descartarlo.


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This plugin is very versatile and has lots of preset options for cookie-laws all over the world. It takes some time to set it up but then you're goot to go.
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  • New: Async script center option
  • Fix: prevent CSS theme override in some themes on square checkbox
  • Fix: prevent warning about rest-api by removing slash
  • Fix: marketing level not firing correctly with Tag Manager
  • Fix: when Do Not Sell My Personal Information is added, wrong link was highlighted as «upgrade» link
  • Improvement: default banner width larger


  • Fix: Tag Manager event not firing in new style checkboxes
  • Improvement: catch error when uploads dir is not writable, for pdf creation
  • Fix: Correctly replace banner labels in policy
  • Fix: after 4.6.0 update script-center custom scripts not firing after consent
  • Improvement: Simple Business Directory
  • Improvement: dismiss soft cookie wall for categories below marketing
  • Fix: manage consent paragraph not in correct paragraph for UK policy
  • Improvement: additional css to prevent theme override of classic checkbox css
  • Fix: don’t force banner width on top, bottom and fixed banners


  • Improvement: Dismiss review notice with GET to prevent issues with dismissing
  • Improvement: Facebook / Twitter Smash Balloon integration added
  • Fix: drop blocking of PayPal as third party


  • Fix: load ACF Maps integration only when Google Maps is enqueued
  • Fix: fallback for banner settings in case upgrade to new category banners didn’t run successfully
  • Fix: cmplzSetCookie function called without expiration, causing a session expiration


  • New: New Cookie banner variations with new checkbox options, accept all button, etc.
  • Fix: revoke on legacy revoke button not revoking correctly
  • Fix: in case of categories, paragraph text in cookie policy didn’t match
  • Improvement: vimeo with DNT=1 in the URL will not get blocked, as it’s privacy friendly, non tracking.
  • New: added Rate My Post integration
  • New: added ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) integration for Google Maps
  • Fix: Contact form 7 recaptcha update patch
  • Improvement: regex for double statistics implementation was not specific enough


  • Fix: setCookie function at one point in code called without expiry, causing it to get set with session expiry


  • Fix: some themes showing double checkboxes


  • Fix: User registration dependency
  • Fix: consent management on UK policy not possible due to an incorrect condition
  • Improvement: improve conditions and descriptions for selling data elements in legal documents and questions
  • Improvement: jquery >3.x compatibility
  • Improvement: Divi notice for Recaptcha
  • Improvement: convert region array when enabling or disabling geo ip setting
  • Improvement: support for retrieval of second party cookies
  • Improvement: dropped deprecated wp.editor in favor of wp.blockEditor in Gutenberg block, added panelrows.
  • Improvement: manage consent by category on Cookie Policy
  • SSL verify enabled for license verification
  • javascript sanitization props pierrotevrard-idp
  • Do not automatically enable a service integration after a cookiedatabase sync
  • Get screencapture for youtube videoseries
  • Catch not existing src in iframe in cmplzGetURLParam()
  • Improvement: for the geo ip document redirect, redirect the «other» region to website’s base region
  • Fix: possible issue when custom editing the cookie policy content because of empty table cells.
  • Fix: AMP plugin changed hooks, causing the integration not to work 100%
  • Improvement: added AddToAny in the integrations list
  • Fix: missing filter in integrations list props @orjhor
  • Fix: language selector services was called ‘select {language} cookies’;
  • Fix: correctly translate Complianz cookie retention


  • Fix: ajax loaded content setting not applied


  • Improvement: Add an impressum link to your cookie banner for Germany or Austria
  • Improvement: pass type to Cookiedatabase: localstorage or cookie
  • Fix: improve integration with WP Google Maps plugin
  • Fix: template override feature from theme not working props xantek
  • Fix: with line breaks in iframe element, props pierrotevrard
  • Fix: iframe replacement issue with linebreaks props pierrotevrard
  • Improvement: Translatepress support


  • Fix: OpenStreetMaps (OSM plugin) compatibility fix
  • Fix: cookie blocker for ajax loaded content made conditional with a setting in the general settings
  • Tweak: allow colon in URL field


  • Fix: TGM compatibility fix
  • Fix: when dismiss on scroll is used in the US in combination with the hide settings button, the settings button wasn’t hidden immediately
  • Fix: Improved blocked content activation on ajax loaded content


