Create Block Theme


This plugin allows you to:
– Create a new theme, blank theme, child theme or style variation.
– List and preview font families and font faces embeded in your theme.
– Embed Google Fonts in your theme.
– Embed local font assets in your theme.

The plugin is development only — not intended for use on production websites, but used as a tool to create new themes.

Paso 1 – Configuración

Install and activate the Create Block Theme plugin.

In the WordPress Admin Dashboard, under Appearance there will be three new pages called:
– Create Block Theme
– Manage fonts

Paso 2 – Personalizaciones de estilo

Make changes to your site styles and templates using the Site Editor. You can also include new fonts using the plugin options.

Paso 3 – Exportar

Still in the WordPress dashboard, navigate to «Appearance» -> «Create Block Theme» section. Select one of the available options and then, if necessary, add the details for the theme here. These details will be used in the style.css file. Click «Generate” button, to save the theme.



18 de noviembre de 2022
This plugin will let you create a block theme easily. It generates all the code so you can focus on design. I hope the authors will keep up the good work on this plugin and add even more features in the future.
31 de octubre de 2022
Great plugin for creating child themes. It does two simple things - creating a child theme and configure Google Fonts. The plugin has great potentials and I think it can go a bit further to be a powerful toolset. As the plugin name suggests, it works only with block themes such as Twenty Twenty-Two and similar. When I have a non-block theme activated, the plugin link tabs don't show up at all, and I'm wondering why it's not working. To make the plugin a bit more user foolproof, the link tabs should show up anyway and provide some warning message when a non-block theme is active. Also I think we can go beyond the two simple functions of creating a child theme and Google Fonts. The option to add other online font services such as Adobe would be nice (maybe just an easy way the add their embed link.) It would be much more powerful if the plugin can somehow convert or configure non-block themes?
29 de septiembre de 2022
I used it to create child theme and it worked. Why is this plugin not so popular? I've been wasting my time in creating child themes manually which used to be pain. I wish I knew this plugin earlier.
23 de septiembre de 2022
This morning I was diving deeper into FSE and Block themes as a developer when I came across the realisation that you couldn't actually save changes in the site editor to the theme files in core. Annoying! That is until I was shared this plugin which not only enables saving user changes and overriding theme templates (without manually exporting a zip folder and replacing files) but a ton of other cool features like creating new block themes, creating child themes, cloning the current theme and more. Thank you for developing this functionality!
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