  • Fix: Mailchimp for CF7 compatibility
  • Tweak: added filter to allow to manipulate script output
  • Fix: embedded analytics script triggered before consent because regex didn’t match the script after PHPcs changes
  • Fix: condition on Cookie Policy text field caused field not to be shown when both CCPA and PIPEDA apply
  • Tweak: renamed TGM library classes to prevent conflicts with incorrectly implemented TGM libary in some themes


  • Fix: the «all» region was skipped in a region check


  • Improvement: make pages creation an explicit user action


  • MPDF package update
  • removed divs in legal documents, in favour of p tags.
  • Improved jquery activation script for iframes for smoother loading of iframe
  • Improved cookie delete option: it will now archive, so won’t get added again on new scan
  • Improved handling of ajax loaded content in Cookie Blocker (Ultimate Member)
  • Fix translation of banner items for multiple language configurations
  • Fix: WPML changed index in supported languages from language_code to code


  • New: Supports the WP Consent API.
  • Fix: Type on legal document
  • Tweak: filter to change the region dynamically


  • New: PIPEDA support (Canada)
  • Tweak: CAOS integration improved
  • Tweak: added to disable placeholders per plugin/service
  • Tweak: Updated WCAG to v2.1
  • Tweak: moved custom recaptcha css to integrations modules
  • Tweak: added introduction tour
  • Fix: don’t fire the cookieblocker when not needed
  • Fix: allow for private Vimeo video’s, props @volkmar-kantor
  • Fix: use filename sanitize function instead of sanitize_title() for proof of consent files
  • Fix: user region and consenttype for not enabled regions should return «other», even when the user is from a supported region
  • Tweak: made aria-label in cookie notice translatable
  • Fix: check if array key exists in GTM4WP integration
  • Fix: check existence of table before retrieving services
  • Fix: IE11 support for blocked content notice, props @volkmar-kantor
  • Tweak: Improved placeholder support for Twitter embed
  • Fix: removed unintentional dot before not numbered paragraphs
  • Fix: custom policy URL incorrectly caused a not 100% completeness


  • Tweak: improved signature style on processing agreements
  • Fix: proof of consent link not working when website title contained an ampersand
  • Fix: duplicate function name in contact form 7/G1 Maps integration, and in GADWP and GTM4WP integration


  • Fix: Google Analytics was not blocked correctly


  • Fix: Google Tag Manager integration
  • New: Google Tag Manager 4 WP integration
  • Tweak: updated default banner colors
  • Tweak: improved menu order and tab order on integrations page


  • Tweak: When consent on anonymous statistics is enabled for Germany, Hotjar anonymous version should also require consent
  • Fix: add space in «web beacon»
  • Tweak: No lazy loading for WP Rocket iframes
  • Tweak: offer option to show link to for cookies and services
  • Fix: database error on new install because cookies were checked before table was initialized on first activation.
  • Tweak: Wp Forms recaptcha integration
  • Tweak: Mappress integration
  • Fix: placeholder activation for non iframes not working correctly
  • Fix: typo in privacy policies
  • Tweak: removed some obsolete statements in privacy policies
  • Tweak: changed blocked content notice in «accept marketing cookies»
  • Tweak: added OSM plugin open streetmaps support
  • Fix: is_amp_endpoint function check
  • Tweak: moved css to separate plugin integrations
  • Tweak: JetPack twitter integration
  • Tweak: improved notice when uploads folder not writable
  • Tweak: improved non functional and functional cookies check
  • Fix: cron was wrapped in logged in check, preventing the cron from running


  • Fix: multiple regions not processed correctly by cmplz_has_region() function


  • New: AMP support
  • New: Force opt-in for statistics in Germany (optional)
  • Tweak: Integrated with GADWP | Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Fix: dismiss on timeout not working
  • Fix: revoke on cookie policy when GEO ip enabled, US only
  • Fix: when no region was selected, a string with empty region could appear in the dashboard.
  • Tweak: dismiss the upgrade notice even when no changes are detected.
  • Tweak: improved review notice
  • Tweak: higher treshold for dashboard notifications
  • Tweak: remove «unknown privacy link»
  • Tweak: no need to opt in to when no cookies
  • Tweak: dedicated shortcode [cmplz-cookies] to enable users to inlude the cookies list only
  • Tweak: adjusted accept all cookies notice in blocked content notice
  • Tweak: improve activation of video scripts for smoother experience
  • Tweak: drop notification on plugin updates. This function is already handled by the «new cookies» feature
  • Tweak: removed double occurence of disqus
  • Tweak: added dot behind every paragraph
  • Tweak: improve region explanation to avoid confusion
  • Tweak: added remove data on uninstall option
  • Tweak: extend regex for iframe URL’s to support brackets in URL’s


  • Improvement: added reset for cookie scan clearing all cookies
  • Fix: added string for translation (Blocked content text)


  • Improvement: opt-in to


Fix: cookiedatabase sync not synchronizing third-party services in multilingual environments
Improvement: improved error messages for sync


Fix: UK and US policies still used old cookie descriptions


Fix: banner saving when UK and EU both use categories


  • Improvement: separate consenttype for UK
  • Improvement: cookie information retrieved from


  • Fix: missing retain data statement in privacy policy
  • Fix: missing translation strings
  • Fix: not registering strings from cookie translation for multilanguage environments
  • Fix: changed placeholder.html in blocked iframe source to «about:blank»


  • Improvement: added option to unlink and customize the legal documents
  • Improvement: structure improvements to integrations code
  • Fix: UK Cookie Policy URL not added to cookie notice
  • Improvement: added integration for GEO My WP members list
  • Improvement: added Forminator integration


  • Fix: language forcing en_US


  • Improvement: added shortcodes to document list on dashboard page
  • Improvement: do not activate cookie banner before wizard has completed
  • Improvement: added banner loaded jquery hook
  • Improvement: The United Kingdom is now a separate region with specific cookie consent management
  • Improvement: script center is now embedded under ‘Integrations’. A more flexible approach to blocking and enabling scripts, plugins and services
  • Tweak: Tag Manager does not require a categorical approach of cookies
  • Tweak: Feedback in dashboard has been improved when changing regions
  • Tweak: Stylesheet updates


  • Fix: remove superfluous title on proof of consent
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 recaptcha dependency not fired in correct order


  • Fix: document wrapped in double div
  • Fix: PHP warning caused by empty list of proof of consent documents
  • Fix: if upload directory does not have writing permissions, generating the PDF files could cause an error


  • Improvement: proof of consent page, which works as user consent registration on settings change
  • Improvement: added script dependency array, to enable scripts to fire in a certain order
  • Improvement: extended placeholder support for non-iframes
  • Improvement: added soft Cookie Wall


  • Fix: version stripping second digit for upgrade check


  • Fix: Avia front-end pagebuilder getting blocked by cookie blocker
  • Fix: Lawfull => lawful
  • Improvement: added custom jquery event to hook into cookie consent events
  • Fix: set Google Analytics as not functional
  • Fix: duplicate advertising cookies settings in US cookie policy
  • Improvement: added PayPal cookies
  • Improvement: added cc-revoke example
  • Improvement: added helptext to explain email addresses are obfuscated
  • Improvement: sanitizing of hex color in custom css
  • Improvement: WP Google Maps integration
  • Improvement: moved do not track me integration to filterable array
  • Improvement: prevent policies from being generated when not activated in settings
  • Improvement: pixelyoursite plugin support
  • Improvement: notifications when cookie blocker is enabled, to make sure users understand the implications
  • Improvement: dropped youronlinechoices as suggested service


  • Improvement: add option to configure your own cookie policy URL
  • Fix: creating legal document page when none is available after region switch
  • Improvement: W3C validator compatibility for documents
  • Fix: javascript pattern not matching correctly, causing both text/plain and text/javascript scripts.
  • Improvement: recommended action on Google Fonts
  • Fix: Pass font color to cc-category class
  • Fix: allow for content in iframes tags in regex pattern
  • Fix: hide comment checkbox when WP personal data storage for comments is disabled


  • Tweak: remove blocking of custom Google implementations, as it is not yet possible to reactivate them


  • Fix: new regex did not exclude cmplz-native scripts from cookie blocker


  • Fix: saving when saved data is not an array
  • Fix: prevent force category for Tag Manager after switching back to GA
  • Improvement: allow for Youtube video series URL
  • Fix: several improvements for US documents
  • Improvement: when marketing level category is selected, statistics category should not get consent
  • Improvement: not scrolling to top when accepting
  • Fix: table remove on plugin deletion
  • Improvement: CSS classes for Cookie Notice


  • Fix: expiry days not passed to cookie banner


  • Fix: add href to accept button on cookie banner
  • Improvement: [cmplz-accept-link text=»accept cookies»] shortcode
  • Fix: Cookie policy advertising and analytical cookies settings fix
  • Fix: Not saving unchecked checkbox custom document css
  • Fix: Privacy statement for eu notice when using US only
  • Fix: If page is deleted, stored cookiepage url could be empty
  • Fix: When switching settings for advertising cookies, output might show both advertising and non-advertising paragraph
  • Fix: No cookie banner mention in cookie policy when no banner is needed
  • Fix: Cookie blocker was not activated when only statistics required a cookie warning
  • Fix: selecting no thirdparty services or cookies could lead to double activation of statistics
  • Fix: Selecting US as target region in some cases did not fire the default consent which is allowed for US privacy regulations


  • Fix: Gravity forms checkbox not generated correctly
  • Fix: Brand color not updating in cookiebanner
  • Fix: US Cookie policy not showing correct purposes
  • Fix: Incomplete cookie causing not reaching 100% without notice
  • Fix: Enabling TM categories
  • Fix: Elementor forcing lineheight of 0 in embeds


  • Fix: hook for DB upgrade moved to an earlier one.


  • Fix: removed Google Plus integration, as it’s discontinued
  • Fix: prevent saving from document URL’s on autosave and revisions
  • Fix: moved linkedin from script blocked list to async loaded list
  • Fix: default region is now one of the selected regions in the wizard.
  • Fix: when localstorage is empty, empty array could cause PHP error during cookie scan
  • Fix: excluded elementor_font post_type from scan
  • Fix: hyperlink in disclaimer (Dutch)
  • Fix: As elementor uses the classic shortcodes in Gutenberg, an exception should be made for Elementor when inserting default pages
  • Improvement: Hide nag notices from other plugins on Complianz pages.
  • Improvement: Added export feature
  • Improvement: Completely rewritten video blocking and placeholder code, which should reduce possible issues
  • Improvement: Added HappyForms integration to enable recaptcha initialization.
  • Improvement: Extended support for different types of IP detection on servers e.g. Cloudflare.
  • Improvement: Moved string translation support for polylang and WPML to core
  • Improvement: Added option to disable adding placeholder HTML to video’s
  • Improvement: Added plural for Social Media statement in Cookie Policy
  • Improvement: Added exception for Non Personalized Ads in advertisement section in Wizard and in Cookie Policy
  • Improvement: Added escaping to outputted javascript, all scripts moved to templates
  • Improvement: Moved cookie banner settings to separate table and object
  • Improvement: Limit ajax requests to a/b testing and multiple regions
  • Improvement: Placeholders for Gutenberg variations with Pagebuilders and various themes.
  • Improvement: Disabling placeholders if needed
  • Improvement: Full compatibility with Newspaper and Adsense
  • Improvement: Blocking IP Adresses for comment section. (option)
  • Improvement: Variable cookie scan for high traffic websites to minimize server capacity.
  • Improvement: New UI for cookie banner settings.


  • Tweak: improve escaping of css in document html output
  • Tweak: improved Elementor and Gutenberg compatibility for youtube video activation after consent is given


  • Fix: typo in block.php cause Gutenberg to fail


  • Fix: responsive video adjustments
  • Fix: z index for blocked content text too high, causing it to float over the banner


  • Feature: WP Forms integration
  • Improvement: prevent activation for PHP <5.6 and WP < 4.6
  • Improvement: regex did not recognize google maps URL because of exclamation mark usage
  • Improvement: higher quality placeholder image
  • Improvement: when Tag Manager is selected, categories is enabled. To make this more explicit help text is added and the button disabled.
  • Improvement: when saving settings in the cookie warning settings, we now maintain the region selection state
  • Improvement: download video placeholders to own site to make sure Youtube and vimeo cannot track the users
  • Improvement: placeholder img aspect ratio is used to resize the placeholder container div
  • Fix: several css styling issues for the center theme with categories: color inheritance of label, display
  • Fix: css styling for border with edgeless theme
  • Fix: when user states no cookies are used, even if the scan detects them, no cookie banner will be shown, as per the user’s wishes.
  • Fix: FitVids compatibility for fluid video display
  • Fix: empty locales array for cookie cache could cause PHP warning


  • Fix: z-index of blocked content container too high, making it float over the banner


  • Fix: incorrect PHP opening causing input fields malform on some setups


  • Tweak: Purpose description for EU not needed in all situations
  • Tweak: Split US and EU cookie banner text, to be configured separately
  • Tweak: created a setting to configure blocked content text
  • Tweak: Changed check on WP_DEBUG to SCRIPT_DEBUG for scripts
  • Tweak: added placeholder to blocked iframes to prevent reloading to homepage
  • Fix: In US cookie policy, «we ask consent for statistics» is removed
  • Fix: In EU cookie policy, «we ask consent for statistics» is shown conditionally, based on anonymization settings of the statistics tool
  • Tweak: added upgrade links
  • Fix: empty localstorage and cookie array causing an warning
  • Tweak: close button on modal help windows
  • Fix: when choosing to configure your statistics yourself instead of matomo/analytics/tagmanager, a warning kept showing in the dashboard.
  • Tweak: accept button not fitting in banner when using a very long decline text
  • Fix: for paragraphs with both a field condition and a callback condition, the code did not enforce both conditions
  • Fix: clang redirect to en locale not adjusted for Gutenberg block recognition

* Fix: extra line break in readme causing readme not to get parsed correctly


  • Fix: changed text domain to make compatible with WordPress. If you have custom translations, please rename the files from ‘complianz-en_US.po’ to ‘complianz-gdpr-en_US.po’
  • Fix: allow reinitialisation of recaptcha v3 in Contact Form 7
  • Tweak: prevent dns prefetch for blocked URL’s
  • Tweak: option to dismiss on scroll or dismiss on timeout
  • Tweak: option to share more details on the automated processing
  • Tweak: added secure flag to cookie set function when url is https


  • Tweak: Gutenberg blocks from Complianz Privacy Suite


  • Tweak: allow users to keep their own, custom statistics tracking
  • Fix: Revoke button text not defined with US only setup
  • Tweak: Do No Track is not used in the percentage calculation anymore
  • Tweak: new modal tooltips
  • Tweak: privacy URL pulled from WordPress privacy page instead of custom link.


  • Tweak: support youtube and vimeo placeholders
  • Tweak: uninstall not removing all data. This can be done explicitly in the settings as of now.
  • Tweak: added new cookies
  • Tweak: declared ClassicPress compatibility


  • Tweak: added some new cookies to the database
  • Tweak: changed site_url into home_url in the documents output
  • Tweak: dropped pattern restriction on phonenumbers, as there are too many local differences.
  • Tweak: add support for blocking of instagram cookies
  • Fix: third party privacy statements not inserted in cookie policy
  • Tweak: less strict policies for websites who do not target California
  • Fix: privacy policy URL’s not showing in cookie policy


  • Tweak: ajax call for user data only on first visit
  • Fix: Cookie blocker inserting class within escaped strings.


  • Fix: Tag manager events not firing outside selected regions
  • Tweak: set default region after upgrade from pre-2.0 version
  • Fix: showing empty privacy link in US cookie banner
  • Fix: count nr of forms, when forms option empty throwing an error.
  • Tweak: split checked docs date from edited docs date


Corregido: conteo de secciones sin la sección «propósito».


Ajuste: se agregaron las primeras cookies reportadas a la base de datos de cookies


  • Corregido: debido a la falta del archivo de problemas de confirmación


  • Probado hasta WP 5.0
  • Ajuste: actualización de la base de datos Geo IP a la más reciente
  • Ajuste: Caída el soporte «nocookie» de Youtube, Youtube coloca las cookies después de la primera interacción, sin consentimiento.
  • Ajuste: feedback sobre los adblockers activos o ventana anónima durante el escaneo
  • Ajuste: bloqueo del usuario del asistente, evitando que varios usuarios editen el asistente al mismo tiempo.
  • Ajuste: mejoras en la retroalimentación visual de la validación
  • Ajuste: diseño de la interfaz de usuario
  • Función: informe de cookies no reconocidas
  • Feature: CCPA support
  • Reportaje: Página No vender mi información personal
  • Reportaje: No vender mi información personal opt-out form & dashboard
  • Reportaje: Advertencia dedicada a las cookies en EE.UU.


  • Corrección: error tipográfico en la política de cookies: anuncio vs ad


  • Ajuste: integración de Monster Insights añadida
  • Corrección: se ha añadido la opción de ocultar el botón de revocación en la configuración.
  • Ajuste: movió el script de estadísticas a plantillas sobre-escribibles, y las incluyó usando action hooks, para hacer más fácil la sobre-escritura.
  • Corrección: El texto de la política de cookies no era 100% coincidente cuando se seleccionó la opción de categorías para la notificación.
  • Corrección: seguimiento de las estadísticas agregadas al nuevo usuario cuando el estado no fue cambiado.
  • Corrección: el botón de revocación central no tiene el mismo estilo que otros botones de revocación
  • Corrección: La Política de Privacidad no muestra el párrafo correcto sobre compartir con otras partes.


  • Corrección: El botón de revocar se mostraba demasiado grande debido a los cambios en la plantilla central.


  • Corrección: cuando no se encontró ningún medio social, esto podría resultar en un error al mostrar los resultados del escaneo.


  • Corrección: muestra los medios sociales y servicios de terceros de la lista real detectada, no del asistente.


  • Corrección: las cookies borradas se añadieron de nuevo en el siguiente escaneo.
  • Corrección: cuando se actualiza la base de datos de las cookies, se rellenan los campos vacíos a partir de los nuevos datos
  • Corrección: se agregó el siguiente menú para una edición rápida
  • Corrección: Añadida nueva posición del banner: centrada
  • Corrección: Categorías añadidas en las cookies
  • Corrección: Añadida la gestión de la ejecución de categorías/cookies desde el Tag Manager
  • Corrección: Añadida nueva plantilla: mínima


  • Ajuste de Readme.txt


  • Añadido aviso adicional sobre la responsabilidad del usuario con respecto al cumplimiento de GDPR


  • Readme ajustado para no reclamar el cumplimiento de GDPR, según las regulaciones de WordPress.


  • Corrección: El tiempo de escaneo de las cookies mostraba la hora UTC en lugar de la hora local.
  • Corrección: llamada a la función no existente de la aceptación de la configuración de la cookie
  • Corrección: movida la fecha de cambio de política de cookies para separar la variable
  • Corrección: seguridad mejorada del script de habilitación de cookies


  • Corrección: llave de contacto vacía en los datos almacenados
  • Corrección: superpone sobre el panel de control cuando el asistente aún no esté completo, para forzar el uso del asistente
  • Corrección: el color de la marca ya no es necesario
  • Corrección: plena integración de Matomo en Complianz GDPR


  • Corrección: estructura del directorio


  • Corrección el problema de traducción de WPML/polylang


  • Añadidas fuentes de Google y ReCaptcha a la lista de terceras partes
  • Política de Cookies correjida
  • Añadida la opción de CSS personalizado y opciones avanzadas de edición en el banner de la notificación de cookies.


  • No más de uno para los cambios de cookies, esto sólo se mostrará en el panel de control.


  • Corregido: completa re-elaboración del bloqueador de cookies de terceros, eliminó domDocument a favor de regex


  • Ajuste: aceptar la política de cookies no desbloqueaba correctamente los scripts de terceros
  • Ajuste: usar aceptar texto en la política de cookies


  • Corrección: añadidos estilos CSS para la política de privacidad
  • Corrección: añadido estilo push down a la advertencia de cookie
  • Ajustes: añadido Sumo a scripts bloqueados de terceras partes
  • Corregidos: algunas correcciones de errores


  • Corrección: actualiza los textos completos del asistente
  • Corrección: youtube nocookie reemplazar


  • nuevo panel de control
  • se agregó una marca si es necesario marcar la casilla de consentimiento en los formularios
  • wp integrado borra datos personales y datos de exportación wp
  • números de teléfono no son requeridos más
  • añadido a < PHP 5.6 aviso


  • Añadido a < PHP 5.6 aviso


  • Corrección: salida de escape de las cadenas html, causando que el html se muestre en texto plano.


  • Corrección: el bloqueador de cookies eliminó el script de forma incorrecta, causando un error php

  • 1.0.14

  • Ajuste: establecer la página como procesada antes de que se realice la solicitud durante el escaneado
  • Corrección: la versión anterior 4.9.6 de wp no podía mostrar las páginas de administración debido a que la capacidad de privacidad no existía.


  • Corrección: escaneo congelando cuando la URL es cargada http sobre https


  • Corrección: archivo perdido


  • Corrección: falta de dominio de texto


  • Corrección: error debido a la división entre premium y free


  • Añadido banner de WordPress y activos de íconos


  • Retoque: bloqueo completo de scripts de terceros hasta que el usuario haya aceptado.


  • Ajuste: se agregó la selección de menú como opción en el asistente


  • Ajuste: mejoras en la política de privacidad de los plugins: haciendo que sea editable
  • Retoque: ocultar la ventana emergente de ajustes para la advertencia de cookies en móviles, con un enlace de revocación en la política de cookies.
  • Ajuste: mejora de la funcionalidad de despido y revocación
  • Corrección: algunos problemas en el árbol de decisión de la pérdida de datos


  • Añadido el escaneo de widgets y botones de medios sociales


  • Corrección: el período de retención no se muestra correctamente en la declaración de privacidad


  • optimizado el escaneo de cookies


  • Correcciones de traducción